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  • The Swimm Upstream Podcast is a collection of conversations about knowledge sharing, code documentation, change management, scaling dev teams and more. Our guests come from all over the tech world, with some really interesting insights, stories, and… coffee hacks. Join Tom Ahi Dror, Co-Founder of Swimm (a Continuous Documentation platform that streamlines onboarding and knowledge sharing within software engineering teams), as he talks with some of the most inspiring engineering and dev team leaders in the industry.

  • You are an ambitious parent, who is also a technology leader, startup founder or venture capitalist. How do you manage it all?

    Join me as I go in-depth with parents who are technology leaders, founders and investors about what it really takes to balance career ambitions with family aspirations.

    My name is Qin En, your host. When I started my first company at the age of 20, I struggled with over-work. I believed that my 20s and 30s should be a relentless pursuit of career achievement. Family & parenting can wait.

    A few years later, I met my wife, Gladys. She helped me discover a new happiness - one from a balanced life and engaged family. When we welcomed our daughter, Gabrielle, that happiness amplified. So did stress, disagreements and challenges.

    I know I am not alone. Parents in Tech is where we share stories and lessons about parenting, entrepreneurship and technology. Each and every one of you is welcome.

  • People are the greatest asset any business has, and all too often they are overlooked and forgotten. It's time you utilised your biggest asset to its fullest extent, don't let your company suffer.

    Join me weekly for 'Engaging your People for Success' and learn all the many ways in which you can successfully engage your people, developing a massive positive shift in your business, and helping it achieve more than you imagined.

    Catch this show live by downloading the IBGR Business Growth Radio App for Android and iOS and gain access to even more great resources. Find the IBGR Business Growth Radio App on Google Play and in the Apple App Store.

    The best thing is, when you do this well, not only is it really rewarding, and often fun, but your business becomes sustainable and future proof.

    Make your business the best it can be, and join me weekly on Thursdays for 'Engaging your People for Success'

    Listen to Lisa LIVE on the IBGR Business Growth Radio App.

  • If you are an HR professional, executive, or a small business owner/operator and you're struggling with employee benefits, this is the podcast for you. Health Compass Consulting's CEO, Donovan Pyle, is a leading expert in methods that can be used to cut costs while improving your employees' healthcare experience. This podcast can help you understand the ins and outs of employee benefits and healthcare so you can cut out waste expenditures and procure better healthcare and targeted benefits for your team!

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  • In his first-ever podcast, Tony Fernandes shares unique ideas and thought-provoking questions on what the future holds in the ever-changing business landscape. Join him on Talks With Tony as he dives deep into various issues with some very special guests.

  • In this podcast Professor Jonah Perlin (Georgetown Law) interviews lawyers from across the profession about what they do, why they do it, and how they do it well.

  • Future Imagined is a new podcast created by Global Foresight Leaders to inspire curiosity about the future and the role we all play in shaping it. In a series of conversations, we speak with guests from within and outside of the CPG industry - from expert futurists to provocative innovators - exploring themes influencing the future.

    Copyright 2021 Mars Wrigley. All views are those of the podcast hosts and guests only and do not necessarily reflect the views of their employer(s).

  • We can all agree that the workforce can be a mysterious and challenging place. Whether you’re a new graduate looking for a job, mid-career professional entering a leadership role, or managing a full team, each role comes with its own challenges. Welcome to Crush Your Career, an eight-episode podcast series that will answer questions like how do you get a job you truly love––and keep it? How do you grow your career and chart a course for success? When is it time to leave a position, and what are the steps to make the change?

    Host Dee Ann Turner is here to serve as your guide to demystifying the job market and workplace, help you discover personal passion and purpose, and provide expert advice from
    inside the C-Suite. A 35-year hiring veteran, best-selling author, and former VP of Talent for Chick-fil-A, Dee Ann has the inside intel on how you can ace the interview, land the job, and launch your future. Each week, Dee Ann will speak with industry leaders, self-starters, and change agents about their journeys, providing how-tos and tactical advice to survive and thrive in your career, ultimately teaching talent, like you, to become extraordinary.

    For more tips on how to crush your career, visit to purchase Dee Ann’s highly anticipated third book, Crush Your Career: Ace the Interview, Land the Job, and Launch Your Future.

  • A podcast dedicated to all things UK Property from the owners of a property investment agency. Presented by Founder, Nick Hyland and Director, Tobi Mancuso.

    Get fresh, informal and bitesize chunks of advice on your property investment strategy. You can visit to learn about us or email with any questions.

  • The most important stories in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency covered by the Protos newsroom every week. Follow us on Twitter — @Protos

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  • A podcast of teaching material produced by Freedom in Christ Ministries. Our courses are an important resource to help people to live in the freedom that God intends for us, and we hope these audio versions are a blessing to you. Course handbooks and video resources are available at

  • Welcome to Unfiltered Fashion Talks where we discuss anything and everything within the fashion industry - completely unfiltered. Hosted by 22 year old fashion designer & YouTuber, Natalia Trevino Amaro, this podcast will give you insights on fashion school, starting a business, navigating the slow fashion movement, making connections, and so much more.

  • WWD's Evan Clark and Arthur Zaczkiewicz host this weekly podcast where they talk all things fashion with some of the industries most influential and talented people.

  • Ramblings of a Designer is a weekly podcast where we discuss the latest graphic design news from around the web. Ramblings of a Designer is hosted by Laszlo Lazuer (@LLazuer) and Terri Rodriguez-Hong (@flaxenink).

  • Hand & Heart Media is the production platform of business consultancy Hand & Heart GmbH, based in Europe. We focus on producing quality, narrative driven content, often centered on our the workplaces. Our productions feature The Hospo Hotline Podcast - a place to talk about all things hospitality, gastronomy, and food business. Launching in late 2021, is the Red Flag Variety Hour; a story-driven investigative podcast. We will also host a variety of one-off specials and series. We are keen to support independent creators, so, send your pitches to

  • Web3 Breakdowns is a series of conversations exploring innovation in the decentralized internet. Each episode will focus on a different topic - we will cover NFT projects, crypto assets, blockchain-based protocols, and businesses being built with Web3 architecture. We will talk to founders, artists, investors and influencers to understand this emerging ecosystem. Visit to find more episodes, transcripts and a library of content to continue your learning.