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  • Technogram by Redington X brings together industry stalwarts to showcase latest technology products, solutions, and their potential to revolutionize customer operations while elevating partner businesses. The episodes include insightful sessions featuring Redington's top executives, industry subject matter experts and leading customers, all diving deep into advanced technologies and re-imagining the digital future.

  • If you are listening to this podcast it means you are excited about learning and creating a life you have dreamt of. Well me too, that's why I have created this podcast. Maybe you have been thinking of what steps you could take to live a better life. But you are feeling stuck and don’t know where to start from. I understand that’s what I have created this podcast to help you take that first leap towards a fulfilling career. You can expect to learn about: Success mindsets and overcoming self-limiting beliefs, how to attract amazing career opportunities and strategically advancing your career. Support this podcast:

  • I'm on a mission to make choosing a career a more informed decision.

    Salaries, day-in-the-life, education requirements, stress levels and more for each professional we interview.

    Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by guests on "You do What?" are solely those of the individuals and do not, in any way, represent the official stance or endorsement of the companies they are affiliated with. Each guest's perspective is personal and does not reflect the views, policies, or positions of their respective employers.

  • Are you a woman of color who feels like you work in spaces that don’t invest in your success?
    Do you feel like you’re expected to be less than who you are to make your co-workers comfortable?
    You know being “authentic” at work doesn’t apply to you?
    Have you gotten the advice to be “twice as good” to succeed at life and work?
    Are you tired of playing by someone else’s rules (that don’t apply to others) to have the life and career you want?

    Well this is the right podcast for you.

    Embracing Your Voice Podcast is an intentional space for ambitious women of color who want to create a life and career that taps into their expertise, talent and passion while being unapologetically themselves. Navigating life and career as a women successfully and authentically is challenging because many spaces aren’t built for us especially for women of color. If you know you are capable of doing so much more but wondering what to do about it? On this podcast you’ll hear from amazing women of color who by listening to and embracing their own voice created the life and career for themselves they wanted. Listeners will also learn the things that hold us back from being the best version of ourselves, and strategies to help us move toward our goals.

  • Welcome to Lessons from a Ph.D. by Dr. Anna AO, where I share the invaluable lessons I've learned on my journey through a STEM Ph.D. Join me as I delve into topics such as pursuing a Ph.D. in STEM, graduating, navigating the job market, and moving from academia to industry. In each episode, I open up about the challenges I faced, celebrate my successes, and spill the details of my journey. You can expect honest stories, personal challenges, and advice that might help you on your own journey. Whether you're a student, a recent grad, or thinking about a career change, this podcast is for you. Join me as I share the ups and downs of being a Black Canadian woman in STEM.

  • Step into the world of previously called  Career Talks na Washkaji, now called The insightful Podcast Show (TIPS) a captivating podcast show that takes you on an insightful journey through the tapestry of careers and success stories. Hosted by the dynamic duo, Carlton Justis and Salim Ramadhani, this podcast is more than just a talk – it's a conversation that resonates with the dreams and aspirations of the young generation. Tune in to this engaging series, available across all digital platforms, as Carlton and Salim invite their friends (Washkaji) to the virtual table for candid discussions about their unique career paths. 
    Imagine a gathering of close friends, each with a distinct career trajectory, sharing their triumphs, trials, and the invaluable lessons they've learned along the way. Carlton, with his warm demeanor and passion for learning, leads the conversations that delve into the heart of various professions. The goal? To equip the yungen, the ambitious youth, with a roadmap of possible challenges and obstacles they might encounter on their own journey to success.
    In this podcast, you're not just a listener – you're an active participant in unraveling the mysteries of different vocations. With a microphone in hand and curiosity in their hearts, Carlton and Salim unearth the pearls of wisdom that only firsthand experience can provide. They go beyond the surface to uncover the intricacies of success, offering inside tips and tricks that could make the path to achievement a tad smoother.
    Yet, TIPS isn't just about career guidance. It's a movement. A movement that empowers the youth to foster a resilient mindset and believe in their ability to overcome challenges. Through the stories of others, the podcast creates a tapestry of hope and inspiration, weaving together narratives of determination, perseverance, and transformation. As listeners, you'll find yourself not just absorbing information, but also gaining a newfound belief in your own potential
    At its core, this podcast isn't just a show; it's a community. A community that amplifies diverse voices and opens up a space for everyone to express their opinions. Carlton and Salim foster an environment where opinions are heard, respected, and valued, creating a platform where learning is a two-way street. It's a digital haven where different perspectives converge, sparking insightful conversations that contribute to personal growth

  • Join Cornell University's most celebrated scholars and industry experts for candid conversations that enlighten and challenge. From finance and tech to arts and culture, the Cornell Keynotes podcast hosted by eCornell delivers timely discussions on trending topics and current events.

