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  • "What if we Could?" A podcast exploring this question that drive us. We explore the practical application of artificial intelligence, product design, blockchain & AR/VR, and tech alpha in the service of humans.

  • Welcome to “How We Made That App,” where we explore the crazy, wild, and sometimes downright bizarre stories behind the creation of some of the world's most popular apps, hosted by the always charming and devastatingly handsome Madhukar Kumar. After starting his career as a developer and then as a product manager, he is now the Chief Marketing Officer at SingleStore. And he's here to take you on a journey through the data, challenges, and obstacles that app developers face on the road to creating their masterpieces.
    On each episode, we'll dive deep into the origins of a different app and find out what went into making it the success it is today. We'll explore the highs and lows of development, the technical challenges that had to be overcome, and the personalities and egos that clashed along the way.
    With a signature blend of irreverent humor, snarky commentary and, razor-sharp wit, we'll keep you entertained and informed as we explore the cutting edge of app development.
    So grab your favorite coding language, crank up the volume, and join us for “How We Made That App,” brought to you by the top app-building platform wizards at SingleStore.

  • Join me on my journey to interview as many Bitcoiner as possible. I publish 5 Episodes per week with big Names, but also everyday plebs from all around the globe.

  • The European Startup Prize for Mobility is proud to present its podcast series, featuring the stories behind the women and men who won Europe's largest acceleration programme for clean mobility startups. ‘What were they thinking’, moderated by our Managing Director, Dan Sobovitz in a one-on-one conversation with the founders and CEOs about the journeys that have transformed their professional and personal lives and that are about to transform European mobility as we know it.

    What were they thinking? How did it feel to go the lonely road of an entrepreneur? Did people follow them easily or did they think they were crazy? Was it fun all along or mostly frustrating? Deep down, did they really believe they would make it this far?

  • After building the leading handyman company in Georgia in just 7 years from startup, Rick E. Patterson lost everything in the 2008 housing market bust. Facing homelessness, Rick quickly realized what got him up to that point, would not be enough to get him to where he wanted to be again!

    So he ditched his old school tactics and reinvented his handyman business from scratch with better performing, more relevant, and more profitable business systems.

    Because of having those successful system in place, Rick is the proud CEO of the leading handyman business in the state of Georgia once again. As a result, Rick is known for helping other handymen business owners quickly grow their business to double, triple, or even 10X their sales and profits. 

  • Introducing Alex Shevelenko, CEO and founder of RELAYTO and the host of the Experienced-Focused Leaders Podcast. With a mission to empower seasoned business owners who recognize the critical role of customer experience in achieving success, Alex brings together a community of discerning listeners eager to explore new perspectives and strategies for enhancing their experience-centric approach.

    In our thought-provoking podcast episodes, we dive deep into the stories and insights of accomplished business owners who have honed their expertise in delivering exceptional customer experiences. These industry veterans possess a wealth of knowledge and practical experience, making them valuable resources for our audience of seasoned professionals who are passionate about creating meaningful connections with their customers.

    Our podcast serves as a platform for exchanging ideas, sharing best practices, and exploring innovative approaches to customer experience. We understand that our audience is composed of discerning individuals who have already achieved considerable success and are constantly seeking new ways to elevate their customer-centric strategies.

    If you are a seasoned business owner with a profound understanding of the significance of customer experience in driving business growth, we invite you to join us as a guest on our podcast. Share your unique insights, success stories, and the strategies that have set you apart in your industry.

  • Effective Speaking and Communication are the key to success in business and in life. However, we're never taught how to leverage and maximize our most powerful tool: Our Voice!

    Sincerely Speaking explores the key questions surrounding speaking, communication, leadership, and confidence, to liberate our voices, increase our impact, and help us create powerful movements that change the world!

  • This podcast was inspired by the book the Greatest Salesman in the World and is dedicated to finding the same. Support this podcast:

  • Welcome to The Sales People Podcast, the professional sales person’s source for the development of individual sales skills and tools for sales managers to get the best out of their teams. Your hosts Jim Griffin and Phil Shaffalo will share with you the lessons learned from their years of leading successful sales teams in competitive selling environments. Each podcast will be filled with tips on how to maximize your successive income including topics such as our selling philosophy, interviews of best sellers including award winning sales people, managers, and executives to dissect what drives the successful sales culture that creates such a high level of success, and answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Mint engages with a panel of experts in the world of personal finance on a weekly basis to help investors get better returns. The sessions go deep into the big questions of the day around stock markets, bonds, IPOs and much else.

    This is a Mint production, brought to you by HT Smartcast.

  • It can be tough to start investing in Short Term Realty opportunities. This podcast is all about how the hosts, April and Nathan, navigated their way through obtaining and operating their first Short Term Rental in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

  • Are you looking for the inside track on how you can use creativity as your competitive advantage? For the last 20 years I've been helping brands tell their story, build their audience, and launch successfully. But there is still a lot to learn. That's why, I'm starting this podcast. Join me each week as I talk to the industry's best. Taking a deep dive into their stories to unlock their strategies, learn from their experience, and uncover how their persoal brands have set them apart. Whether you're launching your brand, or just pursuing your passion, welcome to The Creative Brief.

  • Passionnate about car rental company transformation in yield management

  • Räägime UX / UI disainist, AI-st ja tootearendusest.

  • "AI in Business" is a forward-thinking podcast dedicated to exploring the dynamic world of artificial intelligence and its transformative impact on the business landscape. Each episode delves into the latest trends, breakthroughs, and challenges in AI, offering insightful analysis and discussions on how these advancements are reshaping industries. We cover a broad spectrum of topics, from technological innovations to ethical considerations, providing listeners with a comprehensive understanding of AI's role in modern commerce.

  • I’m Divine Grace Corcio, Entrepreneur and Coach of Filipino Virtual Assistance specialize in E-commerce Virtual Assistant Coaching. If you are thinking of starting your Virtual Assistant Career, and want to be an Ebay, Amazon, and Retail Arbitrage Virtual Assistant, I will help you.Connect with me►Email: [email protected]►Start your Freelancing Career with FVA Today!►Subscribe To DGC:►Instagram:►Facebook: Support this podcast:

  • Elevate your life with The Dopamine Pursuit Podcast, hosted by Kristen Slonicki — a serial entrepreneur, investor, and marketing expert with nearly two decades of experience. Join Kristen as she shares practical strategies, inspiring stories, and expert insights on breaking negative patterns, embracing healthier habits, and living a purposeful life. Whether you're a business owner, aspiring entrepreneur, or someone seeking personal growth, each episode delivers valuable takeaways in business, leadership, marketing, investments, health, and relationships. Kristen's commitment to authenticity and providing tangible value makes this podcast a weekly guide for ambitious individuals looking to hit extraordinary levels in life. Subscribe now and embark on the journey of self-discovery and transformation.