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  • The story of the biggest gold discovery in history and the mysterious man behind its multi-billion dollar downfall.

  • Step into the enigmatic world of "Synth Sleuths," where the past’s most bewildering unsolved mysteries meet the cutting-edge wit of modern investigation. Hosted by the intrepid journalist and acclaimed author, James Renner, alongside his sassy AI cohost, Sky, this podcast melds cold, hard facts with razor-sharp humor to dissect infamous cases like the Zodiac Killer, Amy Mihaljevic, and D.B. Cooper, along with lesser-known enigmas that still haunt the annals of crime.

    "Synth Sleuths" is more than just a true crime podcast; it's an adventure that takes you through the twists and turns of investigation, with James's old-school journalism prowess and Sky’s digital-age sass. Together, they explore the mysteries, the missteps, and the mayhem of each case, all while keeping the victims' memories respected and alive.

    Expect a mix of deep dives into historical puzzles, updates on current investigations, and a unique synergy between human curiosity and artificial intelligence wit. With new episodes weekly, "Synth Sleuths" is your go-to destination for a fresh perspective on the cases you thought you knew and the stories you've yet to discover. Tune in to unravel the mysteries with an unforgettable duo at the helm.

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  • Explore the horror and crime and controversial era with us

  • Crime in the Coalfields is a true crime podcast hosted by 59News Anchor Julia White, and 59News Producer Harper Emch. Based in Southern West Virginia, each episode Julia and Harper will tell the stories of the tragic and bizarre crimes that take place in rural Appalachia.

  • We talk with people that have had scary but true story’s happen to them

  • A toxicology focused true crime podcast with Kayla Woods and Venus de Neko, covering all manner of crimes using drugs, toxins, and poisons from the common to the obscure.

  • Exposing cultic crimes | Examining coercive control | Exploring life after trauma

    Hey heathens! 2x cult survivor here...
    If you're like me and are intrigued by stories related to cults and crimes and want to further understand the tactics of high control groups and people, this is the podcast for you.
    Culture Shock was born to amplify voices of all kinds in a way that bridges the pathway between healing and humor. We aren't anti-religion here. we're anti-control.

    Live, Laugh, Leave A Cult (or whatever they say).

  • Crimes and Cannabis is the place to be if you like to get lifted and listen to True Crime stories. Tune in every Wednesday to hear a witty sister with a degree in criminal justice dive into some crazy tales of murder, mystery and even paranormal with her crime oblivious brother. Lots of research with a dash of humor to keep ourselves sane.

  • A charming young Czech promises staggering returns. An entire country’s oil industry is up for grabs. America’s top investors want in. Sounds too good to be true? Damn right it is. 

    This is a story of private jets, $20,000 dinners, and suitcases stuffed with cash. It’s also a tale about the collapse of communism, the free-for-all that followed, and the birth of the oligarchs. And it’s a story of plain-old human greed...of just how far the rich may go to get even richer. Viktor Kožený smooth-talked his super-wealthy Aspen neighbors and a Wall Street titan into investing huge sums of cash to snap up Azerbaijan’s state-owned oil company. Host Joe Nocera and investigative journalist Peter Elkind follow the trail, beginning in the Bahamas, where the charismatic financial genius has been lying low. 

    The Pirate of Prague is an Apple Original podcast, produced by Blanchard House. Follow and listen on Apple Podcasts.

  • Tinklalaidė skirta diskusijai apie nusikalstamumą kaip reiškinį, nusikaltimų keliamą žalą visuomenei, aktualius mokslinius tyrimus ir konkrečius rezonansinius įvykius. Daugiausia dėmesio tinklalaidėje bus skiriama visuomenės paraštėse atsidūrusioms grupėms (kaliniams, sekso darbuotojams, narkotikų vartotojams ir t.t.), tačiau taip pat bus analizuojami ir galingųjų daromi nusikaltimai. „Baltųjų apykaklių“ nusikaltimai ir „didžioji“ korupcija. Kodėl vargšai keliauja į kalėjimą, o turtingieji išvengia atsakomybės?.Laisvės atėmimo bausmė Lietuvoje. Kodėl mes vis dar turime tiek daug kalinių? Narkotikai ir nusikaltimai. Kaip narkotikų vartojimas siejasi su nusikaltimais ir kaip galima būtų šią problemą sumažinti? Vedėjai: Matas Tamošaitis ir Mindaugas Lankauskas.

  • Researching the court documentation and roasting the criminals, so you don’t have to!

  • Are you ready to venture into the shadows? Dirty Deeds unravels the hidden stories of the fraud and deceit behind some of the biggest international scandals in recent years, told by the investigative journalists who uncovered them.

    We’ll bring you reporting from the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), a worldwide network of journalists who cross borders and bad guys to shine a bright light on some of the world’s most dangerous criminal networks. We’ll travel the globe from the oil fields of Venezuela to the rosewood forests of Namibia to the steppes of Central Asia. And don’t forget the posh London real estate where much of the dirty cash ends up. These are the inside stories of how the powerful, unscrupulous, and well-connected can acquire unimaginable wealth — and of what it takes to expose them.

    Dirty Deeds is a Little Gem production for OCCRP. The host is Nick Wallis. The producer is Lindsay Riley at Rethink Audio, with research from Phoebe Adler-Ryan and Riham Moussa.

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  • Crime Coffee е подкаст за реални криминални истории и мистерии. Мария и Звезди влизат в дълбоките тъмни води на незабравими криминални случаи и загадки, които ще ви накарат да настръхнете. 

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  • Welcome weirdos! I’m Sheri and I discuss disappearances, true crime cases and other strange stuff without all the banter. Please subscribe! 💀I lost my teenage son Michael in 2019 and grief and heartache are a part of my daily life. I understand what it’s like to lose someone who is a part of you. A person who’s life meant more to you than your own and you loved more than you love yourself.All podcasts are for entertainment purposes only. Support this podcast:

  • A storytelling podcast on True Crime, Folklore and the Paranormal in and around Appalachia with a focus on West Virginia.

  • Insomniacs Anonymous present retellings of the creepiest true stories collected from around the dark corners of the web.
    We hope you weren't planning on sleeping tonight...

  • Join host Bobby Strickland and cohost Connor Broadfoot as they discuss and analyze people and organizations that acquired dirty money through money laundering, deception, and so much more. RSSVerify

  • Pieced is a True crime podcast.

    We will be going into the smallest detail to try and understand mysteries, disappearances, most notorious unsolved mysteries, and a lot more, Whether it's strange or unusual we will be explaining it as best as we can to try and understand the unknown.

    In each episode of Pieced, we will be explaining and breaking down individual events, mystery or murder, to the finest detail.

    Sit back, listen & relax.

  • You know those who love everything scary but is actually scared once the movie is off, or just scared of the dark? (what lurks in it) That's me! I decided I wanted to create this podcast for fellow weirdos who love creepy, paranormal, disturbing or unexplained stories. whether they are true, or not.. welcome to SpookyTime!

    New stories every Friday!

    If you would like to submit your scary stories email-

    [email protected]

  • April and Caroline host a weekly podcast bringing you bloody stories while sippin' on your favorite beverages!