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  • What makes you a heretic? Journalist Andrew Gold believes that, in an age of group-think and tribes, we need heretics - those who use unconventional wisdom to speak out against their own groups, from cancelled comedians and radical feminists to cult defectors and vigilantes hunting deviants.

    Learn from my guests how to rebel, think differently and resist social contagion. From Triggernometry's Francis Foster and the world's most cancelled man Graham Linehan to ex-Hasidic Jew Julia Haart and gender critical atheist Richard Dawkins. These are the people living with the weight of their own community's disappointment on their shoulders.

  • Providing thoughts on leadership, sales, and customer delivery for consulting.

  • When sports, business and culture collide, there’s often a deal to be made. Join Alex Rodriguez and Bloomberg correspondent Jason Kelly as they get the inside track from corporate titans, sports champions and game-changing entrepreneurs on investing, strategy, reinvention and the ones that got away. The Deal is a Bloomberg Podcasts and Bloomberg Originals series that’s passionate, relaxed, insightful and inspirational. If you think you know these icons, prepare to be surprised.


    Alex Rodriguez is chairman and chief executive of A-Rod Corp, an investment firm that backs startups and partners with global companies across real estate, sports and entertainment. While best known as a fourteen-time All-Star and World Series champion with the New York Yankees, Rodriguez is now an owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves and Minnesota Lynx sports teams and an on-air analyst for Major League Baseball.

    Jason Kelly is the chief correspondent of Bloomberg Originals. During his two decades at Bloomberg, Kelly has served as executive editor of Bloomberg Television, hosted Bloomberg Businessweek on television and radio, and also hosted Power Players and Next in Sports series. He’s also the author of two books, The New Tycoons, about the global private equity industry, and Sweat Equity, an inside look at the business of fitness.

  • EVERYTHING permanent jewelry by LINKED co-founders Sarah Otto & Jake Randolph. They discuss different permanent jewelry topics like essentials, training, helpful tips, supplies, and more! Sarah & Jake are a great duo to learn from! Sarah has been welding for over 10 years and has extensive permanent jewelry experience along with your beauty business. Jake Randolph has helped thousands of small businesses over the past 5 years and is known as the "Marketing Godfather" of the Beauty Industry. Together they have built the top-rated permanent jewelry course in the world! If you want to learn more about becoming certified with LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training, then visit

  • Entrepreneur Christine VanDusen sits down with business owners and high achievers for real discussions about what it really takes to succeed.

  • After university, I started a pharmacy and co-owned the business. Later, I was hired to set up another pharmacy in Slough for an American company entering the UK online healthcare market. Over the years of running our business and establishing pharmacies and a real estate company in Ghana, I developed a passion for sharing the skills I acquired. On this show, I'll bring you insights from entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, and specialists in their fields. I hope you enjoy and grow with us!

  • Achieving success is a difficult undertaking. Sometimes, you may think you are not living up to your full potential. You can feel frustrated with your slow pace in reaching your goals. This negative mindset can bring you underlying disappointment and shame and can hold you back from what you are truly capable of. Discover how to unlock your inner gifts, share them with the world, and find success on your terms.


    Welcome to the Full Mogul Podcast! Join Kofi Nartey as he shares valuable stories, tips, and advice on unlocking success in business and life. This is the answer to your relentless pursuit for the best version of yourself across all aspects of becoming a full mogul.


    Open your eyes to what it takes to become a true mogul through Kofi’s unparalleled guidance. He is your reliable source of motivating reminders to stay on track and unleash the best version of yourself. These are the perfect conversations if you are an entrepreneur, a real estate expert, a business leader, or someone who wants to find meaning in your personal and professional lives. Learn actionable steps for career growth while keeping that sense of personal fulfillment.

    Kofi is unlike other coaches or gurus who teach you how to master work-life “balance” at the expense of many things. Instead, he guides you in attaining work-life “peace” in everything you do. This is the roadmap you need to become a great business leader with the best relationships at peak health, all rolled into one. To make this seeming impossible task less overwhelming, Kofi uses encouraging language, powerful advice backed by facts, and real-life examples.

    The podcast features full moguls from different industries and all walks of life. Listen to brilliant minds in the world of business, entertainment, sports, and more as they share invaluable nuggets of wisdom. Of course, Kofi also opens up about his own ups and downs from his sports, entertainment, and ongoing business careers. In addition to letting his expertise shine, he lets his vulnerable side be seen too.

    Learn from inspiring anecdotes and amazing perseverance. Kofi breaks down how he overcame obstacles, jumped from one career to another, and proved himself bigger than any adversity. Kofi is a living example of how to appreciate your strengths and apply them wholeheartedly. And even though he has crossed a lot of finish lines in his life, he still has many more races to run. You are running, and growing, alongside the host himself, making every discussion a meaningful moment of shared transformation.

    Kofi also shares his “Kofi-ism.” These are philosophies he figured out throughout his journey, from being a student leader, actor, football player, and now a Celebrity and Luxury Real Estate Specialist. Let his wisdom help keep your goals in alignment with your core values. To convert his knowledge into memorable action, Kofi effectively uses metaphors, similes, and analogies. This way, his thoughts are easier to digest, even those that seem complex and complicated. With Kofi at the helm of this show, expect light-hearted episodes jam-packed with useful insights you will not find anywhere else.

    Achieving success does not mean hitting your goals and letting other aspects of your life become miserable and meaningless. You do not want to be a high-performing professional who never sees your kids. Nor do you want to be a respected entrepreneur who succumbs to sickness because of working nonstop. If you want to reach your full potential, you must be at peace inside and outside, and Kofi is your trusted guide in making this a reality.

