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  • Bonjour tout le monde!

    Bienvenue au Orsini Podcast animé par ma soeur Alexandrine Orsini & moi-même Amélia Orsini. La santé mentale est un sujet très délicat, c'est pourquoi il est important d'en parler pour désensibiliser les gens! Nous allons parler de santé mentale, mais aussi toute situation qui peut affecter celle-ci. Il s'agit d'un sujet qui nous touche beaucoup et vous allez le découvrir tout au long des épisodes. On vous souhaite un bon visionnement & à la prochaine xoxo !

  • Ton plus grand rêve est d’avoir confiance en toi et de te sentir libre de rayonner pleinement dans toute ton authenticité et ta vérité la plus profonde.
    Dans les différents épisodes animés par Johanne Bélanger, massothérapeute, fondatrice et enseignante de l’Académie Avatara "alias la prof passionnée", il te sera possible d’accéder à ta vie de rêve et de te sentir bien, en santé et épanouie.
    Je t’invite dans mon univers passionné et je te guide dans ton voyage transformationnel afin que tu reprennes ton pouvoir créateur et que tu laisses émerger ton plein potentiel.

  • The Trauma Recovery Podcast for #Military, #Veterans, #First Responders, and their families. #PTSD Recovery is a tough road, and it can not be travelled alone. Here is how OP TR helps. 1. Listening to the show is a form of peer support. Hearing stories from people who have been there, done that...just like you , is a POWERFUL thing. Knowing you are not alone IS healing. 2. There are a LOT of resources out there. I find the resources, and bring them to the show.3. Know that you are NOT alone Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/tango-romeo/support

  • Each week on BEaTS Research Radio at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, early-career scientists and investigators deep dive into the ever-changing, rapidly evolving world of Science in one-on-one conversations with some of the planet's most brilliant Scientists, breaking down the science in terms you can understand

  • Entrepreneur Shadin El-Kasheef discusses concepts such as MENTAL FITNESS: Radical acceptance, growth mindset, mindfulness, & meditation as a way of life that can help eliminate psychological suffering. Shadin’s goal and mission in life is to eliminate psychological suffering worldwide and also working towards eliminating worldwide homelessness. His primary aim is to get people to understand that their psychological suffering is more or less self-created by the degree of resistance they have to their current reality. If you want to be on the podcast please email [email protected]

  • Hello, my name is Eve, and I'm here to help you relax, unwind and enjoy some soothing, comforting, amusing and thoughtful audio experiences.Maybe you're feeling anxious, or depressed, maybe you have trouble sleeping. Or maybe you'd just like to calm your mind, focus your attention, or simply take a bit of a mental break from all your worries. Maybe you've looked into ways of doing this, but were turned off by the new age approach, maybe words like "mindfulness" and "meditation" and "hypnosis" just don't sit well with you. Maybe just the thought of sitting cross-legged somewhere makes you cringe. It's okay, you don't have to get all zen just to find a way to relax. This podcast is about simple, no-fuss, down-to-earth relaxation. It's a podcast for anyone and everyone, and features a variety of different proven techniques to help you clear your mind, visualize your goals, or even just drift off to sleep. I'm not a doctor or therapist, and none of these audios should be taken as or replace professional advice. If you just want to de-stress for a few minutes and enjoy some simple, no-fuss mental timeouts, then put your headphones on and enjoy.

  • Produit par l'Agence Verso en collaboration avec Le studio Kampus, le podcast Entre Couilles tend à faire raisonner la mission de l’organisme; celle de l’éducation sexuelle des jeunes. Animé par deux gars hétérosexuels dans la fleur de leur apprentissage sexuel, le podcast Entre couilles s’exprime sans tabou et questionne avec vulnérabilité les balbutiements de la génération Z dans l’art de la vie sexuelle et relationnelle. 

  • The Mind Your Body Show is a weekly show, hosted by Certified culinary nutritionist, TV guest expert and author Trudy Stone, where you’ll learn how to get your mind right so that your body will follow.

    After self hacking her mind and body to lose 30lbs, she now helps busy overwhelmed women use stress as their superpower so that they can RISE above it and become more calm, resilient and physically fit.

    Each week not only will you learn nutrition & stress management habits, you’ll also learn about the power of food to enhance your mental and physical wellbeing and how to overcome your battles with living a healthier lifestyle.

    For more nutrition tips and recipes head over to trudyestone.com.

  • Join the owner of Reclaim Maternity Baby Kids + new weekly guests as we talk about all things baby, bump, and bullsh*t!

