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  • Our insight and analysis of the (often problematic) wellness world, and how we're navigating the middle ground within it.

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  • Host Cheryl Whitten, BA, CCA, PH, Clinical Aromatherapist, Herbalist, and Professional Health Writer, focuses on education and conversations in natural, holistic, functional, and complementary medicine, herbalism, and aromatherapy. With her frank style and nearly 20 years of experience, Cheryl busts through myths to discover a common sense approach to plant medicine. In conversation with fellow health experts, she breaks down how to improve health through natural and holistic methods.

  • Welcome to So Tell Me More, a podcast hosted by two psychotherapy students, Prabhnoor and Naviya. Join us as we explore various topics from self-care to learning more about cognitive behaviour therapy. We hope to get you thinking and reflecting on all things mental health - let’s dive in!

  • CLOT Conversations from Thrombosis Canada is a regular podcast for healthcare professionals exploring advances in the diagnosis and management of thrombosis, with a focus on new research as it is published. Our 15 to 30 minute easily digestible episodes will help keep you up to date on the evolving practice in this challenging field. Listen to thrombosis experts as they discuss their latest research with hosts Dr Jameel Abdulrehman, Hematologist with specialization in Thrombosis and Hemostasis at the University Health Network in Toronto, Canada and David Airdrie, Executive Director of Thrombosis Canada Thrombosis Canada promotes excellent patient care and improved outcomes for patients with thrombosis through high-quality knowledge translation, educational resources, and point-of-care guidance for diverse groups of healthcare professionals. We also provide education for patients and the general public. This podcast is another way for us to support those seeking to learn more and keep up with new developments. To access Thrombosis Canada resources, tools, and programs go to https://thrombosiscanada.ca

  • It has been a century since Canadian researchers discovered insulin - a life-saving breakthrough for people diagnosed with diabetes. What does the next 100 years hold? Join Neil Fraser, President of Medtronic Canada, for a monthly conversation with healthcare leaders exploring the future of innovation and technology in health.

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  • Hosted by Hope Flawse, I'll keep you wild is a podcast for breaking out of your cage and living life on your own terms. We will share conversations about health, wealth, relationships and travel. Unleash the beast within. New episodes released every week.

  • Pourquoi et comment le Collège a-t-il été fondé? Quelles ont été ses actions au fil des décennies? Quels enjeux de santé publique ont marqué son histoire?

    Dans ce balado animé par Bernard Derome et Denis Goulet, auteur et spécialiste en histoire de la médecine, découvrez le récit enlevant des 175 années du CMQ. De sa création aux enjeux d'aujourd'hui en passant par une révolution médicale, explorez les détails de l'histoire de cette institution méconnue qui sert toute la population québécoise depuis 1847.

    Vous êtes curieux d'en savoir plus sur l'histoire de l'ordre professionnel dont la mission est de vous protéger en offrant une médecine de qualité? Le balado compte 9 épisodes diffusés au début de chaque mois sur toutes les plateformes. Abonnez-vous!

  • Empowerography is a platform that enables women to share their stories and successes with the world. We are empowering women ONE show at a time.

  • “Fitness Flipped,” a Peloton Studios Original, is where we flip the script on all the things we think we know about fitness. Each week Peloton Instructor, athlete, author & host Tunde Oyeneyin will sit down with some of the most interesting experts and personalities from the world of fitness and beyond (Olympians! Musicians! Sociologists! Comedians! Actors!) to challenge and transform some of our own ideas about health, strength and mental wellness, and maybe even ourselves. What does it really mean to be strong? Does competition actually have anything to do with winning? Is the most important thing about pushing hard actually rest? Together, we’ll find out.

    Every Tuesday we will dive deep on a topic and on Friday you will hear a story from a Peloton Member about their lived experience.

  • Helping women improve their relationship with food and end binge eating.

  • Né d’un besoin d’affirmation, Elles sont est un balado qui part à la découverte de personnes qui ont des chemins de vie atypiques, des parcours marqués par le poids de la différence.