    Listen to the Full Mogul Podcast with Kofi Nartey at

  • Elevate and Expand is a podcast where small business owners can find the community, guidance, and accountability needed to grow a successful business. 

    As an entrepreneur, you have responsibility for pretty much everything in your business – but that doesn't mean you have to figure out everything on your own. 

    In each episode, we’ll dive into the hard-earned experience of emerging and experienced business owners to keep you from having to re-invent the wheel.

    Meet our host: Terry Rice is a  husband, father, biz dev consultant, and staff writer at Entrepreneur Magazine.  

  • Digital Currents brings listeners engaging content from the venture capital industry with an emphasis on blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data. In each episode Morgan Creek Digital General Partners and co-hosts Mark Yusko, Xavier Segura and Sachin Jaitly explore the exciting areas of the digital ecosystem accompanied by expert guests from Morgan Creek’s expansive global network.

  • Veteran investment research analysts dive into insider data and demystify the signals that drive one-of-a-kind investment ideas.

  • The Approach is a podcast of the Fellowship of Christian Airline Personnel where we explore how those in the airline industry can approach their faith. 

  • The Manhattan Sideways Podcast aims to create a platform to share the stories of the small businesses on the side streets of Manhattan. What motivated the business owners to open their businesses, and then to learn the ups and downs of their environments? What makes these businesses unique? We are not only documenting the owners' remarkable personal stories, but also their advice to current and aspiring business owners.

    The podcast is a product of Manhattan Sideways, a documentary project begun in 2011 with the goal of supporting the small businesses across Manhattan's original grid -- from 1st to 155th street, East River to the Hudson. After six years, we now have over 10,000 businesses represented on our website,, with write-ups and more than 40,000 gorgeous photos. The founder, Betsy Polivy, and her team hope that while listening to the Sideways Podcast you will be inspired to set out on your own adventure of walking the side streets, and, if you find yourself in New York, that in your explorations you will seek out some of the Manhattan Sideways Podcast businesses. You'll be glad you did.

  • The Family Business Audiocast series includes guest experts selected from the global family office and business ecosystem.  

    Our interviews cover Insights into the internal workings of the family business and the single-family office - governance, culture, corporate operations, growth, mission. 

    The conversation covers the experiences with, and the importance of, high-quality advisors, investors, partners, governance, and essential resources and vendors for family boards and owners. 

    Founded 2022.    

    Produced and Created by R. Adam Smith

  • Welcome to The CAREER Coach, the go-to podcast for college grads navigating professional journeys. Hosted by iXperience's Aaron Fuchs, discover real success stories and practical tips each week. In a diverse job landscape, get insights tailored to the next generation of professionals. These honest conversations cover journeys, strategies, & key lessons.Explore:Real success stories and steps to achieve themCareer advancement strategiesOvercoming challenges and setbacksBalancing personal growth with developmentInsights into emerging trends and skillsDon't just dream—make it happen!

  • Women Lead Data is an investigation into the underrepresentation of female leadership in the data industry.
    Join Lindsay Murphy, Head of Data at Secoda, as she learns from women in leadership roles in the data industry, uncovers helpful tips and advice for overcoming barriers to growth, and maybe even inspires those who are curious about entrepreneurship in the data industry to take the leap!

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  • Nile Reflection Podcast shares resilient stories of trailblazers in diverse careers & inspirational life lessons of Refugee backgrounds. Its an endless oasis of hope & passion during this unprecedented time in history. 

  • Real Talk*Real Stories*Real Change
    Is dedicated to saving one struggling ex-felon, addict or at risk youth one at time by sharing stories of adversities, roadblocks and choices. The goal of the Real Talk Program is to initiate a behavior change in both parents and youth who are in the wrong direction, and with stories from people that have been down that road. Real Talk is helping redirect that energy in a positive manner to hopefully change the course of any ex-felon, addict or youth and their parents to not conform to the pressures of today's fast society.

  • This official Regent University podcast explores our motto: Christian Leadership to Change the World. You'll hear from politicians, lawyers, theologians, med students, and other Regent alumni who are changing the world. Listen now and follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook!

  • Welcome to Brutal Facts: the Talk Show on How to Take Control of Your Self, Health & Wealth, hosted by Ricky Ollivierre & Michael Budensiek.The Brutal Facts show is designed to talk about and problem solve real life issues and things that are blocking us from being able to grow; mentally, physically, and spiritually. Every week we dive into a different topic and share experiences and advice on how we get out of own way and how you can too!The infamous Ricky Ollivierre brings true life experience to the show, an Entrepreneur who is self-educated with no academic background, building Recruitment and Sales brands within Humanity Leading Industries and is known for improving the lives of those who are willing to learn and an expert in solving critical industry issues.The one and only Michael Budensiek is an Entrepreneur, Fitness Expert, Speaker, and Encourager with over 16 years experience coaching people on how to take care of themselves mentally, physically, & emotionally both in person at his fitness facilities and online. These two have two very different personalities, but also are very aligned in their methodologies and flexibility on how to learn new ways to improving in life bring a funny, yet educational feel to the show. Enjoy!

  • Doula tips from an experienced doula to help guide you in your doula business and client support journey! Kaely shares from her 13+ years experience supporting families in the perinatal space in a raw and down to earth manor. This podcast is for the juicy tips and TMI here. It's all game!

  • Join me, Rizza Marvel, a brand and web designer, sharing design & web design tips that will help your business scale and stand out. I also share business tips that I've learned along the way, perfect for entrepreneurs at any stage of their business. Come with me on a journey of self growth, and build an intentional brand that you're proud of. Learn more at