  • Surf lifestyle podcast. Learn how to catch more waves, catch better waves and add years of quality surfing with a healthy surf-specific lifestyle. Fitness, nutrition, breath training, pro analysis current events and more.

  • Learning to deal, is about a Disabled Veterans journey in becoming a coin dealer. In each show he talks news, what's going on down on the bourse (sales) floor and a way to enhance the value of your collection!

  • Straight Talk Recovery addresses the myths and realities of addiction rehab, how people can get help for addiction, and what recovery looks like. Two therapists from Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres, Raymond Moore and Adam Kostiw bring you stories from the front line of addiction and mental health treatment.

  • You Made Me Queer! Is an accusatory podcast in which host Trevor Campbell asks his enchanting LGBTQIA+ guests to set the record straight about who and or what left them bent for life. It's judgment day for Lisa Frank sticker sheets, tartan blazers, the spooning volcanic ash mummies of Pompeii and Elizabeth Arden's sunflowers as worn by your Estonian dental hygienist. We're here, we're queer and it's your fault.

  • The Mindful Matters Podcast features conversations with host Elaine Clark and leading guests in the realm of mindfulness and mental health. Learn from leading practitioners and inspiring individuals on how to best support your mental health. Contact Us [email protected]://blumatterproject.com/

  • Quand on lui demande un peu de change pour manger Jo Cormier a une bien meilleure idée, il propose de partager un repas, pour jaser. Attablé à L'itinéraire avec 4 personnes qui ont vécu la rue, Jo discute itinérance sans tabou et évidemment, avec humour.

  • This is the Critical Care Commute Podcast. 20 minutes. Just the facts. Where we tease apart science, opinion and marketing. Our hosts are Drs Peter Brindley and Leon Byker, both Critical Care Physicians in Alberta, Canada. A place of extreme distance, extreme meteorology and at times, extreme culture. For our first season, we're going to highlight this lovely part of the world, focus on local experts, keep it down to 20 minutes and provide you with a learning point for each of the digits on your dominant hand.

  • Your dose of empowerment, inspiration and perspective, helping you grow and level up and release your infinite potential.

    Find your purpose.
    Build your Queendom.

  • "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." —Krishnamurti

    The Trends w/ Benefits podcast is broken into two parts, :micro & :macro.

    :micro are short-form mood boosters with Sara Russell. She blends ancient wisdom, modern science and actionable advice on subjects like sleep, psychedelics and mental health.

    :macro episodes are long-form interviews with Kyle Thiermann. Spanning athletes to intellectuals Kyle covers similar topics in interview form.

    Occasionally he brings on the creative team at MUD\WTR, offering a glimpse under the kimono at this unorthodox brand.

  • Conscious & Confidential is about being your best you. Don't worry about the negative things in life...learn how to be happy and live healthy in both mind and body. Tips and hints about health, beauty, and life.

  • Ce Podcast s’adresse aux mamans qui veulent se sentir outillées et confiantes d’être capables d’optimiser la santé de leurs enfants, un petit pas à la fois.
    Tu es une maman qui a un enfant avec une maladie chronique? Tu te sens dépassée?
    Tu cherches des pistes de solution et tu aimerais comprendre les causes du malaise de ton enfant? 

    Tu es une maman qui s’intéresse au sujet de la santé ou une future maman qui a envie d’en apprendre plus afin de mettre tes efforts au bon endroit pour t’assurer que ton futur bébé grandisse en santé?

    Tu veux pouvoir effectuer des changements naturels et durables en toute confiance, en sachant qu'ils vont contribuer au bien-être de ta famille?

    Bref, tu veux que ta famille évolue en santé dans un environnement sain?
    Si tu te reconnais, ce podcast est pour toi.
    Je suis Eve Labrecque, maman de 2 jeunes enfants et coach de santé holistique pédiatrique certifiée de l’ « Institute for Integrative Nutrition » et du programme de coaching pour les enfants de « Epidemic Answers » par « Documenting Hope ».
    Seule ou accompagnée d’un invité, j’aborde des sujets comme les maladies chroniques, le système digestif, les toxines environnementales, l’alimentation, les habitudes de vie, les produits naturels, les différentes approches alternatives, etc. 

    Bref, tout ce qui affecte négativement ou positivement la santé de ton enfant.
    Si tu as envie d’en apprendre plus sur moi ou mon coaching 1:1, rejoins-moi sur Instagram ou Facebook @petitspassante