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  • Du hast das Gefühl, es ist höchste Zeit für Innovation im Medienbereich, weißt aber noch nicht wann und wie du es angehen sollst? Vier On-Demand-Kurse des Media Lab Bayern befähigen dich dazu, innerhalb kürzester Zeit eigene Strategien zu entwickeln und neue Ideen sofort in die Tat umzusetzen.

    Diese Podcasts sind ein Teil des Kursangebotes. Die weiteren Inhalte helfen dir, dich mit anderen Medieninnovatoren auszutauschen und das, was du von unseren Expert:innen lernst, direkt auf deine eigene Situation anzuwenden. Diese Inhalte und alle Infos zur My Innovation Week wissen findest du auf!

  • Join Felicia Porrazza, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, and National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, for tips on starting and building a private practice.

  • Welcome to the Dietitian Success Podcast. We make it easier for dietitians and dietetic students to build expertise through online courses, community and ready-to-use client resources! Check out our value-packed free resources:

  • The Preconstruction Podcast tells the story of Preconstruction Innovation within Commercial Construction throughout the US. We will be traveling the country speaking with Preconstruction innovators, Estimating geniuses, and national leaders within Technology, General Contractors, Architects, Owners, and Subcontractors to hear their Preconstruction success stories.

  • Through experience and working with many leaders, I have realized that Leadership it's learned and trained. This podcast explores the real practices and challenges of modern leadership to help make you a better leader. Listen to conversations with successful leaders and discover the insights, guidance, and trends for tomorrow's success.

  • Die neue IHK-Podcast-Reihe: "Neues Lernen - Weiterbildung in Zeiten von Digitalisierung, Agilität, Networking & Co."

    Wo liegen Potenziale und Chancen im "Neuen Lernen"? Worauf setzen Unternehmen in der Praxis? Welche Herausforderungen birgt die digitale Welt?

    Die Podcastreihe „Neues Lernen“ der DIHK-Bildungs-gGmbH gibt wertvolle Antworten auf die Fragen zum Thema Digitalisierung, Agilität & Networking.
    Durch die Podcastreihe führt "Knacki" Klaus-Jürgen Deuser, Keynote-Speaker und Unternehmer.

  • Mit dem Vordenker Podcast kannst du dabei sein, wenn wir mit Vordenker:innen, Innovator:innen und bekannten Persönlichkeiten aus ganz Deutschland über alle gesellschaftlichen Trends und Zukunftsthemen sprechen, in denen Innovationen unser tägliches Leben verändern - egal ob im Bereich Wirtschaft, in der Politik, der Bildung oder Industrie.

    Im Fokus steht dabei der:die Vordenker:in: Das sind für uns Personen, die sich durch ein besonders progressives, innovatives Mindset kennzeichnen und über besonderes Wissen in zukunftsrelevanten Megatrends verfügen. Als Moderatorin begrüßt euch Helen Bielawa.

    Über Open Innovation City: Das OIC-Projektteam arbeitet seit 2019 daran, das Prinzip der offenen Innovation auf eine gesamte Stadtgesellschaft zu übertragen. Was ist Open Innovation: Das Prinzip der „Open Innovation“ steht für eine offene Innovationskultur, für gezielten Austausch und enge Einbindung der Menschen in Innovationsprozesse. Auf diese Weise soll in Zeiten schnellen technologischen und gesellschaftlichen Wandels die Wettbewerbs- und Zukunftsfähigkeit gestärkt werden. Auf der Unternehmensebene geht der Begriff zurück auf den US-Wirtschaftswissenschaftler Henry Chesbrough.

    Open Innovation City wird unterstützt von den Projektpartnern Fachhochschule des Mittelstands (FHM), Founders Foundation, OWL Maschinenbau und dem Pioneers Club. Ein besonderer Dank gilt unserem Förderer, dem Ministerium für Ministeriums für Wirtschaft, Industrie, Klimaschutz und Energie. des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen.

  • Artist and Marketer Aengus Boyle interviews successful creatives - artists, musicians authors, comedians and business people - and explores the marketing tactics, strategies and mindsets they have deployed to build large and lucrative followings. Having only recently embarked on his creative journey, Aengus found himself frustrated by the lack of content about how to market yourself to make a living as an artist, so he decided to start asking the questions himself. Each episode aims to outline the marketing playbook utilised by a new guest to build a brand and turn their creativity into a business - allowing you to take this blueprint and apply it to your own creative endeavours.

  • Trends with Benefits is a podcast by VanEck with a forward-looking perspective. Host Ed Lopez interviews a guest each week to discover new ways of thinking about the markets, investing, work and life. Subscribe today.

  • Amplify Her is a lifestyle & business podcast | Every week, host Christina Singh chats with inspiring women to examine all of the small ways in which women have grown and find success.

  • Join me on my mission to cut through the hype and learn what it actually takes to execute and build a commercially viable business in this space. Coming to you from EDCs London offices. I’m your host Martin Koderisch. I’ll be meeting with a mix of leaders and practitioners at every level in the industry. And of course, be joined by some great guests from the Edgar dunn family.Music by dayfox

  • How I Sold, presented by Exit Factor, features a narrative journey about entrepreneurs and business owners, the businesses they started, and how they grew and sold them. We highlight small-medium businesses, we seek to turn the spotlight on the everyday success stories, not just the billion-dollar exits.

  • The ‘How I Sold This’ podcast takes you inside the world of startup acquisitions and liquidations, featuring the stories told from entrepreneurs who founded, built and exited their startup. We dive into the strategies that led to both success and failure at exit, and the practical insights that these founders have learned in the process.

  • This is not a podcast for the faint of heart. Join me as we annihilate boundaries, baulk conventions and unlock the disturbing process of finding your calling in the colossal clusterf*ck we call life. You might want to bring your towel for this.

  • Creating change that matters happens in conversations - with others AND yourself. In this series, noted executive coach Drew Kugler has conversations about, well, conversations. Through Drew's personal insights and interviews with thought leaders from all walks of life, you will learn about the unique dynamics of conversations at work, home, and anywhere else you care to make a difference.

  • Episodes in Troubled Thinking explores the inside-out nature of life and how our own thinking is what usually gets us in trouble.

    This podcast is a collaboration between two transformative coaches - Antti Vanhanen from Finland and Steve M Nash from the UK.

    On this podcast, we put our coaching mettle to the test and take turns coaching each other on various topics. Every now and then, we’ll divert from our usual coaching conversations to discuss broader topics about being human.

    Our coaching is done primarily from the inside-out understanding (also known as the 3 principles, single paradigm, and innate health) originally articulated by Sydney Banks.

  • The Planned Communities Podcast brings you the most interesting stories from Planned Community developers, managers, residents, and allied sector businesses from around the world.

  • Thanks for listening! Each episode I’ll be sharing my top tips and tricks on how to build a direct sales business online, as well as how to build ANY business on social media. If you enjoyed, make sure to give me a 5 star review and SHARE!

  • This is the Podcast of the hugely admired MSN and the Matrix Mindset Academy group on Facebook. Join Brian Dalmaso, the #1 coach in the world for Bob Proctor's PGI Consultants as he shares the cutting-edge science of success with Craig Hansen, VP for International @ Matrix Success Network. Take your business and life to the next level with Brian - book a session here