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  • What started out as a living room lockdown bit of fun has quite frankly gotten out of hand.

    Ki & Dee are best friends and housemates whose industry came to a stand still during the pandemic. What got them through was turning their (sexual) frustration into song.

    Still in the comfort of their living room and mismatched PJ’s, Ki & Dee are airing their dirty laundry in podcast format. Part stand up comedy, part mental breakdown, Ki & Dee: The Podcast will be anything but boring.

    Contact us at [email protected] Strictly Love Letters Only.

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  • 林昶佐,英文名 Freddy Lim,出生於台灣台北,為中正萬華區立法委員、閃靈樂團主唱。

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  • Every week you get an update of essentials from Trance to Techno and Uplifting-Trance to Progressive Trance.
    The radio broadcast 'Trance Lounge' is brought to you by your host DJ DTM every saturday evening 6 PM CET.
    If you want to listening live, you can do that by going to

  • Yesterday’s Concert is a unique love letter to live music. Your guide opens the pages of his personal jam journal of more than 800 concerts to take you on a live music odyssey. Part concert review, part memoir, these stories feature thumping bass and screeching guitar riffs that bring the excitement of live music to your podcast feed. Part of Pantheon Podcasts.

  • 主要分享生活、旅遊、美食、寵物、音樂、睡前故事…等等相關的頻道,以自己為出發點敘述與紀錄點點滴滴。

    巨蟹座 O型 7/9



  • A seven-episode documentary podcast on Singapore's musical past, present and future. PopLore is produced by Esplanade on the occasion of its 20th anniversary in 2022.

  • This is a collection of white noises, ambiences and soundscapes specifically crafted for the purpose of enhancing your studying experience. Focus your mind on the task, finish your homework, isolate yourself from unwanted external distractions. Relax, focus your mind and flow through the pages :)

  • Deep house mixes to soothe your soul.

    Local Honey is a San Diego based DJ bringing deep and progressive house to festivals, events, and private gatherings.

  • 由第52屆金馬獎最佳電影音樂獎得主 為您分析這些音樂為什麼這麼好聽
    內容涵蓋 音樂製作、歌詞寫作、編曲等唱片幕後技術

    本節目由「華語流行音樂從業人員進修第一管道」 大禾音樂長期贊助播出

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  • 本節目收錄

    真耶穌教會臺灣總會宣道處 喜信視聽中心製作


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  • If ever there was an internationally renowned D.J. with a prolific pedigree it is Leomeo, a well established talent who, from his base in Paris, has touched virtually every continent in the world, destinations including Montreal, New York, Sydney, Shanghai, Istanbul, Rome, London & many in between. With roots firmly in Asia, but with Europe being his first real playground, making Paris his home saw his early steps in D.J.'ing inspired & encouraged by his then mentor, Claude Challe of Buddha Bar fame, a young Leomeo evolving quickly from lounge & chill-out to more mainstream house, with residencies across Paris and guest appearances across the globe quickly following. Leomeo's influences have a true tribal feel, yet with tech tones, vocal injections & progressive beats, means he has an amazing ability to adapt to a wide range of clubbing brands & concepts, as well as keeping his audiences entertained throughout his live performances. This makes Leomeo one of the busiest D.J.'s on the worldwide clubbing circuit & scene to this day.

    And it doesn't stop there, as Leomeo has chalked up an impressive collection of studio works and remains continually active & creative with projects involving both recording partners & other leading producers. With a dynamic discography including solo tracks and remix works, he has amassed a comprehensive collection of compilations, now close on treble figures and with equally impressive download statistics. Ranging from tribal tunes to dance devotions and back again, Leomeo's recording's are as prolific as his live performances, recent solo releases "The Sound Of C" & "Give Me Love" snapped up by a handful of artists for remix productions.

    Boosting a successful international D.J. career that spans well over two decades, Léoméo has recently devoted much of his time & focus to music production, reflected in singles "The Bomb", "Do U Feel It" in 2013 “Be Famous", "Glory Days" & "Oulala".. In 2015 "Muscles", "Lucky Star", "Wires".. world renowned producing artists such as Lissat & Voltaxx, Rober Gaez, Hoxton Whores & Jason Chance adding their own remixes to Leomeo’s original releases. However, as rewarding his production work is, Leomeo has found that the toughest challenge has been to be recognized in his own country of France, but having been approached by the stars of the French music scene including Julien Doré and Adrien Gallo to work on their singles, then having had his work signed to Sony Music & Warner Music, remixes of "Paris-Seychelles", “Chou Wasabi "and" Monokini" in particular. As a result of this recognition, not only are many of his own singles destined for further production from renowned professional musicians, but his remixes of Julien Doré’s works have been playlisted on French national radio stations.

    However, D.J.’ing remains Leomeo’s core activity, extending to gigs in clubs across the globe, music festivals, fashion shows, luxury hotels & exclusive events, while he also currently holds residences in Paris, Cologne, Rome & Sydney. True to his passion and driven by a deep desire to communicate, Léoméo continues to travel the world to reach new audiences armed only with his turntables and his killer smile. And, as a result, thousands dancers fall under the spell of his eclectic & energetic sets which have their roots in house, tribal sounds, tech and electro punctuated sublime forays into progressive beats.

  • Home with House is a monthly podcast featuring house music mixes. The show often showcases deep house, funky house, jazzy house and soulful house music, but it also includes other genres. This podcast explores the boundaries of house music while always keeping you grooving to the beat. Check it out today!