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  • Le petit Podcast de l'AP, c'est le nouveau media original créé par l'association des parents de l'Ecole Saint Dominique, section fondamental - primaire!

    Vous y découvrirez les coulisses de l'école et apprendrez à la connaître sous toutes ses coutures ! Ce podcast est dédié aux enfants, aux parents, et à tous les acteurs de la vie scolaire à St Do!

    Bonne écoute !

  • Bienvenue chez Parent Héros, le podcast de Parent Épuisé qui propose des interviews croisées des 2 parents. Qu’il soit en couple ou séparé, hétéro, homo ou hors de toute classification, qu’il soit connu ou anonyme, nous donnons la parole à chaque parent : vous verrez, ce sont parfois 2 histoires complètement différentes qui cohabitent sous un même toit ! Nos épisodes s’écoutent donc toujours par paire…

    Chaque invité se livre librement et sans tabou : c’est un peu la séance de psy du co-parent que l’on pourrait espionner...avec consentement :). Rendez-vous tous les 15 jours pour de nouveaux épisodes ! Bonne écoute !

    Et si vous voulez prolonger l'expérience, retrouvez-nous sur notre compte Instagram et notre compte Facebook.

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  • Tout ce que vous voulez savoir sur la santé de votre chat vu par un vétérinaire et propriétaire de chat

  • How can I help my autistic student or child? Where can I find resources to teach my preschool-age students with autism? My child was given the autism diagnosis…now what? I just started teaching autistic preschool students…where do I start? Do you have any tips for potty training? How do I train my paras?

    Whether you are a special educator, speech/language pathologist, general education teacher, paraprofessional, parent, grandparent, or someone who loves a young autistic child, this show is for you!

    The Autism Little Learners podcast is relaxed, upbeat, informative, and full of actionable step-by-step tips to help you feel more confident and successful with your students or child.

    Host, Tara Phillips, is a speech/language pathologist who can relate to both SLPs and special education teachers because she has run her own communication-based classroom for over 2 decades. She is the creator of the Autism Little Learners Membership and the Visual Schedules Made Easy online course.

    Tara addresses all kinds of topics including: autism and visuals, tips for teaching communication skills, self-regulation as a foundation for learning, creating predictable routines, toilet training, challenging behaviors, fostering independence, and building positive relationships and connections with autistic children.

    Along with sharing her tips and most successful strategies for students on the autism spectrum, she will invite guest speakers to get different perspectives.

    Be sure to tune in and subscribe to The Autism Little Learners Podcast. You can also find Tara on:

  • Ronnie is Daisy's Grampa, and Neil is Daisy's Dad and Louise is Daisy's Mum. Daisy has autism. This podcast will explore the impact autism has on families; the highs, the lows and the bits in between. Presented by Ronnie, Louise and Neil Barbour

  • Kate, co founder of Hello Mums runs a series of interviews with small business owners to enlighten your days.
    We talk about languages, postnatal mental health, osteopathy, creative writing for children and many more.

  • Are you feeling alone as you navigate pregnancy, postpartum, & motherhood in the military?
    Do you desire to make an impact but feel a bit stressed & burnt out trying to be the best mom and leader you can be at the same time?
    Do you worry you’re not giving enough to your family, because of all that your work & military life demands?
    Do you find yourself pushing through, trying to hold it all together but wondering if it really is possible to have a family AND a successful career without ultimately being forced to choose between?

    You wish you could feel more fulfilled & fully present in both work AND home, and have more freedom and time for what matters most to you.

    You’re not alone sister.

    In this Podcast, you’ll find Time Management strategies, Holistic Health & Fitness guidance, and Biblical Mindset tips to help you navigate the unique pressures & demands of motherhood in the military. My mission is to equip you to be the mom AND leader God is calling you to be. If you’re ready to find more balance & fulfillment in your work, family life, and fitness, while keeping Jesus at the center, you’re in the right place!

    Hey friend, I’m Megan Gephart. As a dual military, active duty Army officer raising 2 little ones in the Catholic faith, a fierce advocate for my sisters in arms, & small business owner, I know the struggle of trying to fulfill each of these roles God calls us to well without getting burnt out, compromising what matters most along the way, or never quite feeling like you’re measuring up, no matter how much you do.

    In the early years of my motherhood I was stuck running on survival mode. I was giving so much of myself to my job, my family, my fitness, and all I did, but also feeling like I was failing in everything.

    I felt trapped in the Army, was drowning trying to manage everything on my plate, struggling in my mental health and complications in my postpartum recovery, spending more time stationed apart from my husband than time together, was so exhausted from sleep deprivation & pumping around the clock for my baby but also by the pressure to overcome all the stigmas & prove myself constantly in work in a combat arms unit, and had lost my sense of purpose as my identity shifted in becoming a mother. I felt so guilty & worried my baby & husband were getting the leftovers of me, I was drowning in & growing resentful of the invisible load of motherhood, and it felt impossible to actually live out my faith and honor my priorities in the military. But there was no way out. I was trying so hard to stay strong & push through, and everyone kept telling me I was superwoman, but I just felt like a mess on the inside – the balance I longed for felt so out of reach.

    God finally answered my prayers when He started showing me I wasn’t stuck. He showed me that even though there’s so much we can’t control in the military, we don’t have to choose between our family, career, & well-being or compromise our values. That there was a different way, and that I could still fulfill His call for me even in uniform. Through a combination of strategies to prevent the burnout & overwhelm, a more holistic approach to my health & fitness that allowed me to feel, give & perform my best, and growing in a Christian mindset which helped me get more deeply rooted in the Lord and show up more as the mama I really wanted to be for my babies and focused on the unique impact He was calling me to make, I found a sense of peace & purpose I thought I’d never be able to experience while still serving.

