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  • An informative show about dynamic women and men from the Blockchain, Crypto and DLT space, hosted by Women in Blockchain Talks founder Lavinia Osbourne.

  • Vaughn Vernon, Domain-Driven Design and Reactive authority, interviews leading software architects and developers. Listen to get deep insights on modern software architecture and development approaches while facing sociotechnical challenges. If you are a technology executive, senior architect, or software engineer you will gain a fresh perspective on increasing success and innovation in software design and implementation.

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  • Conversation with people who are making the future of the internet. We are talking about Web3, NFT, DeFi, Crypto, Ethereum, Solidity, Bitcoin and ruin most common myth and misconceptions. Web3 Jobs

  • We talk about startup life, the good, the bad, the insight, the experiences, the mistakes, the failures and everything between. The focus is on practical tips and tools to help you build your company from an idea stage, bootstrapping to investor funded growth companies.

    We share everyday decision-making knowledge, situation and views so that you as a founder or CEO can avoid some of the mistakes and hardship along the way.

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  • The Short Term Rental Secrets Podcast is dedicated to providing actionable content to help new and seasoned real estate investors launch, automate and scale their Airbnb business and fast track their journey to financial freedom. You can enjoy the podcast and other free resources at

  • Подкаст Юрия Фисенко по финансовой грамотности.
    Этот подкаст будет, в основном, в форме диалогов на тему финансовой грамотности, правильных привычек, которые помогут Вам увеличить благосостояние и добиться значительных результатов.
    Я стараюсь, чтобы информация, которую Вы услышите принесла Вам практическую пользу хороший долгосрочный результат, а также, помогла Вам развиваться и вести более счастливую жизнь.
    Тема: финансы, инвестиции, бизнес, стартапы, предпринимательство, образование.

  • Passive Income Pro is the new podcast from AnA Media. In this Money and Finance Podcast, Peter, your Finance Expert will teach YOU ways to Make Passive Income in a few simple and easy steps. Please keep in mind that Passive Income Pro is a podcast for entertainment purposes ONLY. Please seek financial advice from YOUR Financial Professional and not from this podcast because EVERYBODY's financial situation is different. PLEASE REMEMBER: This is NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE.

  • Human Resources, or People Ops, is fast becoming one of the most vital roles in business, because modern leaders realize that their people are the key to their success. HR Superstars is a new podcast from 15Five honoring you, the brave, 21st century HR leader, by highlighting stories from the frontlines of People Ops.

    We’ll delve deeply into all of the many aspects of what it takes to help companies win by becoming a strategic business partner to the rest of the leadership team. Each episode will showcase conversations with HR leaders from some of the world’s largest, successful, and innovative organizations. We’ll get real with topics like empowering managers to adopt a growth mindset and practice strengths-based leadership, how to have difficult conversations that balance the business performance needs with a high degree of care for people, and how to actually make diversity, equity, and inclusion a part of your cultural DNA instead of just lip service and a PR play.

    When your culture gets toxic, management is failing, and performance suffers, it falls to you in HR to address these issues. We’re here to help you to do what matters most—develop your workforce, create a strong employer brand, and become the respected strategic business partner you already are. Let’s do this superstar!

  • The HR world is changing faster than ever. Informative, sometimes controversial and always entertaining, Natal Dank of PXO Culture and Tom Haak of the HR Trend Institute look at the hot topics impacting HR.

  • Oleme äriõigusele keskendunud regionaalne advokaadibüroo, mille kontorid Eestis, Lätis, Leedus ja Valgevenes töötavad ühtse tervikuna. Meil on 33 partnerit ning üle 200 advokaadi ja maksueksperdi, kes nõustavad kliente Balti riike ja Valgevene puudutavates äri- ja maksuõiguse küsimustes. Siit leiate meie COVID-19 teemaliste webinaride materjalid podcastidena ning meie taskuhäälingu ,,Soraineni Sagedus'' episoodid.

  • This is the show where we discuss the Future of Commercial Real Estate. Each week, your host Vivek Kartha, will bring you interviews with today’s leaders in Commercial Real Estate to discuss challenges, best practices, and what the future holds. If you are working in commercial real estate and have always wanted to sit down with leaders in the field to pick their brain, this show is your chance.

    Topics for the show include: Real estate asset management, portfolio operations, property management, facility management, property operations, and more.

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  • Welcome to the Commercial Real Estate Startup podcast! We’re on a mission to help Real Estate entrepreneurs find financial freedom in the commercial space. Learn how CRE professionals got started. And how they found a path to success.

  • The commercial real estate podcast that shares tips, tools & secrets from top performing CRE professionals who crush it in the industry.

    Listen to this podcast to be the top commercial real estate pro in your market.

  • Which early stage fintech startup will become the next big thing? How do VC’s pick the right startup? Join Todd Anderson, Chief Product Officer of LendIt Fintech, each week as he interviews the next class of fintech startups, the venture capitalists that invest in them and has some fun along the way.

  • So you bought Bitcoin. Now what?David's interviews of successful crypto entrepreneurs will show you how to join the Bitcoin ecosystem and become a leader in the crypto revolution.Learn everything you need to know about HODLing, trading, and investing Bitcoin and other crypto assets. Support this podcast:

  • The Conscious Marketer podcast is for spiritual teachers, coaches, authors, and entrepreneurs who are committed to making an impact locally and globally. Hosts Richard Taubinger and Kylie Slavik understand the power of true transformation and online marketing. They work with their clients to build a strong foundation to drive growth and meaningful results and they are sharing it all on the podcast.

    Listen for strategies about launching in today’s digital space, marketing trends that will impact growth and behind the scenes stories about what it takes to be successful in the transformation information space today.

  • Welcome to the HR Coffee Time podcast; a weekly podcast full of tips and ideas to help you have a successful and fulfilling HR career (without working yourself into the ground).

    It can feel hard to put yourself and your own career first when you're so busy looking after everyone around you. It can leave you at risk of burning out, finding that you're not where you want to be in your career, or feeling unsure about what you want from your career anymore.

    This podcast is here to help. Join career coach and founder of Bright Sky Career Coaching, Fay Wallis as she and her expert guests share advice on how to get what you want from your career.

    If you enjoy the podcast, learn more at: or connect with Fay on LinkedIn: