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  • We are a show about natureโ€™s role in tackling climate change. A new industry is taking shape, and our goal is to host a candid, cross-disciplinary conversation on nature and its role in addressing climate change. We are three friends with diverse backgrounds who met in business school at Stanford and share a common interest in demystifying natural climate solutions. Together, weโ€™ll unpack this growing field and connect the dots across the people and ideas shaping its future. Whether you work in the space already or are hearing the term โ€œnature-based solutionโ€ for the first time, this show is for you. Join the conversation with industry juggernauts, environmental thought leaders, and entrepreneurs around the world who are operating at the frontier of nature-based solutions.

  • Planet Trackerโ€™s Inside Track is a series of podcasts discussing some key themes the investment and finance community need to know ahead of COP27. Planet Trackerโ€™s Peter Elwin invites guests to explore challenges at the climate talks, and asks what a good COP looks like for climate and nature-conscious investors.

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  • I discuss technical turfgrass topics with turfgrass managers, scientists, greenkeepers, and whoever drops by the ATC office hours. There's a lot of talk about the work done to create playing surfaces for golf, and also about growing grass for sporting surfaces of all sort, and also some talk of lawns.

  • Interviews with Alien abduction victims, military whistleblowers and experiencers. Stories of high strangeness! Accounts of hauntings, near death experiences and close encounters!

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    If you would like to share your experience or sighting (anonymously is preferred) please contact us by leaving a voicemail on our profile (on episode page) and I will reach out to you! All stories are welcome! Or you can email me at [email protected]!! ALL stories are good stories!

  • A series of conversations around the implications of climate change in different aquaculture and aquatic food contexts. These particularly feature early-career researchers tackling issues in different parts of the world. They have been produced with financial support from the Belmont Forum and Natural Environment Research Council and we hope they will be a useful contribution to the upcoming COP26.

  • Computers and science are intertwined – and not just as tools that help humans connect and collaborate. With computers, scientists model the earth’s climate, design alternative energy strategies and simulate exploding stars. From laptops to the world’s fastest supercomputers, software innovations and artificial intelligence are reshaping how we interact with mounds of data from healthcare to high-energy physics and how we solve critical problems.

    Computational science brings together mathematics, computer science and hardware and science expertise to take on these challenges. In this podcast, you’ll meet the scientists doing this work, learn more about their research and gain insights into the workings of this dynamic field.

  • Produced in the Iranian Genetics Academy Speaking and Writing Working Group

  • Join the digital soundwaves of visionaries, ADHD creators, and changemakers who wish to lead boldly, and burn brightly - without burning out

    SEED your Success is more than a podcast.

    It's a movement in the new world that we partake in and is evolving right before our eyes.

    It is a empowerment ecosystem known as the Growth Guild, powered by the $SEED coin so we can elevate and actualize a new way of life.

    We go deeper into how to create the right ECOSYSTEM conditions for wellbeing as a foundation for ourselves, business, and each other with cross-pollination that nurtures prosperity — for good.

    Here you’ll find deep thinkers and fast movers on the way that impacts your health, wellbeing and conscious wealth creation, instantly.

  • Each week Justin and Joe will discuss topics that are pertinent to behavior analysis and intervention for individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. They will have an open and frank discussion of the issue and then engage with audience members about the topic. Keep an eye out for special guest appearances from time to time!

  • Place and time is a podcast about how positioning, navigation and timing technologies have shaped the world you live in, why they are existentially important to protect, and what the future might look like.

  • A show about making the most of the winter growing season, hosted by Clara Coleman.

  • The Mind Medicine Podcast aims to facilitate engagement between clinicians, researchers, mental health practitioners, and leaders in psychedelic-assisted therapies to provide expert opinion, share research results, and ultimately help to educate the public about potential new opportunities for patient treatment.

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  • Escape From Mammoth Pool is a new podcast from KVPR. It's the true story of how 242 people—and 16 dogs—survived one of the fastest-moving, most intense wildfires in California history, as the Creek Fire closed in on their campground at Mammoth Pool Reservoir over Labor Day weekend 2020. Produced by Kerry Klein for KVPR—NPR for Central California.

  • Ruslið okkar kemur upp um okkur segja sérfræðingarnir. EKKERT RUSL er að vonum skemmtilegt og lifandi hlaðvarp um umhverfismál í umsjón Lenu Magnúsdóttur, sem hefur verið umhverfissinni frá fæðingu og Margréti Stefánsdóttur, sem er ekki beint umhverfissinni en er öll af vilja gerð að læra. Við fáum til okkar skemmtilega og jafnvel óvenjulega gesti í samhengi við umhverfismál sem og viðmælendur sem þekkja hvað best til málanna. Umhverfisvernd er heita kartaflan í dag – flestir hafa eitthvað til málanna að leggja, eða vilja það að minnsta kosti. Það er ekki nóg að kaupa Teslu og telja sig umhverfisverndarsinna - það þarf víst aðeins meira til. Kannski slæðast nokkrir fræðslumolar með inn á milli í þessu hlaðvarpi til þess að hjálpa venjulegum íslenskum heimilum að bæta sig í umhverfisvernd. Við sitjum víst öll í sömu súpunni og þurfum að hysja upp um okkur. Við getum þetta saman.

  • The podcast where we explore some of the most successful scammers and hustlers in history, talk about why they worked, how they’re still working, and what you can do to make sure you don’t fall for them. Brought to you by Better Business Bureau Great West + Pacific.
    Hosted by: Courtney Green, Ezra Coopersmith and Katie Reeves