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  • Brian Rump and Matt Geraghty believe The Kawarthas can be the most thriving region in Canada for small businesses. This podcast is for small business owners by small business owners to have conversations that connect you to the community. Learn about new and existing businesses, share challenges, and have fun. 

    We may have  Kawarthas in our name, but you don't have to be from here to enjoy the show. We are relevant to any small business in any small town.

  • Seggs* est une balado qui agit comme outil d’éducation à la sexualité pour les jeunes et qui vise à déconstruire les stéréotypes et les préjugés à l’endroit des jeunes LGBTQ+. À travers les sujets abordés, ce balado contribuera à l’éducation à la sexualité des jeunes à l’échelle de la province du Québec et luttera contre les violences hétérosexistes et transphobes selon des approches intersectionnelle et queerinclusive.

  • This podcast is hosted by Lizzie Brooks, a master lash artist. Whether you’re in the lash world or neighboring beauty industries, she’ll be sharing all of her tips, tricks and tools for how to grow your business to fully booked, explore new additional streams of income and how to step into the most confident version of yourself. Join Lashy Hour weekly to get inspired, take action and start creating the life you’ve been dreaming of.

  • We live in an internet age of rapid change. Marketing Revelations cuts to the heart of necessary small business marketing conversations. Hosted by RevLocal, Marketing Revelations is designed to provide small businesses and multi-location brands with the expert tips, insights and strategies to maximize their online presence, no matter the obstacle. New episodes are released each month to cover a relevant topic in the digital marketing space.

  • Dans cette nouvelle série web créée par Studio Kay, nous invitons des experts de l’industrie à se réunir et à échanger sur les dernières tendances en marketing, publicité, production et nouvelles technologies.
    LA GRANDE IDÉE, c’est une expérience immersive où l’apprentissage se mêle au divertissement et où les idées prennent vie.
    Restez à l’avant-garde de votre industrie et préparez-vous à être inspiré, à repousser les limites de votre créativité et à explorer de nouvelles perspectives.

  • The podcast for young professionals in the advertising & marketing industries. Each week Carli & Noah talk with fresh talent and seasoned pros to discuss post-grad life, stories from their victories (and missteps) along the way, and ask the big question: what the hell is advertising? Join the journey on Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. (@wthisadvertising)

  • Marketing for Designers is your fast-track to elevating your marketing game. Drowning in marketing tasks? We're your lifeline. Get ready for no-nonsense advice you can actually apply. We've got 20-30-minute episodes filled with pro tips on SEO, social media, messaging, and more. Hosted by expert messaging strategist Masha Koyen, we cut through the fluff to give you what you need. Click 'subscribe' and start attracting those premium clients today.

  • The Message from Campaign is the vibrant new fortnightly podcast about the Canadian advertising industry. Hosted by the Campaign team; David Brown, Chris Powell and Emma Johnston-Wheeler, the show debates the big issues facing agencies, brands and media in Canada and tackles the big, breaking news stories. The team also review the latest ads, drawing on real world feedback from their friends and family.

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  • Podcast for Canadian Fire Alarm Technicians and other people interested in the fire alarm industry in Canada.

    comments can be sent to [email protected]

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  • But everyone has a podcast! I’m not a techy person! I don’t like the sound of my voice! If this sounds like you then you’re in the right place. Despite all of these excuses, podcasting remains one of the best ways to build a brand, create an authentic community, grow a business, and most importantly, share your unique voice with the world. In this podcast, (yep, it’s pretty meta) host, Lauren Popish, is going to show you how to do just that. Lauren started podcasting after a public speaking event gone wrong sparked a phobia of public speaking that almost ended her corporate career. Now, she helps women use podcasting to share their ideas, grow their businesses, start movements, and leave their unique marks on the world. Her company, The Wave, produces shows for some of the most influential women in health, business, spirituality, and beauty. In this show, she’s taking all of the strategies she’s used to help her clients top the podcast charts and bringing them directly to you. If you are hoping to start, grow, and monetize a podcast but don’t know where to begin, then you better hit that subscribe button right now. Join us every week on Podcast Like a Girl.

  • The Other 99% podcast provides a realistic look into the world direct sales. Join Lisa Duck and her guests as they explore inspiring perspectives, share unique business tips, and celebrate success stories that often go untold. Whether you are new to direct sales, a seasoned pro or just curious about the industry, this podcast is for you.

    Watch for new episodes every Tuesday

  • Does your messaging resonate with your potential customers when they land on your website, stumble on your ads, or read your emails? Are your teams on the same page when it comes to clearly and efficiently communicating what you do, who you do it for, and how you do it better than everyone else?

