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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • Is TV dead? What value should I expect from a national TV campaign? Isn’t digital easier? 
    The truth is, there is still a ton of power in TV advertising—even in the digital age. Unlocking that power may seem daunting at first and, of course, comes with a whole host of questions… 
    TV Advertising Blueprints is a show dedicated to answering those questions and giving you insights, strategies, and tactics to make sure your investment pays off. Because with the right blueprint, TV advertising can entirely transform your business. 
    So, join us as we draw on our experience and gather insights from other marketing experts to lay out winning plans for TV advertising success.

  • A weekly podcast focusing on advertising, marketing, branding, traditional media, digital and new media alternatives, sales and customer relations. Co-hosted by Brad Forsythe and Ray Schilens, the show features guest interviews with national and international industry leaders. The program highlights late breaking industry news and discusses advertising issues, marketing trends and contemporary brand strategies. As advertising professionals, Brad and Ray have seen firsthand how companies struggle with developing a successful marketing and advertising program. The Advertising Show helps inform listeners to make more accurate decisions for their business in an educational and entertaining presentation.

  • Time to take a holistic view of fintech. Together with key industry players, Arjun Singh explores all sides of fintech with a healthy dose of hard-hitting questions and candid discussions.Learn more at

  • Learn the tools and strategies to start getting paid to produce records! Recording and mixing is just the start, but how do you get people to actually pay you? Let's dive deeper! Like this podcast? Subscribe and leave a review!

  • Technology should be like pizza: simple, democratic, inclusive, and hopefully without pineapple on it. Subscribe for bite-sized weekly updates on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, the Metaverse, cybersecurity, and more.

  • Ready For Retirement is the podcast dedicating to helping you learn the tips and strategies that will help you achieve your retirement goals.

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  • Trillion dollar market cap, hundreds of tokens, coins, NFTs, metaverses, economies are being rebuilt on Blockchain. This is not a utopian dream anymore. It is actually happening today, and it all started with Satoshi Nakamoto! Today, many are building the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem across the world. What are their stories? Why are they doing this? Who are they? To know all of this, here is The Spotlight - A weekly podcast series wherein we bring to you the never heard before stories from the creators of web 3.0. Stay tuned as the conversations have begun!

  • After years in the corporate world building a marketing department and becoming a marketing director, I found myself with a dream of freedom I couldn’t shake. My dream was freedom to travel where I wanted while doing what I loved, but I just didn’t have the confidence to make it happen. I found a way to navigate through my own limiting beliefs to leave the corporate world, built my business and traded my things for a backpack of clothes to travel the world. With my dream becoming a reality, my mission is to help business owners scale to their own versions of freedom through profitable Facebook ads and high-converting funnels. On this podcast, you will have everything you need to bring your business to the next level and conquer your dreams without hitting burnout. That's the beauty of scaling. Find out more on my website:

  • Hey Bestie, This podcast is all about how to make your closet into an investment portfolio. How to use your shopping habits to buy luxury assets that appreciate in value over time. Interviews with big collectors, luxury brand sales associates, consignment stores and more! We will talk about things like “how to score your first Hermès bag” or “ where to get the best deals on Chanel“ it’s going to be a super fun 1st season. If you want the visual you can always pop over to my YouTube “currently carter” where all of the video versions to these episodes are as well!! I hope you love it!

  • Current military service members, veterans, military spouses, aspiring future military members, and those want to learn more about our outstanding military community- Fall in! It’s time for formation! On this podcast, we help connect and advise our military community with available educational, entrepreneurship, and career resources/opportunities by conducting interviews with various industry leaders. Unfortunately, many within our own military community are unaware of the numerous opportunities available, so TMF thrives to fill that void, which in turn, helps improve the military-to-civilian career transition.TMF strongly believes that an improved transition will assist with lowering the current, heightened military suicide rate and lessen the chances of broken relationships, after wearing the uniform. Mentorship, coaching, and making an impact does not stop after service, so tune-in and meet some of the most influential groundbreakers looking to help our community level-up!Stay tuned, stay focused, and stay motivated!

  • In the launch perspective podcast, we share the mindset and the step-by-step strategies that will help you launch and scale the online business of your dreams so you can live life with more freedom and impact.

  • Factor This! is a biweekly podcast for the solar industry that provides in-depth and actionable content not available anywhere else. The podcast features solar energy leaders who actually move the needle, in hopes of making you smarter, your solar job easier, and moving the industry forward. Factor This! is produced by Renewable Energy World and Clarion Energy, and is hosted by John Engel. Have an idea for an episode or want to sponsor the show? Email [email protected] for more information. Find show notes, transcripts, and resources at Subscribe today to renewable energy's newest podcast.

