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  • For Highly Sensitive Souls on a conscious journey of discovering their gifts and their purpose while building an intentional life.

    For those who are curious about both the science and spirituality behind being a Highly Sensitive Person (or HSP). Weaving this knowledge to create tools, practices, and rituals to support your unique self.

    Covering topics from energy healing to entrepreneurship, from Nature’s wisdom to the nervous system, we’ll be taking both a broad look and a deep dive at what it means to thrive as a Highly Sensitive Soul.

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  • The Leadership Launchpad Project is all about helping our listeners maximize their potential. We're asking you to own your role as a leader in your own life, choose your mindset and then step out by using these 2.0 leadership mindset strategies to play your biggest impact game - at home, at work and in your communities.

  • Join Mitch Moldofsky as he talks with experienced Instructional Designers from around the world about their lives, their unique career paths and how they fit it all together. It is intended both for new IDs and those transitioning from teaching as well as for those of us who've been at it a while but never have a chance to meet each other. Each weekly episode is a tight, light, easy listening conversation lasting 30 minutes, perfect for a jog or a morning cuppa. Enjoy! To sign up for updates or for more about Mitch, visit

  • À Zone Crypto, on parle de l'importance de la cryptomonnaie pour le futur de notre liberté financière. Nous découvrions plusieurs utilités et de temps à autres, nous discuterons avec des invités du milieu. Une approche pratique, et non de spéculation. Finalement, une meilleure monnaie, pour un meilleur futur! Pour me contacter:

  • Derrière chaque balado se trouve un humain! Chaque semaine, inspirez-vous de leurs parcours et apprenez des stratégies, des tactiques et les meilleures pratiques de ces podcasteurs. Maintenant que le podcast (ou la baladodiffusion) rejoint un nombre toujours grandissant d’adeptes, une question se pose : « Pourquoi ferais-je un balado? » Il y a autant de réponses qu’il y a de balado disponible et c’est à cette question que nos invités tenteront de répondre tout en nous partageant leurs inspirations, leurs parcours, leurs bons coups, leurs échecs et leurs meilleurs conseils pour amener ton balado au prochain niveau!

  • Interviews with Simon Sinek is a British-born American author and motivational speaker. He is the author of five books, including Start With Why and The Infinite Game.

  • An all-senses listening session about Wealth, Money and Emotionality with wealth philosopher, money therapist and growth alchemist Jennifer Love as she digs into the murky relationship we have with money with world class leaders and female founders to unearth the true nature of wealth within us. Discover why she believes that by following the intricate systems of nature we can heal our relationship with money.

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  • The Mind Builder Podcast
    Mindset- Growth - Self Development by Amer Kamra
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  • Ray Walia, CEO of Launch.VC, interviews entrepreneurs in our network and dives deep into each founder's journey. Each interview is unique. They discuss topics that range from the hardships they've overcome, lessons learned, rewards, and what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Whether you are starting your first startup or are launching your 10th business, this podcast is for you!

  • Many of today’s unicorn crypto companies started as a dream — entrepreneurs who took a leap of faith on a small internet phenomenon called Bitcoin. On Empire, host Jason Yanowitz reveals the personal struggles, bold moves, and tough decisions that these individuals have gone through in order to build a new financial system.

  • Each year, The Gathering brings together disruptors from around the globe to learn from, and celebrate, the leaders behind iconic brands like Marvel, Skittles, Beats by Dre, Yeti, and the Dallas Cowboys. For the first time ever, these unique and enlightening presentations can be heard any time and anywhere on this podcast.Cult Brand Secrets is an anthology of the greatest and most influential presentations The Gathering has to offer, featuring experts that transcend branding to build cult-like adoration of their work. Additionally, host Chris Kneeland uses his own experience in associating with these brand leaders to highlight key trends and help you identify the most worthwhile takeaways. Join our Premium Channel to hear full length presentations at

  • Agriculture is not only a way of life, it’s a business. Talking Farm and Food is a monthly podcast that highlights the stories and experiences of farm business entrepreneurs and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. Join Marty Seymour as he talks to Canadian producers about their lives, their businesses, and the farm management topics you care about. If you’re looking for advice on money and finance, transition, managing people, strategy, leadership and more, this is the podcast for you.

  • We are relentless women who openly bring forward our struggles and successes while learning along the way. Together we bring you Radically Relentless. Join us as we host enlightened conversations with incredibly inspirational and accomplished guests.

    We are here to inspire you to live your best life. Let us dig and ask all the tough questions as we talk business, entrepreneurship, motherhood, resiliency and how to maximize every opportunity.

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  • Money! Average people talking about average money concepts with the hopes of creating a not so average financial future for YOU, the listener. Episodes are delivered in a short, topic focused way.
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  • The Canadian Bitcoiners Podcast focuses on Bitcoin, Canadian Bitcoin news, and news from around the Bitcoin and crypto world.

    New episodes release every Wednesday, and you can follow Joey on Twitter (@JoeyTweeets) or Len (@TheBTCPriceBot) to give feedback or suggest topics.

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    This podcast focuses on a different environmental topic each week and provides you with easy ways to help out. The time for environmental action is now. Our future is on the line. Find out what simple changes you can make to help our planet now. No action is too small to make a difference!

  • Investment ideas and analysis in 10 minutes or less.

    I cover individual companies, sectors, market trends and recent financial news while providing my own opinions and analysis.

    Invest in a better tomorrow, 10 minutes at a time!

    In many episodes I will include price targets for myself. This is based my own analysis and not investment advice, seek a professional before making investment decisions.

    Send me an email about a company, sector or investment idea you'd like to hear!
    Twitter: @10Investing
    Reddit: u/10MinuteInvesting

  • Kim and Jamie Fitzpatrick are partners in every sense of the word, both in life and business. Former employees turned online entrepreneurs, they are a married couple of two awesome little humans; Colby is 12 and Tessa is 9, and they live in Burlington, Ontario, Canada with their rescue dog Clemmy. They have together, and individually, built multiple 7 figure businesses, both traditional brick and mortar as well as online enterprises in Direct Sales, Online Retail, and life & business coaching. Nothing is off limits in this podcast as they share triumphs and struggles, both personally and professionally, and really hope to help others relate to the trials and tribulations that this crazy life offers. Love, marriage, kids, sex, business, abundance, and inspiration are routinely covered in the hopes that we can provide value to your life and maybe even the courage to chase some of those dreams that have been put on hold for far too long. Please always check the episode notes for contact info and resources related to the topic. Thank you for listening, it is so appreciated! Enjoy!

  • 7:31 AM is a daily podcast curated by the editors of ONE37pm, bringing you all the information you need and nothing you don't. Every day at - you guessed it - 7:31 AM, we'll deliver the major happenings & headlines with just enough detail to help you be prepared for any conversation that may pop up throughout the day. Whether it's Gaming, NFT, Fashion, and Sports, or Cannabis, Hip-Hop, Gambling, and Pop Culture, the trends tend to change every second, and we've got you covered on all of it.

  • Shattered: Hope, Heartbreak and the New York Knicks is an eight-part podcast series from The Athletic, hosted by hip-hop legend Chuck D. Shattered dives deep into the Knicks' past 20 years of chaos and controversy under team owner James Dolan. From the end of the 90’s Knicks to today - the series uncovers never-heard-before stories about Dolan, the Knicks and the NBA - with interviews from dozens of voices, including franchise legend Patrick Ewing, former Knicks players, coaches and executives, and a range of famous fans.