  • Join Africa Practice CEO, Marcus Courage, host of the ‘Voices of Africa’ podcast series, and hear from leaders who are unlocking the continent’s human and natural capital and transforming African societies.

    The views and opinions expressed on the ‘Voices of Africa’ podcast series are those of the interviewee and do not necessarily reflect the views or position of Africa Practice and its management team.

  • Welcome to "She's Obsessed The Podcast" with your host, Jamelia Donaldson, founder of TreasureTress, beauty expert, and passionate entrepreneur. Join us on this empowering and authentic journey as we explore the lives and stories of game-changing Black British women.

    In each episode, we dive into their passionate "obsessions" – those driving forces that push them to create positive change in their industries and communities. From business lessons learned to the transformative power of personal growth, our guests share valuable insights that will inspire and motivate you on your own journey.

  • The Monocle Banking Podcast, in partnership with esteemed financial journalist, Michael Avery, will explore the world of banking - beyond the vaults and virtual wallets. This weekly series will play host to some of the top minds in the banking industry from around the world.

  • Welcome to "Society Forward," the podcast that dives deep into the heart of social development. Each week, we explore the transformative ideas and actions that are reshaping communities across the globe. From the grassroots initiatives breathing new life into urban and rural areas, to the cutting-edge policies driving societal progress, we bring you to the forefront of social change.

  • Imagine a space where deep legal and business insights blend seamlessly with casual conversations and personal anecdotes. Welcome to 'Full Scale', a podcast that offers a unique look into the entrepreneurial spirit of Africa through the lens of two seasoned corporate lawyers, Tim and Adrian. From the essentials of fundraising to the complexities of mergers & acquisitions, this podcast covers it all, with a side of humor and relatability. Tune in every Tuesday for a dose of practical advice, industry interviews, and engaging discussions designed to enlighten, entertain, and inspire.

  • Michelle Russell, the host of Short-Term Rental Revenue, is now the BNB-Boss and brought listeners the latest on the BNB Industry, politics, and religion. Whether you're into Vacation Rentals or Corporate Rentals, her decades of Real Estate Investment Knowledge, Short-Term... and Long-Term Rentals, as well as buying real estate investment properties, will give you an unfair advantage, which everyone needs. Get the latest Post-CoVID changes in our industry and how to Build and Grow your business profitably and professionally. Go and Grow, as Michelle loves to say!

  • A brand new podcast series from Standard Chartered Private Bank exploring the latest wealth management trends. In each episode, we’re joined by expert guests who share their specialist insight into the topic. Across four episodes, we talk about helping wealthy individuals establish a footprint in the UK and highlight the appeal of investing in the country.

  • The Money Makers Podcast is a finance, innovation and investing show for amazing women everywhere of all ages. We feature conversations on all areas of our lives where money matters affect women.

    The podcast is hosted by Tanya Rolfe (of Sophia).

  • Realty Speak has a lot to say about NYC Multi Family, Mixed Use and Office building Investment Real Estate.

  • Empower your mindset with the 'Affirmations for Men' podcast, the ultimate audio experience for personal growth and male empowerment. Dive into a series designed to bolster mental strength, confidence, and resilience. Each episode delivers powerful affirmations tailored to foster a positive mindset and support men’s health and well-being. Join us as we unlock the full potential of daily affirmations to navigate life’s challenges with poise. Subscribe now to start building a foundation of confidence and success.

  • Content About Creators, Unfiltered.

    Your front-row seat to the world of content creators! 

    Each episode brings together two talented content creators for one-on-one discussions about their craft and work with brands/on social media. 

    Creators share their insights, tips, and stories about creating successful content on social media. 

    From their creative process to their journey to success, get ready to be inspired discover the behind-the-scenes stories, and learn what it takes to be a top creator!

    Watch the episodes on YouTube and listen on Spotify and all podcast platforms!

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