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  • In this ongoing series, activists, business executives, government officials, lawyers, academics, and other experts from around the world share topical and current stories of businesses impacting people in their everyday lives. Developed by the Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB), this series elevates the range of voices – governments, businesses, and civil society – in the discussion on how to make human rights part of everyday business.

  • Com o intuito em te ajudar a fortalecer a base do seu negócio iremos conversar sobre tudo o que envolve o empreendedorismo para estética, para embelezamento do olhar!

  • Erin Noon Kay is the CEO & Founder of Claiming Disability LLC. Erin identifies a "fierce disabled entrepreneurial woman," with Cerebral Palsy. She uses a walker and wheelchair occasionally, but she believes it's "OK" to look disabled and is working hard to bring representation for disability in film and everyday culture through media projects and disability related content. She believes "disabled," is NOT is a bad word, but a badge of honor, a beautiful community, a culture. She has worked in the non-profit, governmental, and business sector for over 10 years. Support this podcast:

  • Ossanda Liber Coach politics and Coaching Podcats


  • Imagina vivir con la tranquilidad de que todo va a salir bien, pase lo que pase...

    Pues aunque van a a haber problemas, la vida es realmente sencilla, no es fácil, pero es sencilla. Y en este podcast voy a hablar sobre eso: La vida

    Reflexiones tranquilas y personales, sobre mentalidad, autoestima, hábitos, amigos, familia, emprendimiento...
    Lo que sea, pero que te aporte un granito de arena y te ayuda a estar más en calma con tu vida, si quieres.

    Igual escuchas verdades incómodas, tal vez es por algo.

  • Logra excelentes resultados de la mano del Coach de Negocios Sergio Hermida a través de excelentes estrategias de negocios que podrás llevar a la practica de manera inmediata y generar excelentes resultados, rompe con tus creencias limitantes en temas de negocio y consigue salir del auto empleo con "una empresa comercial y rentable que funcione SIN TI"

  • Num mercado imobiliário que continua com saúde, os desafios que se avizinham podem ditar o afastamento de muitos consultores imobiliários do setor.
    Se é verdade que o Consultor Imobiliário tem de se munir de todas as ferramentas possíveis para melhor servir o seu cliente, o fundamental e crucial vai ser a forma de pensar.
    Neste podcast teremos oportunidade de falar com Consultores de TOPO e ouvir as melhores práticas que os levam ao Sucesso.

  • People tune in each week to the Links Podcast to get the latest SEO & digital marketing news and why it matters – in 30 minutes or less. Hosted by Jesse Hanley, Links Podcast tackles the issues worth discussing each week – but doesn't waste your time.

  • Leaders of Analytics is a podcast about data-driven decision-making, modern business leadership and the use of data and artificial intelligence in business and society.

    Each episode investigates the strategies, tools, techniques and leadership required to succeed in a world increasingly driven by data and analytics.

    The show’s guests share their stories and experiences in a way that helps listeners understand the big concepts and small details that make all the difference in today’s world of business.

  • Make SEO Simple Again the podcast series is an audio experience produced by Daniel K Cheung, Team Lead @ Prosperity Media.

    Hear Clearscope co-founder Bernard Huang talk candidly about his 10 years of failing.

    Know that everyone is just trying to do their best as Jamie Indigo shares her personal story.

    Never feel alone with Taylor Berg's story of owning her ADHD diagnosis. And feel encouraged and inspired by Jenny Li Fowler, Lily Ray, Judith Lewis, Areej AbuAli, Jamar Ramos and everyone else who leans into their vulnerability to describe moments in their life where they've fallen and gotten back up again.

    No ads. No sponsors. No SEO talk (ironic isn't it). Just real conversations with real people.

  • It's all about Macroeconomic and Fundamental Analysis of the financial markets. We are trying to look at what happened in the last week and what will happen in the coming days and talk about their impacts on Forex, Stock, commodities and Crypto markets. These podcasts are produced by Hugh Meghrazi, an experienced hedge fund manager who is currently managing multi millions of dollars. You can follow Hugh on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram if you would like to.

  • By helping leaders overcome their biggest challenges through practical advice from highly successful leaders through tried-tested practices we can achieve unquestionable results in the digital era! Creating highly successful and reward leaders in the Digital Era!

  • In this podcast we wll focus on learning you the basics of SEO and how you can get started with Search Engine Optimization. You can start earning money doing SEO for clients or building your own websites. SEO also plays a role in both Social Media and Youtube.

    - SEO
    - Search Engine Optimization
    - Digital Marketing
    - Website
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  • Olá a todos!
    Somos o Gonçalo e João, dois amigos que têm o prazer de falar sobre produtividade e finanças pessoais, e por isso, decidimos criar este podcast, para partilharmos esse gosto e o que vamos aprendendo no dia-a-dia.

    Também temos um segmento de conversas de café em que temos contacto com algumas iniciativas e empresas em crescimento, com o intuito de espalhar o seu propósito.

    Segue-nos no twitter: @SadinosEcletico

    Também temos canal de youtube, onde também publicamos os nossos podcasts!

    Vemo-nos em breve!

  • O Rico na Bolsa é o novo podcast da Rico pra você que quer saber tudo sobre o mundo da Renda Variável. Apresentado por Zé Rico, analista da Rico e vários outros participantes de peso. Dá um play e fica com a gente.

  • The HD CEO Psyche Podcast is the go to Human Design & Gene Keys podcast for creating aligned results in your business!

    The world around us is changing in so many ways, and outdated methods of working in that world can’t serve us. The science of BG5™ provides practical tools that allow individuals and businesses to grow and evolve in this new world, and we hope, to make the world a better place for us all to live.

    My mission is to empower people to recognize and use their unique gifts and talents in their careers and their lives. We spend a third of our lives working, and it’s important that we learn how to find true satisfaction and success in our careers and businesses. BG5™ Career & Business Consultants are trained to provide a specific set of tools to guide individuals to find their true work and material abundance, and to help businesses create financial success in an environment that is satisfying for employees and management alike.

    We’re happiest and the most satisfied when our inherent gifts and talents are expressed in our own unique way, yet we are conditioned to compare ourselves to others. This podcast differs from Ashley’s BG5 Career Success Codes Podcast in that it focuses on online entrepreneurs building & scaling their business, whereas CSC focuses on public figures, established entrepreneurs, CEO’s, & teams.

    Hosted by Ashley Briana Eve, Certified BG5 Business Analyst, Certified Positive Psychology Strengths Coach, Somatic Stress Release Practitioner, & Global Success Coach, you’ll learn the skills, mindset, & energetics to create the impact you dream of. This is the show for you to fill up with joy, passion, and inspiration when you embrace life, business, & career through the lens of BG5 & Positive Psychology.

    This podcast is the one to listen to if you’re ready for Unstoppable Success in your work, career, & business.

    For more content you can find Ashley on Instagram at:

    And YouTube:

  • A live, interactive talk show for pioneers to share their crypto journey with the world. Learn about crypto and NFTs from those that are building the future of the space. Follow us on Twitter to join a live show! (@CrazyCryptoCarl)

  • De Candidato a Contrato é um podcast trazido pela Dellent onde partilhamos dicas e experiências sobre como navegar o mercado de trabalho português.