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  • Where you can find stories about true crime, history, things that go bump in the night and all sorts of things. I hope that I can entertain and teach a little history and inspire a curious nature to arise inside you.

  • “I truly believe that motors were used to win bike races” - Greg LeMond, three-time winner of the Tour de France.

    In January 2016, 19-year-old Belgian cyclist Femke van den Driessche was caught with a collection of wires, motors and batteries buried deep inside her spare bike at the Cyclo-cross World Championships.

    She was then suspended for six years and bore the wrath of global media as the only rider ever to be banned by The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) for having a motor in her bike, despite numerous previous suspicions of other competitive cyclists that have never been confirmed or disproved.

    Eight years later, Chris Marshall-Bell is on a mission to reveal the truth around motors in cycling as he peers beneath the surface of sports' most incredible discovery. 

    Chris will unpick a tangled web of bizarre misdemeanours, claims and counter-claims. From jail time, bankruptcy and death threats to carnival cat costumes and one daring canary theft - this story is set to keep listeners on the edge of their seat.

    Is motor-doping being performed at the highest level? Is this bigger than just one young woman's spare bicycle?

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  • A podcast about serial killers, murders and more made by two teens from Brooklyn.

  • In small towns and big, law enforcement across America starts their day with morning briefing. Welcome to The Briefing Room, where Identical twin detectives Dan and Dave take you behind closed doors to explore the complex relationship between law enforcement and the communities they're sworn to serve. Interviews you'll hear nowhere else. True crime meets real life. From the team that brought you Small Town Dicks.

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  • (Formerly Outdoor Terrors) Real people submit their scariest outdoor experiences. Scary camping stories, hiking horror stories, and more - You'll never step foot outside again. For more scary story podcasts from Eeriecast go to - Submit your scary camping story for narration at - NEW EPISODES every Friday at 7am.

  • A podcast project of a set of 10 episode of 10 different crime stories.

  • دیکست روی داستان ها و پرونده های جنایی تمرکز داره و سعی میکنه هر پرونده جنایی، قتل یا هر نوع جرمی رو با بیشترین جزيیات ممکن با شما به اشتراک بذاره.

    DIKAST focuses on true crime stories and criminal cases and tries to share with you every criminal case, murder or any type of crime with as much detail as possible.

  • Hekla og Sara fara yfir hin ýmsu morð og önnur sakamál sem gerast víða í heiminum.

  • "Catching the Long Island Serial Killer" is a gripping and emotionally charged podcast that pulls back the curtain on one of the most infamous unresolved serial murder cases in American history. Journey with us as we unravel the chilling narrative of the Gilgo Beach Killings, walking the eerie pathways where the bodies of numerous victims were discovered. We dive deep into the elusive identity of the suspected killer, Rex Heuermann, revealing his disturbing double life as a respected architect and a monster lurking in the shadows. Our heartfelt interviews with victims' families, including the brave sister of Melissa Barthelemy, expose a twisted web of torment, grief, and loss, shedding light on the emotional scars left behind. This podcast is not just about exploring the chilling mystery of the Long Island Serial Killer, but a tribute to the resilience of those who've been affected and their quest for justice. Tune in to "Catching the Long Island Serial Killer" and discover the grim secrets that Long Island has kept hidden for too long.

  • Vikulega fer Lovísa Lára yfir mál sem fjalla um dimmu hliðar á mannskepnunni. Þættirnir koma út hvern miðvikudag.

  • Kristín Lea fer yfir morðmál frá aldamótum til dagsins í dag.

  • Become a Paid Subscriber: a Paid Subscriber: Time is a true crime podcast that presents a new story each week. If you love true crime you are in the right place. my FaceBook for further photos and videos.

  • A true-crime podcast retelling the cases of victims that are often overlooked.

  • Mystík er hlaðvarp sem fjallar um skrýtin og dularfull mál. Morð, mannshvörf, myrkraverur, mannrán og aðrar mysteríur. Þættirnir eru allir mismunandi uppsettir eftir því hvaða mál er tekið fyrir hverju sinni en ef þú hefur gaman af true crime og öllu því skrýtna og undarlega sem er að gerast í heiminum þá skaltu prófa að hlusta á þessa þætti. Þeir eru fríir og koma út vikulega á þinni hlaðvarpsveitu.
    Mystík er framelitt af ghost network

  • Kim Barker, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter for The New York Times, revisits an unsolved murder that took place while she was in high school in Laramie, Wyoming, nearly 40 years ago. She confronts the conflicting stories people have told themselves about the crime because of an unexpected development: the arrest of a former Laramie police officer accused in the murder.

  • Americans are used to being on the lookout for a scam, but authorities are warning of a new kind of fraud. Smoke Screen: Puppy Kingpin shines a spotlight on Jolyn Noethe, a secretive businesswoman from Iowa who is accused of laundering puppies much like drug money. Investigative reporter Alex Schuman exposes the scheme and an underground part of the industry bringing us the pets we love.

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  • Helena Sævarsdóttir segir sannar sögur af raðmorðingjum og morðmálum, óupplýstum lögreglumálum, slysum og allskonar misteríum sem hafa gerst um allan heim. Þættirnir eru ekki við hæfi barna.

  • All That Remains is a fun podcast about everything true crime, paranormal, spooky, and more. And, as an added bonus, we'll have fun guests and everyone will be high pretty much the whole time. Let's do this!

  • A True Crime Podcast where we talk crime & drink wine. Topics like this can be a real buzz killer, that's why every week we try a new wine with the goal of finishing the bottle before the episode is over. Take a deep dive into true crime, conspiracy theories, & even some spooky haunts while we keep stories light with banter and personal tales. We're just two friends with a love of the dark and eerie paired with a delicious glass of wine. So grab a drink (of any kind!) and join us on this wild ride!