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  • Elke week neem ik jullie mee in een nieuwe waargebeurde misdaad. Wat is het verhaal achter de krantenberichten en TV uitzendingen? Wat dreef de dader? Hoe verliep het onderzoek van de politie? Kortom het héle verhaal!

  • In deze maandelijkse podcast bespreken senior strafrechter Jacco Janssen en wetgevingsadviseur strafrecht Margje van Weerden actuele ontwikkelingen in het strafrecht.

  • In het beste geval kom je in je hele leven nooit in aanraking met een crimineel. Laat staan met een moordenaar. Maar wat als iemand uit je gezin een moordenaar blijkt te zijn?

  • Hi, I’m Kelly! I’m the host of Mama Mystery and my husband, Austin, is my cohost. I am a hair stylist with two kiddos and I’ve had a love for true crime since an unusually young age. My husband, however, has never been interested so the stories I tell him typically shock the hell out of him. Austin is an entrepreneur and sports enthusiast with a great sense of humor so he adds something different to this true crime podcast - which is a complete unawareness of anything “true crime” (he never heard oh JonBenet, WUT? 😳) New episodes weekly! We hope you enjoy our show! Support this podcast:

  • missing est une série de podcast explorant les histoires criminelles qui ont marqué l'humanité.

  • Welcome to The Vile Files!! We are a true crime podcast bringing you all the evil human kind has to offer! Each week we will be diving into a new true crime case. We hope you enjoy our show and we’re so excited to invite you on this vile journey with us!

  • Un podcast paranormal et anormal. Retrouvons-nous chaque semaine pour explorer un fait divers glaçant et un phénomène paranormal inexpliqué.

  • Join host Ariel Cooksey as she delves into the psychology, sociology, environments, family dysfunction, neurobiology, and extenuating circumstances that create violent offenders.

  • Welcome to the ‘For When Forensics Fail’ Podcast! In this podcast mini-series, we go over various aspects of the application of behavior analysis to crime. This was made for a highschool research capstone project.Transcripts & Resources:

  • Balado Québécois raconté par une femme, se concentrant sur les femmes du true crime (tueuses en série, victimes, disparues, etc.)

  • A weekly True Crime podcast which takes a look at current affairs within the True Crime world, and explores ongoing cases. Hosted by YouTuber Joshua Miles.

  • Ni étique, ni responsable est un podcast mensuel qui revient sur les expériences scientifiques et sociales qui nous font nous demander si cela en valait vraiment la peine.

  • Les grands crimes de l'est raconte ces affaires criminelles qui ont marqué la Lorraine et la Franche-Comté. En cinq épisodes, Grégory Barbier revient sur un dossier pour vous raconter l'affaire comme si vous y étiez grâce aux journalistes de L'Est Républicain, du Républicain Lorrain et de Vosges Matin qui ont suivi les enquêtes au jour le jour.

    Aveux, rebondissements, preuves... Nous reviendrons sur les éléments les plus connus mais aussi sur ceux que vous ne soupçonniez pas.

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  • David Oscar Markus, a Miami trial attorney who has been called “a reincarnation of the old school criminal defense lawyer” and has represented clients from the head of the Cali Cartel to Fortune 500 companies and their CEOs, has partnered with rakontur, the lauded storytellers behind Cocaine Cowboys, The U and 537 Votes, to launch a new podcast series called For the Defense.

    The podcast focuses on the work of the least-respected but perhaps the most important profession in America: the criminal defense attorney. In each episode, Markus will interview a top criminal defense lawyer about one of their most gripping trials.

    Sadly, the criminal defense trial lawyer is a dying breed. The Feds have manipulated the system -- which was founded on the idea of trial by jury -- to force almost everyone (occasionally including the innocent) into pleading guilty to avoid trial. If you dare to go to trial, you risk going to prison for decades longer than had you surrendered and pleaded guilty. The system has shifted from valuing and encouraging trials to punishing those who dare exercise their constitutional right to have a jury decide their guilt. In the 1980s, over 20% of cases went to trial -- now less than 3% do so.

    Having tried cases all over the United States, Markus is well-positioned to speak to other leading criminal defense lawyers in the country and explore with them the decision they made in a high-profile case to proceed to trial, including their trial strategy, the risks involved, and the clients themselves.

    In the premiere episode, available now on all podcast platforms including Apple, Spotify and Google, Markus discusses the Harvey Weinstein case with his lawyer Donna Rotunno and what it was like for her to represent the most hated man in America against an entire movement.

    New episodes will be available on Tuesdays. Among the highlights of Season One:
    How did Roy Black flip the prosecution witnesses in his favor during the trial of a police officer charged with killing a black man during an altercation in an arcade?

    Why did Tom Messereau initially want to call Michael Jackson to the stand but ultimately decide against it?

    What was going through Marty Weinberg’s head when his client, a lawyer, decided he wanted to give part of the closing argument?

    How did H.T. Smith deal with a judge who was wearing handcuffs as his tie-tack?

    How did F. Lee Bailey, just a year out of law school, land the most followed trial of the day, Sam Sheppard (the defendant who ended up being the inspiration for The Fugitive)?


  • The first ever 24 hour Conference on Global Organized Crime took place in November 2020 and it was an unprecedented opportunity for interaction on the topics of criminal groups, criminal networks, and organized crime.

    Experts, analysts and scholars from around the world came together for the conference, and through this podcast we're going to bring you some of the most interesting discussions.

  • Dans ce programme, vous découvrirez les récits de drames familiaux meurtriers qui ont marqué et qui marquent encore aujourd’hui les esprits. De la tuerie de Chevaline, à l’affaire Romand, en passant par le meurtre de la petite JonBénet Ramsey aux Etats-Unis… On vous raconte ces histoires au dénouement inimaginable… A découvrir comme un feuilleton. 

    Un podcast réalisé et incarné par la journaliste enquêtrice Caroline Nogueras.

  • Stories of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. Presented by True Crime YouTuber, Kirsty Skye.

  • Gebeten door het true crime virus neemt de wilde West-Vlaamse Caro, samen met enkele co-hosts, jullie mee doorheen waargebeurde misdaden, conspiracy theories en Occulte zaken en misverstanden...

  • NO LOG est un Podcast natif francophone, pour plonger dans les coulisses du cybermonde.

    Le monde cyber peut sembler obscur, mais NO LOG vous emmène au-delà des machines, des logiciels et des algorithmes, car le cyber est fait d’humains, d’histoires et d’engagements citoyens.


    NO LOG, saison 1, #6 épisodes

    Enregistré en 2020.

    NO LOG est un podcast produit par Véronique Loquet. 

    Musique : Laurent Guillet, Virgule Flottante

    Illustration : Eric Grivet, Magineo

    Twitter @nologpodcast

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  • In deze zesdelige podcastserie duiken journalist Ieke Schout en podcastmaker Lieke Malcorps in één van de grootste onopgeloste kunstroven ter wereld.

    In 1934 wordt in Gent een deel van het Lam Gods, het meesterwerk van Jan van Eyck, gestolen. Tot op de dag van vandaag is één paneel van het altaarstuk, dat van de Rechtvaardige Rechters, nog altijd niet teruggevonden. Terwijl dit wel had gekund... 

    Er worden afpersbrieven verstuurd, iemand doet een bekentenis op zijn sterfbed én er is een mysterieuze code. 

    Samen met Vlaamse amateurspeurders zoeken we naar het gestolen paneel. Waar kunnen de Rechtvaardige Rechters gebleven zijn?