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  • Это первый сезон подкаста «Не надо» от портала «Такие дела». В нем мы исследуем  популярные, но сомнительные, а порой и совершенно вредоносные явления, от которых стоит держаться подальше. Ведущая Тася Шеремет вместе с журналистами «Таких дел», приглашенными экспертами и непосредственными пострадавшими разбираются, в чем вред очередной популярной практики.

  • We are delighted to announce the new PGR and ECR led podcast ‘Insecure: A Security Podcast’ funded by the Centre for Global Security Challenges (CGSC). The creation of the channel marks an exciting development in the collaborative research culture of the CGSC and POLIS at the University of Leeds, providing a new platform to discuss the centre members’ cutting-edge research and disseminate it to a diverse audience. Each episode will engage with one of the CGSC’s core research themes whilst engaging with the range of scholarship taking place within the CGSC and relevant current events. Listeners will be encouraged to engage with upcoming podcast topics by submitting their questions to us and the speakers on Twitter @InsecurePod. The podcast is hosted by Marine Guéguin (@GueguinMarine), a postgraduate researcher in POLIS, and Dr Harrison Swinhoe (@HarrySwinhoe), with the goal of advancing the CGSC’s innovative research by strengthening the centre’s existing research culture and fostering new academic relationships between postgraduates, early career researchers and more established academics. Guests on the channel will have the chance to showcase their work to a diverse audience whilst critically engaging with the implications of work for both policy and future research. Follow ‘Insecure: A Security Podcast’ on Twitter (https://twitter.com/InsecurePod) and contact us via email at [email protected]

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  • Uzbrukums Ukrainai ir krasi izmainījis un turpina mainīt Krievijas vietu starptautiskajās attiecībās un Krievijas režīma attiecības ar savu sabiedrību.

    Tas ir skaidrs – Ukrainai jāuzvar un jāizcīna sev jauna vieta Eiropas valstu kopībā! Bet neatbildēts paliek jautājums: Kas būs ar Krieviju? Raidījumu ciklā iezīmēsim iespējamos Krievijas nākotnes scenārijus, sarunājoties ar politologiem, publicistiem, politiķiem Latvijā un ārvalstīs.

    Kas būs ar Krieviju? Neizbēgamie jautājumi un iespējamās atbildes par mūsu austrumu kaimiņvalsts nākotni.

  • Anna and Pavlo – Ukrainians and hosts of the podcast. We are here to bring you the latest updates on the war, providing key weekly insights based on firsthand information from the ground. We will connect with eyewitnesses and experts directly from Ukraine, giving you a firsthand account of the situation.

    In addition to covering the war, we will also delve into the stories of those living through wartime conditions inside Ukraine and the experiences of temporarily displaced individuals. Our podcast will serve as a platform to share their stories, shedding light on the human aspect of the conflict.

    Moreover, we will take you on a journey to uncover Ukraine - its rich culture, vibrant language, and fascinating history. Through interviews, discussions, and exploration of Ukrainian traditions, we aim to deepen your understanding of this diverse and resilient nation.

    Join us on this podcast as we navigate through the complexities of the war, share personal narratives, and provide valuable insights into Ukraine’s past, present, and future. Together, let’s unravel the layers of this multifaceted country and stand in solidarity with its people.


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    DISCLAIMER: This project is supported financially by the German Marshall Fund of the United States and implemented by alumni of its leadership programs. This video was also produced with the support of Edge 3x Studios Limited. Opinions expressed in this video do not necessarily represent those of the German Marshall Fund of the United States, Edge 3x Studios Limited, Sonic Futures LTD or its partners. The materials and information presented on this video are for general information purposes only, and are speakers’ views, opinions, thoughts and interpretations.

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  • Two girls from a small town trying to tackle the current issues of today’s world!

  • In each episode of "The Sustainability Academy Podcast", we’ll address key aspects of sustainability for the business world.

    Hosts Jana Kremer-Homann and Stefan Wörner will welcome special guests from around the world who will bring their insights and expertise to each topic.

  • Backstory is a production of the Gunnison Country Times — presenting audio features that go behind the headlines to tell the human story of life in the Gunnison Valley.

  • The Feisty News for Women is the Feminist News Show that features important women's issues and fearless feminine voices disrupting our society. This podcast is the audio version of the video news show available to view on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Visit TheFeistyNews.Com to subscribe for updates to the show and announcements about our women's support programs.

  • Eksperimentāls podkāsts par lietām kuras mums interesē.

  • Two shows for the price of one! The MMA Vivi's are MMA Preview shows for upcoming events covering fight analysis, fight picks and fight odds for every bout top to bottom on the card. One show covers only the Main/PPV card. The other show covers only the Prelims Cards. Each show will offer special bonus content for paid subscribers. | Talent: Zane Simon & Connor Ruebusch. | The MMA Vivi MAIN CARD Show will now air Thursdays 8/5AM ETPT, while the MMA VIVI PRELIMS Shows will now air Fridays 8/5AM ETPT.


  • Tom Nicholas tries to keep up with the zeitgeist, helped by some guests.

  • Политическое шоу из Германии — так о немецкой политике еще никто не говорил. Раз в неделю журналист Дмитрий Вачедин и политолог Алекс Юсупов объясняют страну, в которой после ухода Ангелы Меркель события несутся с головокружительной скоростью.

  • A weekly podcast based on Culture , music, entertainment, sports, and everyday life.

  • Informācija par pāvesta un Vatikāna darbību, ziņas par Baznīcas dzīvi pasaulē, Svētā Mise, intervijas, tematiskie apskati un pārdomas. - Podcast - Radio Vaticana - Vatican News

  • Hier podcastet Dr. Jürgen Ehneß, Chefredakteuer von Storage-Insider zu allen Themen rund um Data-Storage und Data-Management.

  • An award-winning investigative journalist provides an intimate insider account of how he and colleagues break major stories. He reveals methods used to uncover secret documents and ways to protect sources from retribution and discovery. Also, some voiceovers of his Substack posts.


  • Pirms vairāk nekā gada Krievijas uzsāktais pilna mēroga iebrukums Ukrainā vairāk vai mazāk izmainīja ikviena ikdienu. Notriektas krievu raķetes, sabombardētas mājas, nogalināti iedzīvotāji un karavīri, okupantu sagrābtas vai no tiem atbrīvotas teritorijas – šādas ziņas dzirdam katru dienu, bet kas paliek aizkadrā? Podkāsts ‘’Nenofilmētie kadri ar Ievu Vārnu’’ paver priekškaru tam, kā dzīve Ukrainā rit paralēli nepārtrauktajiem Kremļa centieniem valsti sagrābt.

  • "24.02: Реконструкція" – це подкаст, у якому УП відтворює події дня, коли почалося повномасштабне вторгнення Росії в Україну.