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  • 「草包族科學」是一個以訪談為主的網路廣播節目(Podcast)。我們將與不同類型的「科學人」對話,她(他)們可能是國內的學生、研究學者、企業家。也有可能是國外的媒體製作人、研究單位主管。同時,我們也會不定期的評論有趣的科學研究文獻,歡迎收聽。

  • Featuring community-based medical oncologists presenting actual de-identified cases from their practices to a panel of renowned clinical investigators, this case-based series provides clinicians with practical management strategies and perspectives on the challenges of clinical decision-making.

  • The David Bernard podcast brought to you by your Weather Authority, WVUE Fox 8.

  • The Clinical Research Coach Podcast bridges conversations between industry, thought leaders and patients. We have vulnerable and real conversations with the goal of impacting the industry in meaningful ways.

  • Welcome to the Trial Talks podcast – a thought-provoking series surrounding clinical trial research. We’ll be exploring current and future trends of the ever-changing clinical trial landscape as we discuss a variety of topics including virtual trials, patient centricity, novel and unique research, pandemic impact, and more. Join us and our expert guests on a journey through the evolution of clinical trials.

  • The Clara Team is excited to introduce our limited podcast series: Trial by Fire, which chronicles candid clinical trial experiences and discusses how we can tackle these issues as an industry and work towards creating a system that takes into account a diverse set of patient perspectives.

  • TiBIA Podcast是由台灣生醫創新學會Taiwan Biomedical Innovation Association(TiBIA)發行。這一個介紹生醫研究的知識平台。如果你是生醫人,在這裡你可以聽到最新的生醫研究介紹,與生醫人無私分享的心裡話。如果你是對生醫感到好奇的一般大眾,在這裡你可以聽到從飲食到運動的各種實用建議,讓生醫研究成果成為你健康養生的小幫手。
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  • 資深科學教師劉璿老師,分享生活中科學大小事、學習心法與「理科腦建構法」;

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  • 阿基米德興奮地跳出浴缸:Eureka!我發現了,我找到了,我成功了!



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  • The Display Show is a talk show hosted by SID Past President Brian Berkeley and sponsored by Nanosys. The show features guests from a wide range of science, technology and business backgrounds who share their experiences developing, producing and shipping cutting-edge displays.

  • 《海洋說白話》由國立中山大學海岸環境規劃與管理研究室製作,每季節目由電影、海鮮、動漫、文學及音樂等不同專業工作者主持,並邀請環境相關專家學者從日常生活息息相關的事物,深入淺出地探討海洋、氣候變遷等環境議題,打破海洋的同溫層,讓海洋知識深入你我的意識。

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  • WoodChat is a series of podcasts produced by Forest and Wood Products Australia. We’ll be sharing in-depth conversations with industry experts and academics about a range of news stories, discoveries and innovations. For more information, visit

  • 「科博做伙講」是一個用臺語介紹科學以及科博館研究的podcast。


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  • AYYYYYY! Welcome to the Eco Talk Podcast- Season 2. This is a platform to amplify young voices and follow the narratives of students as they ascend to construct the future of our planet. In this podcast we share the perspective of growing up during unprecedented times; Whether it's our climate crisis, a worldwide pandemic, social justice, it's paramount that young people are well educated and informed about these perpetual issues, so that way we can make a bigger change as a community. Our objective is to spread awareness and start conversations.

  • 有人說科學很難,也有人說科學離我很遠;如果妳或你也有這樣的感覺,那麼歡迎來到《科學大白話》。我是大頭丁,請讓我用輕鬆但不隨便的方式,跟大家聊聊身邊的科學大小事,您會發現,科學不僅有趣而且離我們好近,更重要的是,我堅信:懂一點科學能讓生活更豐富、更有自信!
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  • 【綠青出動】Podcast是一個關心環境議題的節目!我知道你們聽到類似氣候變遷這樣的關鍵字就會呈現離線狀態,並且覺得這個節目一定是專屬環保小尖兵的(聳肩),但如果你那麼想,可能會錯過一個談論環境議題的好節目啊(伸手)!其實,關心環境一點都不難,除了自帶環保餐具之外,你有沒有想過,我們還可以做哪些對地球有幫助的事?跟著第一季的主持人Vivian一起認識環境議題,節目將視議題安排新聞導讀、路人Q&A及專家開講,快來收聽、關注並且成為守護地球的綠青!綠色和平YT: provided by SoundOn

  • Lugene Bruno, curator of Carnegie Mellon's Hunt Institute, and Alice Tangerini, curator of botanical art at the Smithsonian Institution, present an illustrated lecture on recently rediscovered artworks long forgotten in their archives. These botanical illustrations represent significant historical and scientific findings of an earlier era.

  • The Science of Coffee is a journey into coffee's hidden microscopic secrets to help you make even better coffee at home.

    Across six episodes, documentary maker and coffee professional James Harper takes you deep into the world of water for coffee, coffee extraction, plant genetics, espresso technology, latte foam and sonic seasoning.

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    The Science of Coffee is a spin-off series from James Harper's documentary podcast Filter Stories.
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    The Science of Coffee is made possible by these leading coffee organisations:
    BWT Water and More
    Marco Beverage Systems

  • 111年學測數學A很難嗎?

  • Minds of Forestry is about the day to day work and experiences of myself as a forest technician, sit back and enjoy some funny stories and some in-depth topics of the industry in Northern British Columbia!