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    5 questions to dj Licky (ElectroBlog: 2011-05-16).
    Interview Rafał Konieczny.

    Dj Licky-one of the best house dj's in Warsaw (Poland)
    He started with clarinet and piano, was also leading radio music programs. Now, He is also successfully designing houses and interiors.

    Rafał Konieczny:
    How long have you been making music and why you are doing this?

    Music has been with me since I can remember and has always moved me. The passion that is to play your favorite songs and present a different thing for me is natural and obvious. My more serious contact with music began in elementary school from ... clarinet and piano classes. School include the time to learn to play the guitar, play in a band (drums), as well as the first time of DJ experience gained during school events (the tape recorders were using that time).
    Then I started to broadcast as well as lead in the school radio presenter. Since then, radio has become my second passion, and so it is today. Radio stations where I worked are: Akadera (Bialystok), Kolor, Eska, Radiostacja, Planeta (Warsaw). It is in the Radiostacja in 2001 I started my adventure with vinyls and club music.

    Rafał Konieczny:
    Indeed, the music accompanies you always. What genre do you enjoy playing the most?

    I play positive, energetic house, progressive house filled with vocals. I started from vinyls, now I play with all the system players available in clubs.

    Rafał Konieczny:
    How did it happen that you moved from the radio studio to the clubs?

    I made my debut behind the decks - as I mentioned - in 2001 as a producer and creator of the radio programs in the cult Radiostacja. I was creating such programs as - "Time to Relax" with the lounge music and a I was a leading author the "Banana Republic", in which I presented the latest house music productions.
    For almost two years every Friday my sets were presented in the programs of Radiostacja such as: "Shake", "DanceFloorStacja", "Klubostacja". Of course I was fascinated by the mainstream music and I started to play it in the clubs, what I'm doing till today.
    There is not enough space in this article to list all the places in our beautiful country where I played (laughs).
    It is worth to mentioned about foreign performances, for example in the Excess Club (New York - USA), the festivals: Golden Drum Advertising Festival 2006, 2008 (Portoroż - Slovenia), the international festivals in Poland: Coke Live Music Festival 2009 (Cracow), Open'er Festival 2010 (Gdynia) and regular participation in the Winter Music Conferece in the years 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 (Miami - USA).

    Rafał Konieczny:
    Wow! Is it possible to achieve something more? Many DJs can envy you the biography ...

    I think the dream of many DJs are presenting their own music production. It is also my goal so I plan to expand my studio to create musical productions at a professional level.
    Since I discovered that music and my other passion which is architecture have much in common - I am planning to continue successfully connecting these two things in the future. My design company is engaged in execution of unusual projects combining architecture, design, the light with multimedia solutions.
    It is hard to call this tasks a work when you are carrying them out with passion. My goal is to become the greatest architect of DJs and the best dj of architects!

    Rafał Konieczny:
    In addition to being a dj you are also an architect?

    Yes. Apart from music I am also designing. I was trained as an architect.
    I design houses, offices, interiors of apartments, furniture. Last realization that combines my two greatest passions in life - music and design is the club De Lite in Warsaw where is probably the most comfortable and impressive console for DJs in our country :)

    DJ Licky (© DJ Licky)

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    В этом подкасте мы разговариваем с участниками концертов на радио «Ракурс» об их творчестве, о том времени, о музыке, людях, о жизни. И, конечно, о том, что происходило в течение той самой четверти века, которая отделяет нас от тех выступлений в середине девяностых, которые мы оцифровываем сейчас и предлагаем вашему вниманию.

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    Vēl varam uzzināt, kāpēc šis mūziķi vai grupa ir tieši šādi rakstījuši, kas ir iedvesmas avots, un, kur šie mūziķi rod spēku, kad gribas padoties?
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