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  • 🔥🔥🔥หาตัวเองไม่เจอ /อยากฟังชีวิตจริงของอาชีพต่างๆ✨🎙️ มาฟังคำแนะนำแบบ insight จาก พี่ๆ สายวิทย์ ศิลป์ ในไทย และ ต่อนอก ได้ที่ The Leap Thailand!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Product Management Leaders share stories,advice, and thoughts on all things productover a cup of coffee. Grab a cup of joe andjoin us to level up your product career, 30minutes at a time. Support this podcast:

  • Yo. We're Bitcoiners investing in Bitcoin companies and you can too! If you want to learn about our opportunities, angel investing, rad Bitcoin startups, and other cool stuff then listen up. We try to do interviews with founders when we have a live deal for their company in our Lightning⚡️Ventures Syndicate. What's a syndicate? It's a way for you to participate alongside the "suits" and invest in private companies. Mostly early-stage Bitcoin companies are what you'll see from us because that's what we do. We're new to the podcast format but hope to educate all the plebs who want to learn more!

  • You’re Invited to a new, high stakes drama series that follows an uncanny retirement planner who uses his background as a psychologist to help clients navigate the aspects of retirement that few people ever talk about, let alone plan for.

    Throw out all the fancy brochures and Pollyanna talk about life after work because his emotionally rich, unexpected journey taps into the true reality of retirement. Read it and you will understand why traditional retirement planning is fatally flawed and needs to make a dramatic shift to include planning for the non-financial aspects. It’s a changing of the guard where running out of money pales in comparison to running out of family, friends, good health, and time.

    True life events will leave you feeling captivated by the chaos that can accompany one of the most sought after but least understood phases of life. Buckle up and prepare to be thrust into the deep thoughts and feelings of those who have learned the hard way that a successful retirement isn’t one without problems, but rather one in which you learn to overcome them. Let it evoke new thoughts and emotions, as well as provide you with an outlet to challenge what you have been told about retirement.

  • Join host Cardiff Garcia as he speaks with best-selling authors from around the world of business. Each episode will focus on an essential work in our guest’s career, and culminate in a look ahead to their next chapter. The series will offer inspiration for those looking to expand their business or elevate their career. This season, our guests will be Angela Duckworth on “Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance,” Mori Taheripour on “Bring Yourself: How to Harness the Power of Connection to Negotiate Fearlessly,” and Luvvie Ajayi Jones on “Professional Troublemaker: The Fear-Fighter Manual.” Plus, Adam Grant on “Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World,” Priya Parker on “The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters,” and Malcolm Gladwell discussing his work at Pushkin Industries and on the podcast “Revisionist History.”

  • Engaging discussion around Health IT with perspectives from across the healthcare landscape. This informative and entertaining rotating panel of senior health IT consultants and their guests will keep you in the know about the latest innovations, policies and industry shifts impacting healthcare and point out the opportunities that lie within.

  • Tune in for all the insider tips on how you can land any job you want. This podcast covers questions to ask in an interview, weaknesses for job interview and other common interview questions. The podcast host, Lena Sernoff, got hired and worked at Google, LinkedIn and Wix and has interviewed at Facebook, Salesforce and more. Don’t miss these interview tips you can’t get anywhere else. Lean in girl, and get hired!

  • Powering Travel welcomes hospitality industry leaders to share how they’re building, innovating, and evolving their travel businesses for the future. Hosted by Brandon Ehrhardt, Senior Director of Partner Programs and Sally Smith, Senior Director of Market Management at Expedia Group, they’ll explore the latest trends, reveal best-kept hospitality secrets and try to predict where the industry is headed next.

  • The Financially Legal podcast provides inspiration and tactical advice for the small, entrepreneurial, mission-driven, consumer-facing lawyer.
 Host Dan Lear is a technology lawyer and legal innovation advocate who is fanatical about small law firms working to make a difference. On Financially Legal, he explores both big picture narratives - with interviews from law firms who are taking law practice to new places - and everyday practical guidance to help you tackle specific challenges in your firm. Financially Legal is for passionate, driven, small law firms who are looking to do good and do well.