    So if you are ready to find the freedom and fulfillment you’re longing for both within and beyond the uniform, while keeping your family & faith first, this Podcast is for you!

    Lace up those boots sister, it’s time to jump in together.

  • Mum of Aspie daughter shares her experiences in the hope it can help other mums and their families.

  • Papotage entre mums, des conversations pour se sentir un peu moins seule dans ce nouveau rôle. Ayant moi-même été bouleversé par la Matrescence, je dédie ce podcast aux mamans qui comme moi ont besoin de partager et d'être écouté car quoi de mieux que la parole pour nous sentir plus légère. Car oui la charge mentale est bien présente dans la maternité alors je vous propose d'écouter d'autres mamans partager leur récit de maternité sur des sujets qui nous touchent au quotidien. Podcast a écouter sans moderation.

  • Vous êtes enceinte et vous souhaitez écouter des récits de grossesses, d’accouchements ou de post-partum qui font du bien ? 🤰 Vous êtes au bon endroit ! 🎙️

    Super mamas c’est le podcast qui partage des histoires de mamas joyeuses et rassurantes !
    Des histoires de mamas qu’on a besoin d’entendre dans ce moment de vie hors du temps.
    Des histoires de mamas qui nous redonnent la joie et l’assurance aux futures mamans de vivre leur maternité sereinement. 🌈

    Je suis Lou, l'hôte de ce podcast. Mon objectif ? Que ces histoires de super mamas partagées ici vous aideront et vous rassureront ! ❤️

  • Samen zorgen voor morgen is een podcast met een West-Vlaams randje. Een podcast met zorgouders, door zorgouders, voor zorgouders en voor iedereen die naar onze verhalen wil luisteren.
    Faye is zorgmama van Flynn. Een guitig kereltje met een aangeboren hersenletsel.
    Praten met andere zorgouders zorgt voor erkenning en doet ons beseffen dat we er niet alleen voor staan.
    We praten over lichtpuntjes, levend verlies, frustraties en geluksmomenten.

  • In deze audioguide neemt Tine Embrechts je mee door de Galerij van de Dinosauriërs in het Museum voor Natuurwetenschappen in Brussel, samen met paleontoloog Koen Stein. Beluister hem ter plaatse, oog in oog met de Iguanodons, of gewoon thuis als podcast.


    Deze audioguide werd gemaakt in opdracht van het Koninklijk Belgisch Instituut voor Natuurwetenschappen. 


    Stemmen: Tine Embrechts en Koen Stein 

    Scenario: Koen Van Deun

    Regie: Leen Renders

    Geluidstechniek en -montage: Bram Coumans en Jeremy Vettorel

    Productie: Het Geluidshuis 

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • New parents have a lot of questions. Healthy Baby, Happy Parent can help you find the answers. From getting your baby to sleep to dealing with that first cold and much more, each episode offers been-there-done-that advice from the pediatric experts at Children’s Wisconsin. Parenting isn’t always easy, but this podcast will help you make decisions with a little more confidence and help your whole family thrive. Tune in weekly for new episodes!

  • Κυνηγοί μανιταριών, ξωτικά, γλέντια φαντασμάτων, τεράστια γλυκίσματα και ονειρικά τοπία συνθέτουν «Τα ξωτικά», μία σειρά παραμυθιών δια χειρός Δημήτρη Καμπουράκη. Τέσσερις πρωτότυπες ιστορίες που θα σας συγκινήσουν, θα σας τρομάξουν, θα σας κάνουν να χαμογελάσετε, μπορεί και να σας κάνουν πάλι παιδιά. Τέσσερις φίλοι που συναντούν εκστασιασμένοι τα ξωτικά και τον αρχηγό τους, μία γριούλα που «κυνηγά» μανιτάρια, ένα πάρτι με ψυχές που κατέβηκαν στη γη και ένας Γιάννης… που δεν ήταν και τόσο αληθινός. Αφήστε τη φαντασία σας ελεύθερη και μόνο κερδισμένοι θα βγείτε.

  • Les enfants se posent toujours d’innombrables questions dont nous n'avons pas toujours les réponses. "Pourquoi ?" propose de répondre simplement à certaines d'entre elles. 🙋 ❔
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  • A Christian podcast for purposeful and peaceful parenting. We want to understand children's hearts, reach parents' hearts, and see God with new eyes.
    We believe in a loving, empathetic God who has shown us by His example how to live a relationship based on love, trust and peace with others.

    This podcast has started out in Germany in September 2020. Feel free to write to [email protected] You can also find us on YouTube ( and on Instagram (@thebondpodcast)!


  • Mijn naam is Marleen. Ik heb een healingpraktijk te Oplinter. Vaak wordt mij gevraagd naar bijkomende tools om tot rust te komen, om verder te werken aan de innerlijke weg, zowel lichamelijk als emotioneel. Vandaar deze podcast. Om jou te helpen.

  • Des histoires à thèmes qui ont pour but de dédramatiser certaines situations du quotidien, faire prendre conscience des choses ou encore rassurer l'enfant 👧 👦
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  • We’re on a mission to deliver high quality climbing and adventure resources to badass climbing mamas, and redefine motherhood, one episode at a time. With incredible guests, very bad humour, and just enough Kleenex moments to keep things interesting.

    So grab yourself a cuppa, or plug us in on the way to the crag, as we bring you the latest beta from the Mum’s Gone Climbing crew!

  • Samson & Marie zijn de allerbeste vrienden! Samen trekken ze met hun camper de wijde wereld in, waar ze steevast de leukste en gekste avonturen beleven! Dit olijke duo is onafscheidelijk en vindt op alle problemen steeds een leuke oplossing!