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  • The F****** Word Podcast is fitness uncensored. Hi, it Sam & Taylor and we'll give you no BS fitness advice to help reach your goals.Learn from us through hearing about out stories and tips, and learn with us as we talk fitness with some of our favorites in the industry.Keep up with us on socials:@thefword_podcast@samtaylor_fitness@taylorolsenfit

  • Thoughts and information about the latest news in the world of migraine, cluster headache and other headache treatment around the world.

  • En toute simplicité, je partage mes astuces pour connecter spirituellement au quotidien. Que ce soit la connexion avec les Guides et l’intuition, la création, vivre en alignement avec son côté humain et divin, Être… je démystifie et simplifie la spiritualité, sans flafla et bien ancrée dans les deux pieds sur terre !

  • L'Appel du Dao est une conversation autour de la spiritualité comme médecine. Comment intégrer l'art de vivre chinois pour guérir nos vies, malades de la civilisation moderne, à l'aide du savoir-être ancestral de la médecine chinoise? Chaque épisode se penchera sur un des aspects de cette science. Le podcast cherche également à réunifier la médecine chinoise avec ses racines spirituelles : shamaniques, taoïstes et bouddhistes.Votre hôte, Lydie Vachon est Coach de vie par la médecine chinoise. Elle se spécialise dans l'art de vivre chinois comme ultime outil thérapeutique, suite à son passé comme acupuncteure. À travers son programme de coaching en ligne, elle guide les participants de Ling - Aligne ta vie pour une durée de 6 mois à aligner leur vie sur leur nature profonde (Yuan Shen) et l'Action juste (Dao). Chaque mercredi, elle aborde un nouveau thème dans un format parfois philosophique, parfois pratico-pratique. Une fois par mois, elle partagera le micro avec un collègue pour écouter son histoire dans la quête de l'ultime sagesse de vivre. Pour en savoir plus, vous trouverez Lydie sur www.EssenceMedecineChinoise.com. Pour faire partie de la conversation, soumettez des réflexions et questions à Lydie sur instagram @lydie.dao, sur son groupe facebook Médecine chinoise pour le développement personnel.

  • Is Laughter the best medicine?

    We attempt to answer this and other pressing questions in Doctor Vs Comedian. Dr Asif Doja is a pediatric neurologist and Ali Hassan is a stand up comedian and actor (CBC's Laugh Out Loud, Designated Survivor, Goon) who are each fascinated by what the other one does. In each episode, Asif picks a topic for Ali from comedy and entertainment and questions Ali about it. Then Ali picks a topic from medicine and health and grills Asif on that subject.

    We talk about serious subjects in an unserious way. If you want to hear about comedy, entertainment, health and wellness and don't want to have to choose between being entertaining AND informed, then this show is for you.

  • The Functional Podcast with Naudi Aguilar, CEO and founder of Functional Patterns, is geared towards discussing topics related to the creation of a more functional environment and society. This podcast encourages individuals to ask the questions that will spring us in the direction of progress. If addressed, the issues discussed in these podcasts can lead an individual to live a more functional life and view the world through a mechanistic lens. If you wish to mechanize the joints and tissues in your body, you have to understand how to mechanize your thoughts. This podcast is here to help you do that.

  • This isn't a typical podcast. It's just a little show, recorded in the great outdoors. Hosted by Cait Flanders (author of Adventures in Opting Out + The Year of Less), each week we'll head outside and explore our inner worlds. See you out there, friend.

  • A series of guided merciless meditations, aggressive affirmations and maniacal mantras led by morally flexible spiritual advisor Jackie Schimmel. Wellness for the unwell.

  • Bedtime stories to help you go to sleep. Join Joanne D'Amico from the YT channel "relax for a while" as she reads you a bedtime story with a gentle spoken voice that is restful to the ear and sends you to sleep. If you suffer from insomnia, anxiety or just need help winding down at bedtime, Drift Off Bedtime Stories will help you relax and get a restful night's sleep! Sweet dreamzzz...

  • Where there is no such thing as TMI...
    We're 2 women going there on so many hot and taboo topics. You can trust us to be your reliable source for wellness information and pure entertainment as we interview experts, test products and procedures.
    We’ll ask all the questions you want to know but may be too afraid to ask. So, what do you want to know… We’ll Go There!

  • Spirituality is a broad concept with room for many perspectives. In general, it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and it typically involves a search for meaning in life. As such, it is a universal human experience—something that touches us all.

