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  • Irreverent breakdown on the news and body politic, from a right leaning perspective. Get bonus content on Patreon

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  • Prison Prophets provides a powerful connection to incarcerated artists via interviews and original music. We take the listener inside the prison, where we hear the stories of 25 incarcerated men, many in their 50s and 60s. These voices have never been heard by the public, nor has the music, which was created for an album addressing mass incarceration. We hear each man talk about his first memory of music, and speak or sing lyrics that are lifelines keeping spirits alive even when many have no hope of parole. These interviews and songs testify to the healing power of music, dismantle prejudices many may hold about those who are locked up, and foster awareness of our common humanity.

  • Tory Radio first started in 2005 and was founded by Jonathan Sheppard who felt the grassroots of the Conservative Party needed to hear the voices of the people running and leading the party and acting on its behalf.

  • ”Researching the court documents so you don’t have to!”

    If you use computers and phones in your crimes, fear a roasting by us!

    This podcast is a lighthearted and sarcastic look into interesting electronic true crime stories from around the world.

    Each week we take on a new case in depth, splitting up the episode throughout the week into shorter Acts.

    Join us on your favorite podcasting app for audio only, or visit us for video at YouTube linked at the top of our home page at eCrimeBytes.com!

  • Інтэрв'ю з вядомымі беларусамі пра актуальнае і вечнае. Падпісвайцеся, каб ведаць сваіх!

  • Shiprocket brings to you a series of unplugged conversations from Industry leaders sharing their experiences & insights on the logistics and ecommerce trends & technology.

  • "بودكاش" برنامج من قناة المال، يناقش كل المواضيع الاقتصادية والمالية التي تؤثر على حياتنا بطريقة سهلة وبسيطة.

  • If you’re a managed security provider (MSP), managed security service provider (MSSP), virtual CISO, or a cybersecurity professional looking for insights and advice on ways to build bridges with your clients (or vice versa), look no further than Cyber for Hire | The Managed Security Podcast! Presented in partnership with MSSP Alert and ChannelE2E, Cyber for Hire, is a weekly 60-minute podcast (in two 30-minute segments) hosted by Ryan Morris, Principal Consultant at Morris Management Partners, and Bradley Barth, Director of Multimedia Content Strategy at CyberRisk Alliance. It’s the podcast where MSPs, vCISOs, and end-users take a united stand against cybercrime.

  • Talking about anything and everything that comes to mind. I will have different guest from time to time. Ghost stories, life style, current events, movies and more!!

  • Hosts Roderick Threats and Valerie Zinn-Campione analyze the psychology of political behaviors from a common sense standpoint.

    LIVE BROADCAST - Every Tuesday at 9:30pm EASTERN

  • The Princeton Tory Podcast is the inaugural podcast of The Princeton Tory, a student-run publication of conservative political thought breaking down the political scene on campus.

  • We talk about anything and everything. Because we are bored, we’re poor, and we are stuck here on earth till we die

  • ESET Security Day konferencijos pranešėjų įrašai

  • It's a system which is meant to enable police forces to flag their most wanted persons at international borders around the world.
    But, for some, Interpol's red notices have had devastating consequences - they're detained, imprisoned, and extradited, after being wrongly targeted.
    Sahar Zand investigates the red notice system - and gets a rare chance to speak to the organisation's Secretary General.
    Regular people, dissidents and Interpol insiders explain how bad actors have been able - in some cases - to hijack the system to capture people beyond their borders.

  • Introducing the Allocate Podcast, the podcast focused on helping investors learn and navigate investing in alternatives. Join us to hear from leading investors and allocators on the latest trends and the keys to successfully participating in the private markets.


  • En quête d’Europe est une émission animée par les étudiant·es du Master 2 Science Politique de l’Europe, suivis par Arnauld Leclerc, Clémence Ledoux et Emre Yldirim.
    Chaque émission est préparée par un binôme d’étudiant.e.s du master, elle porte sur une thématique européenne et fait intervenir deux invité·es choisis par les étudiant·es Ces émissions ont l'ambition de couvrir une multitude d'enjeux contemporains qui traversent l'espace politique européen, qu'ils soient de nature économique, culturelle, sociétale. L’approche adoptée permet d’interroger des politiques européennes, de comparer des expériences nationales ou locales en Europe. Elle permet aux étudiant·es de mettre en pratique les savoirs acquis dans le cadre du master.

  • Alors que, toute la semaine, l’actualité fourmille de déclarations de postures et d’effets d’annonces, Dimanche politique propose chaque dimanche de prendre du recul pour comprendre et décrypter la parole politique et la confronter aux attentes des citoyens, en compagnie d’un(e) politologue renommé(e) ou d’un(e) spécialiste de l’opinion. Cette réflexion permet de mettre en perspective l’actualité de la semaine ainsi que les dernières déclarations du week-end compilées dans la rubrique « Ils l’ont dit aujourd'hui ».

  • Это первый русскоязычный подкаст, полностью посвященный жизни трансгендерных людей в России!

    Сейчас правительство принимает закон, запрещающий трансгендерный переход.

    Мы убеждены, что то, как государство относится к уязвимым группам показывает, как оно будет относиться ко всем нам в будущем. Мы хотим, чтобы как можно меньше людей верили в риторику российского правительства.

    Вы услышите истории Лёши и Эльмиры и вместе с ними пройдёте тот путь, который проходят многие трансгендерные люди в России.

  • We summarize everyday thanks to AI what's happening in the tech world, from more than 50 media (TheVerge, Tech Crunch...). For more info check out our homepage: https://dupple.com/techpresso