  • In this podcast, Tim Pohlmann, CEO and Founder of IPlytics, hosts discussions with industry leaders, academics, and policymakers on current topics around standard essential patents (SEPs) and as they relate to FRAND, licensing, litigation, dealmaking, policy, and regulation as well as general trends for markets where SEPs matter. This podcast encourages an open discussion format about Intellectual Property topics while it remains neutral to the controversial opinions and viewpoints of invited guests. Visit our website for reports, webinars and data on FRAND, SEPs, patent pools and standards: Contact us for any comments or suggestions: [email protected] or contact Tim directly: [email protected]

  • Leading teams is tough. Leading hybrid or remote teams? Even tougher. New workplace dynamics can create employee tension and communication issues that can overwhelm the best leaders. Engaging remote employees and leading virtual teams is a skill that all leaders must develop as the future of work is here. Companies are made up of people - like you and me - who are ideally working together toward a common goal. But we’re complicated human beings and when put together in a corporate/business environment, any number of things can go right or wrong.

    I’m your host, Leigh Ann Rodgers - world-renowned human potential expert, speaker, author, and CEO of Better Teams. My mission is to help leaders of all kinds to build better teams around the globe so that employees are happy, engaged, and productive. Implementing the most effective and latest models served up humor, happiness, and a dash of southern charm results in positive transformations time after time.

    Each month, you can expect to hear from me and other industry experts on how to effectively manage remote teams making them positive and happy. I’ll offer real world examples from my on-going work and be real about the challenges and celebrate victories that I see. I’ll also offer quick tips and tools that are my way of giving you actionable knowledge so that you, too, can help in the mission to build and lead better teams the world over.

    This podcast has been created to reach more people, executives, teams to benefit individuals, and can make corporations more human-centered. This show is for leaders seeking new ways to engage remote and hybrid teams and employees and who need practical tips and tools to lead with confidence.

    The recognition that humans are complicated and motivated in all different ways allows me to be empathic and listen more deeply to what’s being said, and what’s not being said so that I can understand the entire team's values, ways of working and, ultimately, drive. It’s my whole-human approach that separates my work from the rest and has allowed me to walk among people employed at the smallest of local firms, non-profit organizations, government agencies like the Center for Disease Control (CDC), multinational companies and the world’s biggest brands like MARS, Whirlpool, and Kelloggs. I’ve been privileged to be in company with thousands of humans around the world - team members, frontline workers, and the most powerful executives. But as many as I’ve impacted, I cannot do this work alone. That’s why I created Forward - a trusted community of global industry professionals and now this podcast - so that we call can network, learn from one another, share new ideas, ask for help, and experiment with new ideas so this work can reach far and wide.

    In my work as team builder, facilitator, and focus group moderator, people are moved to action by my expertise, and my undying curiosity about people and the never-ending stream of new tools and technologies that are consistently being developed to help teams and people be more productive. My job is to sort through all the information and apply my hands-on knowledge about work - what it is today and what it’s evolving into tomorrow. The world of work and people have been forever changed. It’s up to people like me who can clearly see the impact on people and teams to interpret the trends, test and analyze frameworks and tools to uncover what works most effectively, and take these learnings and put them into practice for teams large and small around the globe.

  • For far too long, women have been sugar-coating our voices, thoughts, and opinions. That stops right here! Sugar Coated is a place where women can express their brilliance without sugar-coating anything. This podcast offers a platform for super-practical, actionable advice for women to overcome challenges and to make a significant impact on our families, our communities, and our world. Adrienne Garland - entrepreneur, lecturer and media producer ejects the notion that women must be deferential to those currently in power and pull back on our opinions. Join Adrienne as she dives into raw conversations with brilliant women leaders and entrepreneurs - sans Sugar Coating!

  • If you want to gain knowledge and insights into how to run a trade business, this podcast is for YOU!

    We kick off with our first Audiobook - Start Up, Scale Up, Sell Up.

    The purpose of Start Up, Scale Up, Sell Up is straightforward: to provide you with the exact steps to build a profitable trade business by addressing the problems you’re facing — keeping up with technology, charging the right hourly rate, managing your cash flow, marketing, customer retention, and chasing debt. Written by Andy and Angela Smith, fellow trade business owners and co-founders of Lifestyle Tradie, this must-have book captures trade-specific strategies that work.

    With chapters released weekly, you'll be able to get your business back on track and build the trade business your deserve.

  • Le podcast tout-terrain pour tout type d'entrepreneur. Chaque semaine, Olivier Llambi vous partage ses connaissances et ses 10 années d'expérience en entrepreneuriat pour vous accompagner avec philosophie dans la construction de votre projet d'entreprise. Entreprends-toi est un podcast produit par GoMentora.

  • This is a podcast that explains why every person is better off playing to win instead of playing not to lose in life and business

  • Hosted by world renown energetic business coach, Alexandra Carruthers, The Codes is a weekly podcast that takes listeners deep into the heart of their individual energetics. Dive deep into your unique power and potential by unlocking your Gene Keys + Human Design.

  • The Building Financial Fitness podcast is hosted by prolific finance blogger Junus Eu, aka MissFITFI. Over the course of the podcast, Junus brings on special guests to talk about topics ranging from gendered finance and the true cost of furthering education.