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  • What makes you a heretic? Journalist Andrew Gold believes that, in an age of group-think and tribes, we need heretics - those who use unconventional wisdom to speak out against their own groups, from cancelled comedians and radical feminists to cult defectors and vigilantes hunting deviants.

    Learn from my guests how to rebel, think differently and resist social contagion. From Triggernometry's Francis Foster and the world's most cancelled man Graham Linehan to ex-Hasidic Jew Julia Haart and gender critical atheist Richard Dawkins. These are the people living with the weight of their own community's disappointment on their shoulders.

  • The Art of Growth presents Enneagram type 1 podcasts and panels compiled from our main podcast. Joel Hubbard and Jim Zartman host.

  • Since its inception in 1963, the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies has been recognized as one of the leading intellectual institutions of the global south. At the Centre, we believe that ideas grow out of everyday social and political practices. We, therefore, consider it an important function of intellectuals to stay close to, articulate and critically comment upon such practices.

    Since 1997, CSDS has been conducting survey-based studies through its research programme, Lokniti. The most distinguishing characteristic of the Lokniti programme is that it has brought together over 40 political scientists from various colleges, universities and research institutions in the country and evolved itself into a large network of researchers defining research agenda collectively and doing research collectively.

    This long tradition of conducting survey-based studies has meant that today outside Western Europe and North America, the Lokniti-CSDS Data Unit’s holdings might constitute one of the largest archives of social scientific survey data on political behaviour and attitudes, spanning five decades.


    Twitter: CSDS Delhi @csdsdelhi
    Lokniti-CSDS @Lokniticsds

  • Aiguisons notre regard critique envers les discours trompeurs, interrogeons des experts et questionnons nos certitudes, afin d'améliorer ensemble notre lecture du réel. Le podcast s'intéresse à la question de la science au sein de la société et tente de remettre la connaissance au coeur du processus démocratique, en offrant un canal de diffusion aux réflexions d'experts sur diverses thématiques sociétales.

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  • Suture Self is the podcast of the Irish Surgical Training Group (ISTG), an educational podcast covering a wide range of topics from the world of surgery. 

    Hosts/Content Creators: Vinnie Varley, Sinead Ramjit, Fintan Ryan, Jessica Ryan

    Producers: Vinnie Varley, Michael Flanagan

    Artwork: Louisa Gannon


    Twitter/X @istgofficial

  • The Green Genius is a show about the inspirational people saving our planet.

  • در طول این پادکست، من «مهدی شفا» یک‌ کتاب‌ غیر‌‌داستانی مربوط‌ به ژنتیک، فرگشت، مغز، ذهن و‌رفتار‌انسان ‌رو خلاصه و‌ خدمت شما تعریف میکنم. این تلاشی است در جهت افزایش آگاهی، تفکر نقادانه و‌ سنجشگر و‌ بینش علمی در بین فارسی زبانان. 

    Summarizing and explaining books related to human brain, biology, Genetics, evolution and behavior.  Trying to promote scientific and critical thinking among Farsi-speaking people. 

  • Elizabeth Garland of SlayTheMic partners with Dogwood Alliance's Kimala Luna to bring you magical tales of how the forests save us and why it's dire to save them.

  • Real hunters with real stories. A Christian based hunting podcast that allows men and women of god to come together and talk about being an sportsmen, share stories, give tips and tricks and enjoy good conversation!

  • Nature Now presents eclectic Pacific Northwest-focused news, insights and observations about the natural world around us. Anything that grabs the attention of the Nature Now team can be heard on these episodes: birds and bees, flowers and trees, the weather and the stars – everything from microscopic Salish Sea plankton to ecosystem dynamics in a changing world. Every member of the Nature Now team is fascinated by the wonders of the natural world around us, is endlessly curious, hungry for new knowledge, and loves to share these passions with our listeners.

  • This podcast is about the most common environmental problems affecting our country and innovative strategies on how to protect our planet from home.

  • Classic writings on a variety of natural history topics.

  • Gettin’ Outdoors Podcast with host Big Daddy Lawler, explores the Alabama Black Belts natural resource assets. BDL has been promoting the ABB for 40 years. In this podcast we will be sitting down with movers and shakers of the outdoor industry, outdoor celebrities as well as local experts and characters who will share their experience and command of the outdoors.

  • Join Okanogan Highlands Alliance in learning about the ecosystems and wildlife of the Okanogan Highlands of north central Washington! In this podcast, scientists and educators share their stories and knowledge of the natural history of our unique area - the Okanogan Highlands. To learn more about OHA, please visit our website

  • SUBSCRIBE TO - The Nature of Idaho PODCAST (click on the link below to view NoID subscription pages)Search for "The Nature of Idaho" in iTunes or SpotifyThe half-hour program features Peter Pruett, Zoo Idaho Superintendent, and Dr. Leif Tapanila, Director of the Idaho Museum of Natural History, highlighting how the Gem State’s wild places have shaped Idaho’s past, present and future. The show features segments on nature news and a fun fact.“Idaho has so much to offer in terms of varied landscapes, habitats, geology, and people,” said Peter Pruett. “ ‘The Nature of Idaho’ is about sharing our excitement for all that is wild Idaho - the places and the faces.”"We hope our listeners will take a little time with us to reconnect with nature, whether we're talking about digging up dinosaurs or listening to crickets in the backyard,” said Dr. Leif Tapanila. “There's always something amazing going on outside."Those who are unable to catch the airing of The Nature of Idaho can download a podcast of previous episodes at Nature of Idaho Season 1 AudioThe Nature of Idaho Season 2 Audio

  • Pheadon Institute is a nonprofit, charitable organization that operates with the mission of supporting and enabling an effective and sustainable growth of the field of aging and longevity sciences and therapeutics.

    The Phaedon Podcast is one of the ways in which we want to achieve the goal of forming connections between the different stakeholders in aging research and therapeutics as well as keep an open route of information sharing between aging and longevity experts and the public.

  • DairyCast acerca la palabra de los principales referentes de la industria ganadera lechera en formato de charlas técnicas.Episodios semanales para mantenernos actualizados 🚀

  • In the ancient forest of the past, the roots of our family trees intertwine. Deep within the heartwood of our lineages, the stories and folkways of our people slumber, abundant with timeless truths. Folklore, the old key, turns the lock to unveil this ancestral treasure, inviting us to breathe life into the forgotten ways of yore.

    "Welcome to 'Folkloring,' the podcast that takes you beyond folklore discussions and invites you to actively engage with practical folklore and magic in your daily life. This isn't your typical podcast; it's a hands-on journey into the realms of ancestral wisdom and enchantment.  

  • Our bodies are adapting and changing to meet the demands of the Information Age. What is happening? And what can we do about it? This six-part series is an interactive investigation into the relationship between our technology and our bodies...and how we can fix it.

  • EAST In the Arena is a podcast series highlighting EAST Members unique practices discussing the why and how.