     Pour ouvrir le dialogue, développer la tolérance, mais surtout pour mettre de l’avant l’empathie, Mélissa Bédard va à la rencontre de ces personnes qui ont accepté de nous raconter leur histoire en toute confiance et en toute intimité.

  • Spill the Greens is powered by Mucci Farms, an industry leader and innovative greenhouse fruit and vegetable company based in Kingsville, Ontario, Canada. Although we've been growing fresh, flavourful produce for over 60 years, there is still a wide information and education gap about greenhouse farming. With so many #TeamMucci experts and professionals right under our roof, we wanted to use podcasting as an opportunity to have long form conversations about our company, and the wider produce industry. This show will cover topics such as growing, logistics, supply, innovation and tech, sustainability, food safety, marketing, health and wellness and much more! To find out more about us, visit www.muccifarms.com

  • Evidence based hair is a weekly podcast hosted by Dr Jeff Donovan, a Canadian dermatologist and hair specialist. Each week, Dr. Donovan highlights recently published hair loss research from around the world.

  • Parlons TDAH est un podcast pour les adultes qui ont ou qui veulent en connaitre plus sur Le Trouble du déficit de l'attention avec ou sans hyperactivité.

    Animé par Marcel Richard, on va y entendre des histoires de gens qui ont le TDAH, des experts du domaine en plus de des trucs et des astuces pour mieux géré les symptômes du TDAH.

    Parlons TDAH est aussi une communauté de support pour le TDAH que vous pouvez accéder à travers du groupe Facebook qui se trouve à groupetdah.marcelrichard.com

  • Hosted by Chris Swail, this podcast explores how mindset and small steps can lead to big results, happiness and less stress in our lives. This podcast is perfect for busy, ambitious people who have goals and dreams but feel stuck and overwhelmed and need help achieving their goals or simply how to live a happier, better life or version of themselves. Chris examines the cause and effects of our thoughts, our actions and inactions, our habits and how they relate to how we live our lives.

  • Ton podcast de vulgarisation neuroscientifique 🤯🧠 coanimé par Catherine Raymond (Ph.D) & l’humoriste PB Rivard. Chaque épisode explore un thème en santé mentale à l'aide d'une personnalité invitée. Supporté par les fonds de recherche du québec

  • Become a Paid Subscriber: https://anchor.fm/ozley-asmr/subscribeThe world can be a loud, chaotic, overwhelming place. Sometimes we just need a little help calming down and finding the present moment again. Whether you want to relax, meditate, focus, or fall asleep, The "Hey Friend" Podcast is here to help facilitate that process through ASMR methods. Ozley is your host, and she welcomes you to this cozy corner with the promise to keep her voice down and to use only the most relaxing, tingly triggers. (Weekly uploads on Monday & Thursday)

  • The Your Mind Matters podcast is a weekly show where we chat all things mental wellness, lifestyle, and I share my stories while answering listener questions. Hosted by Natalie Bally, a health and fitness content creator who has been sharing her journey since 2018 on both Instagram and YouTube. My favorite thing to do is talk about all the random *and sometimes insightful* thoughts in my head so join me weekly to hear what’s going on up there 🙃

  • Vous aimez écouter un balado avant de dormir, mais vous ratez toujours la fin? Problème résolu! Risque de somnolence aborde des sujets juste assez intéressants pour vous changer les idées, mais juste assez insignifiants pour que vous trouviez le sommeil, sans rien manquer. Pas d'exercices de respiration, pas de voix sulfureuse, ni de bruits d'océan : juste des monologues pour insomniaques sur des sujets tout aussi imagés que banals. Bonne nuit!

  • TOUGO: le balado fait la lumière avec des experts sur les rumeurs qui courent au sujet des tendances santé. Le but? Vous aider à faire des choix éclairés et à découvrir des habitudes santé qui vous conviennent et que vous aimerez. Animé par Marie-Christine Proulx.