  • I'm Dr. Jillian Murphy, ND - creator of The Food Freedom/Body Love Method. 💖 I teach adults and children how to make peace with food and love their bodies TODAY!

  • Hi, welcome to the Morning Blend Podcast! I'm Kayla Pomponio, intergrative/holistic health coach, entrepreneur, lover of all things lifestyle & student. You may know me as Be Well with Kayla (@bewellwithkayla) on Instagram where I share all of my health & nutrition tips. Howevever, I have so much more to offer, which is why I've decided to launch the Morning Blend podcast. On this podcast, I'll be speaking about health, wellness, business and lifestyle but also highlighting a community apsect. I'll be hosting guests on the podcast as well as sharing my own personal experiences. I'll be taking the podcast to Instagram as well (@themorningblendpodcast) where I'll be highlighting other women and their amazing work. Most importantly, I'll be giving you all of the tools necessary to becoming your best self and to BE whoever you wish to be. Be well, Kayla

  • Une émission dédiée aux professionnels où on discute santé, sport, réhabilitation, nutrition, performance… À chaque émission : un invité, un thème, des échanges, des partages d’expérience, des idées nouvelles… inspirez votre pratique et repartez mieux armé et plus créatif face aux défis et aux évolutions de votre métier !

  • Parenting is filled with joys and challenges - and so is being a kid! This podcast explores the key issues that students are facing today. You’ll hear questions from parents, valuable insights from experts, and perspectives from students. We want you to leave with fresh insight and strategies for overcoming parenting challenges as well as tools to have important conversations with your child.

    From our Catholic schools in Simcoe County, Muskoka and Parry Sound to your kitchen table, it’s all about working together to build resilience and helping our youth thrive even when they are dealing with difficult situations.


    OnPoint Parenting is brought to you by the Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District Schoolboard and our Catholic Parent Involvement Committee.

    Host, Chantelle Quesnelle

    Executive producer, Pauline Stevenson

    Produced and edited by Lydia Bennett and Cole Bennett, in partnership with Portage Creative

    You can find our show notes, previous episodes, and additional resources on our podcast website: onpointparenting.com

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    Let's journey together, towards more on point parenting moments.

  • If it can’t be scientifically proven, it likely doesn’t have a place on Brain Ignition Radio. Join us weekly as we dive into discussions surrounding the hottest health and fitness topics.

    Podcast host Chett Binning is the creator and Chief Nutrition Consultant of Brain Ignition, an online health and wellness company that takes scientific knowledge and turns it into actionable health guidance for his clients. With expertise in functional nutrition, biomarker analysis, neuroscience, and human performance, he prioritizes science to help give you the upper hand on your health.

  • Mind Wide Open is an interview series created and hosted by Lily Cornell Silver with the goal of destigmatizing the conversations around mental health. Launched in honor of Lily's dad, the late Chris Cornell (Soundgarden/Audioslave), Mind Wide Open features guests from many different arenas including mental health experts, artists, authors, actors, and activists. To learn more visit www.MindWideOpenProject.com.

  • Warriors Unmasked is a show that will take a deep dive into the life journeys of athletes, both professional and amateur, coaches, military personnel as well as first responders and the people next door. You will hear many stories of tremendous courage and perseverance. Some of these stories will also have an element of dealing with mental illness while overcoming the odds. Your hosts and mental health advocates, Clint Malarchuk and Chuck Thuss, will incorporate their own personal journeys/ experiences as they speak to their guests on a very intimate level.

  • Bienvenue à En mode bêta, un balado pour t’aider à sortir de ta zone de confort et travailler ta mentalité de croissance. Chaque semaine, je partage des conseils pour t’appuyer sur ton parcours et t’accompagner dans cette quête d’être la meilleure version de toi-même!

  • Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is founder of Waterkeeper Alliance, as well as Founder, Chairman of the Board, and Chief Legal Counsel for Children’s Health Defense, and of counsel to Morgan and Morgan, a nationwide law firm.

    Mr. Kennedy is an esteemed author, with a long list of published books including the New York Times’ bestseller, “Crimes Against Nature.” Mr. Kennedy was named one of Time magazine’s “Heroes for the Planet” for his success helping Riverkeeper lead the fight to restore the Hudson River.

    Podcast features Robert F. Kennedy Jr interviewing guests. Produced by David Whiteside.