  • The Morning Show brings you a mix of news, entertainment, lifestyle and human interest stories with Larry Emdur & Kylie Gillies. Catch up on Larry & Kylie's best interviews with The Morning Show podcast.

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  • Soft Skills are increasingly valuable for your career and your projects. In each episode, host Yadi Caro delves into a different "soft skill" featuring experts and people in highly technical fields who have used soft skills to succeed.

  • The Financial Law Forum is a monthly podcast focused on the intersection of financial services, the law and equal access to capital and financial opportunities.

    This series was created by hosts and Seyfarth partners Tonya M. Esposito and Tracee E. Davis for financial services and professionals in the private, non-profit, or government sectors who are interested and invested in the industry's technological transformation and pathways to becoming more inclusive of women and persons of color.

  • Welcome to the Executive Career Upgrades Podcast with your host Tim Madden. Here we share tactics and strategies each week to help business professionals targeting 6 Figures or multiple 6 Figures navigate this current job market so that they can land the job they deserve!Whether you need help with your branding, getting on more interviews, converting interviews to offers, maximizing your compensation, or mindset clarity this podcast is for you!Tim Madden is the Founder of Executive Career Upgrades and is a Veteran Headhunter who has led teams that have sold and fulfilled on over 50 million dollars in Staffing and Recruitment services since 2013 and has help place over 6,000 business professionals. Prior to that, he was one of the top recruiters for the military and went on to become a Army Field Artillery Officer.He has seen tens of thousands of resumes (probably more) and interacted with CEOs and Senior Executives at some of the top companies in the world.He is a frequent contributor to, Fast Company, Forbes, & Newsweek and sits on the council of various organizations.Resumes almost never clearly describe someone’s own “true skills and achievements,” most of the time hiring managers want to focus on specific bullet points on a job description. This isn’t something that is new; this is a challenge candidates and hiring managers have had going on for years.Also, most people are confused in their career. They don’t know what to target, they don’t know how to build a clear impactful message, and most of the time settle for mediocrity which leads to poor job performance, low pay, and un-fulfillment.Not only does Tim attract high-quality candidates for companies, but he is also passionate about helping high achievers land that next 6-figure job, which most of the time is less about tactics and more about mindset and confidence.

  • Join our hosts Luke Bartholomew and Paul Diggle as they guide you through the world of economics, politics and markets. Each week expert guests are invited to discuss the latest events impacting the macro environment and what this means for investors. Get in touch - [email protected]

  • SaaS Content @ Scale is a weekly podcast for content marketers who are looking to scale their acquisition & retention campaigns with the help of content marketing. You get to listen to top SaaS marketers across the globe who are in the trenches, figuring out the best ways to execute content marketing. If you have any feedback, comments, or suggestions, feel free to drop an email on [email protected] scaling!

  • บ่นเรื่องเงิน เงินหายาก ต้องดูแล ใส่ใจ

  • The world has changed drastically in the last two years and businesses have to change with it. The need to move to the cloud, create digital experiences, and operate in real-time is more prescient than ever.

    The Data Economy is a podcast about leaders, like you, who use data to meet these new challenges. Michael Krigsman, Industry Analyst and Publisher of CXOTalk, sits down with executives at companies like Splunk, HP, UPS, Siemens, and EA to find out how they leverage data to power real-time experiences and create value in our modern economy. Listen to get a first-hand look into their business approach and learn how they use data to improve customer experience, increase business value, and stay at the forefront of the digital revolution.

    You can watch the video version of each episode on

    If you’d like to learn more about data strategies and technologies your peers are leveraging, visit

  • คุยครอบจักรวาลในโลกธุรกิจแบบสบาย ๆ ตั้งแต่การเริ่มทำธุรกิจ ช่องทางโอกาสต่าง ๆในตลาด พร้อมยกตัวอย่างแบรนด์และบทสัมภาษณ์พิเศษเฉพาะที่ Business+ เท่านั้นมาเป็นกรณีศึกษาฟังสนุก ๆ คุยกันเพลิน ๆ