    Chris Silvestri, founder and conversion copywriter at Conversion Alchemy, shares real-world stories from the B2B SaaS marketing trenches, on how to find all of that out, and get to message-market fit. Dive into the science and art of aligning your copy with the conversation already happening in your customers' minds.

    Through interviews with B2B SaaS founders and operators in marketing, growth, and product, Chris explores the nitty-gritty of messaging strategy, research methodologies, copywriting and copy testing. If you’re a B2B professional, you’ll get the insights you need to understand your customers better than they know themselves.

    On the podcast you’ll get three different formats: 1) 'Operator Deep Dives': a blend of interviews and casual conversations with SaaS founders, marketing managers, product marketing folks and heads of growth about their messaging strategies, 2) 'Shop Talk Sessions': workshops and focused discussions with SaaS service providers at the intersection of positioning, messaging, copywriting,and SEO, PPC, branding, and UX/UI design. 3) ‘Writers of Influence': Chris takes you through impactful copywriting/marketing books and the biographies of copywriting masters. Hit subscribe and let’s dive deep into the copywriting and messaging rabbit hole.

  • As the founder of a coaching business, do you wish that you could just get quality leads like turning on the tap?

    Or perhaps you’re looking for some inspiration from other successful coaches so that you don’t feel alone on your business journey.
    Founders Go Naked is where we strip bare on 2 fronts for you.

    For starters, in our weekly 10-minute solo episodes we’re revealing the ‘behind the scenes’ strategies and processes in our marketing agency that specializes in helping coaches scale their businesses with webinars, seminars and other events.

    In our second weekly episodes, we are interviewing successful coaches with 7 and 8-figure businesses. We’re getting deep into the stuff that’s normally hidden from the public and not talked about - such as the struggles in their private lives to get to where they are.

    These interview episodes are around 40 to 60 minutes because we want to dig deep for the diamonds. By listening in, you’re gonna get 2 things:

    Marketing strategies and tactics specifically for coaching businesses.

    I’m doing this podcast because firstly, I thought it would be good to share our ideas and document our own business journey. Hopefully, this is something I can pass on to my daughter and future team members at Radical Marketing.

    Secondly, no one really knows about us - so I thought it would be good to help more coaches while building a brand for my marketing agency.

    So what makes this podcast different?

    We really zoom in on helping 6 figure high ticket coaches who hate marketing scale their business to 7 figures and beyond with Webinars (and other events).

    So let’s get started. Jump into episode 2 where you can immediately get results in your business. This episode will give you 5 ways you can immediately bring down the Cost Per Lead for your coaching business.

    See you there!

  • This podcast is for roofing contractors and other home service providers who want marketing that actually works. Learn from me, and hear directly from my clients in my long-form interviews.

  • A weekly ramble down the rabbit holes littering the brand and advertising landscape. Join us each week as we look for new perspectives and something meaty to chew over.

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  • Under One Roof, hosted by Robyn Flynn, featuring LJ Aguinaga (LJ Realties), Martin Spalding and Fred Pichette (Fred et Martin Hypothèques), expertly guides listeners through the intricate maze of home buying and financing, while revealing key factors that significantly impact a home's value. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, this is the show for you.

  • Restez à la pointe des tendances et de l'actualité du marché immobilier avec notre podcast hebdomadaire. 

    Nos coachs, partenaires et invités spéciaux vous apportent des éclairages sur une multitude de sujets tels que les technologies innovantes, les stratégies de fiscalité et de gestion, les dernières tendances en matière de rénovations et de subventions, les astuces d'optimisation, l'investissement immobilier à l'étranger, ainsi que le secteur de l'immobilier commercial. 

    Ce podcast est la ressource parfaite pour ceux qui souhaitent enrichir leurs connaissances en immobilier et profiter des conseils avisés de nos experts, toujours prêts à répondre à vos questions et à vous accompagner dans vos projets.

  • Are you looking for more balance as a leader? Between work, kids, and all the “to dos”, it may sometimes feel like there is no time to get it all done, or even have any time for yourself.

    The Balanced Leader is here to empower today’s leader in becoming the best leader you can be, both in your personal and professional life. Hosted by Caroline Baird, a former HR corporate executive, turned wellness enthusiast, each episode is designed to help you prioritize your wellness, sharpen your leadership skills, and achieve your full potential.

    Through expert interviews and thought-provoking discussions, you'll gain valuable insights, perspectives and practical tips on what it takes to be a successful leader, and the importance of maintaining balance in today’s rapidly changing world. Our guests come from a diverse range of backgrounds, all who share their own unique experiences and perspectives on leadership.

    Be sure to follow, and ring that bell to keep up to date on new episodes every other week! And if you love an episode, leave a rating and review, as I value your input.