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  • A weekly podcast hosted by me, Courtney V. Giving you the deets on killers, cults, the missing, the Doe's. I've got you covered. Support this podcast:

  • India ke popular scams ki detail mein story. Iss show ko likha hai Manvendra Bhattacharya aur narrate kiya hai Aaditya Raj Sharma ne. Aakhir kaise un scammers ka khula Raaz? Kaisi rahi unki journey iss pure kand mein? In sawalon ke jawab jannein ke liye suniye humara show Indian scams only on Audio Pitara. Aapko yeh show kaisa laga ye comment karke humein jaroor batayein aur aapke doston ko zyada se zyada share kijiye. Aise hi, interesting free podcast Suniye only on Audio Pitara.

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  • Inspector Vikrant Sinha, a name, from which every criminal gets chills, even politicians and higher powers are not able to compete with him. 40 Plus Encounters and Transfer Every Year, No Fear Of Death.

    Listen To Daring Cases of Vikrant Sinha , With V. K. Rawat

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  • Notice: episodes from season 1 to 3 are the property of REDFM India, to know about the copyright issues i sent them a mail but they didn't responded
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    Hey.. KHAUF(hindi horror podcast) is back again, with amazing horror stories in hindi so support it again like you did before

    Hey guys KHAUF is now open for every creator, if you are a creator who don't have enough reach you can send us your episode or story on ([email protected])
    We'll publish it on KHAUF.

  • 'Criminals aren't born, they are made'. Who knows? Any person we think of could be the next suspect or a victim. Dehshat is a Crime Fiction Podcast Series produced by HT Smartcast Originals, A new story every week, with a plethora of characters and intriguing stories, allowing you to get lost in the world of mysteries, psychopaths, and cold-blooded murderers.

  • Aaiye yahan har hafte, aur suniye darr ka ek naya afsaana.

    Duur daraaz ke gaanvon, ghane jungalon aur sunsaan haveliyon mein nahin, kuch bhoot-bhootniyaan rehte hain shehari ilaakon mein. Cafes, gharon, aur galiyon-mohallon mein rehte hain vo – insaanon ke saath, unke aas-paas.

    Aur jab jab in bhooton ka insaanon se saamna hota hai, tab tab banti hai ek daravani, khatarnak, aur rooh kanpa dene wali – Bhoot Bhulaiya.

    "Bhoot Bhulaiya", Jatin Bhasin ke Viral Tweets par aadhaarit ek Hindi Podcast – jiske har episode mein aapki mulaqat hogi ek nayi khoufnaak kahaani se.


    Stories By: Jatin Bhasin
    Voice Artist: Anuj Gurwara
    Scripts Written By: Deepti Mittal
    Audio Production: 3D Headroom
    Podcast Supervisor: Ikroop Chamba

    Jatin Bhasin is the author of “The Haunting of Delhi City : Tales of the Supernatural”. He keeps the ghosts of Delhi alive on his twitter handle @TheDilliMirror, where he tells short, fast-paced tales of hauntings in Delhi interspersed with nostalgia of 80s and 90s Delhi.

    Anuj Gurwara has donned many creative hats. He is a sought-after Master of Ceremonies, Filmfare-award winning Playback Singer, accomplished Voice Artist (official Hindi voice of The Falcon from The Avengers), Singer-Songwriter, Actor, former RJ, and Podcaster (EdTalk with Anuj)

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  • New episodes every Monday! This podcast is dedicated to paranormal occurrences in South Asian countries. Listen to real stories buried in history along with fictional horror tales sprinkled in. Listeners are free to send in their stories that will be featured. Subscribe for group paranormal discussions, detailed cases and more:

  • Wanna hear some of the most scariest stories , welcome to our podcast , where even the bravest don't dare to venture.

  • اینجا چیزهایی رو میگم یا تعریف میکنم که آدمای کمی حوصله دارن بخونن اما آدمای زیادی دوست دارن بدونن

  • Different kinds of stories presented by me with facts which boost up your knowledge...👍

  • To date, there are more than 600 unsolved homicides and disappearances in the state of Iowa. Although there are a handful of cases from the hawkeye state that gripped the nation many have gone years without notice. From a native Iowan born and raised it's time to give victims their voices back and attempt to bring some form of closure to families that have been waiting years, even decades for answers. Support this podcast:

  • 24 Shades of Blue is a podcast that gives the Toronto community a behind the scenes view of the Toronto Police Service's activities.

  • Here you will find the most bone chilling horror stories ever.

  • हमारे आस-पास कब क्या वारदात हो जाए कौन आपका दुश्मन साबित हो जाए ये जानना मुश्किल है। जब जुर्म दस्तक देता है तो उसकी आवाज़ बहुत कम पर रफ़्तार तेज़ होती है, लेकिन उसके शुरू होने के 4 मुख्य कारण होते हैं, पहला - लालच, दूसरा - मोह, तीसरा - माया यानि पैसा और शोहरत, चौथा - बदला। इस श्रंखला में अंकुश बख्शी पेश करेंगे अपराध जगत के तमाम मामलों की रिपोर्ट, सुनिए और सावधान रहिए।

  • "Crime Time" is a podcast that investigates real-life criminal cases and investigations. Each episode of the show examines a different case, often focusing on a specific crime or group of crimes. The podcast may explore the events leading up to the crime, the investigation and any legal proceedings that took place, and the aftermath of the incident. "Crime Time" may feature interviews with people involved in the case, including victims, witnesses, law enforcement officials, and others. The show aims to provide a thorough and in-depth examination of the cases it covers, offering listeners the opportunity to learn about the events from multiple perspectives and gain a better understanding of the complex issues involved. The podcast may also delve into larger themes and patterns in the criminal justice system, providing a broader context for the cases it covers.

  • Dark stories and mysteries from Reddit
    All stories shared here have been granted permission from original poster.

    Have a story you would like shared on the show? Email me at [email protected]

    New episodes every weekday!

  • What if I told you that even a fun-loving place like YouTube has a dark side? What if I told you that even the most family-friendly, light-hearted YouTubers potentially have a dark secret? Welcome to the dark side of YouTube, led by host Autumn Ivy. Join us as we take the deepest dives into the darkest and most disturbing corners of YouTube. These are the stories YouTube doesn’t want you to know about! From the creators of The Dark Side of Gaming and The Dark Swamp: Horror Stories, You won’t want to miss a single minute of The Dark Side of YouTube.

  • In these days Crime and Injustice is getting common. A Detective and senior Police officer ‘Singh’ is here to serve justice among the people. For such his Faith, GOD has gifted him Superpowers to help him spread peace

  • Welcome to the world where true crime, and the supernatural meet. There will be a description of a true crime story. Then, we will dive in deeper with the gifts of a psychic, and using tools such as Tarot Cards, to see if anything can be brought to light. Be entertained, and find out about any new insights! Support this podcast:

  • In this podcast we would be peeking into the lives of criminals, trying to figure out what childhood circumstances led them to take their devilish forms. We’d be knowing about each and every of their crimes in detail.