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  • From the folks at Ominous Media, The Night Shift is a celebration and critique of all things horror, both old and new, for die-hard fans and newcomers alike. Hosted by horror cheerleader Kyle Stück, the show features spoiler-free and humorous reviews of horror movies, shows, books, and games, along with a variety of guests, including gore hounds, snobs, and yes…even the scaredy cats. Welcome to a new world of gods and monsters, friend. Welcome…to The Night Shift.

  • Each week Sean and Crystal will break down Sister Wives, Seeking Sister Wives and 90 Day Fiance. Three great crazy shows that deserve to be worshipped.

  • The Nitty Griddy Reviews Podcast is a film and TV review podcast that uses a grid rating system to acknowledge weaknesses while celebrating strengths.

  • I Think I get it describes how Lindsey feels at the middle and end of each movie she sees. Then she tells Zak what she saw.

  • Melanie Driver & Sean Remfrey recap some of the international franchises which have spawned from the Emmy winning reality TV programme "Rupaul's Drag Race". Phew! What a mouth full!Melanie talks lots. Meanwhile, Sean doesn't talk as much as Melanie (but then again, who does?!). Truly a dynamic duo!Whether you're after some drag race content or an insight into aussie culture, this is most likely the podcast for you! If you're not after any of that stuff, well... listen anyway! After all, who doesn't bloody love mustard?! No one asked you, Debbie...

  • Привет, меня зовут Антон DAS.

    "Надо поснимать" — это подкаст о людях которые работают в кино- и фото-индустрии, об их профессиях и о том, как можно попасть в этот мир и развиваться в нём. Мои гости делятся здесь своими историями и личным представлением о том, каким должен быть специалист.

    Телеграм-канал подкаста:

    Мои работы:


    стограм: @saintantondas

  • Гильдия кастинг-директоров и звукостудия Vox records представляют:

    Кто такой кастинг-директор?

    Почему практически никто из кастинг-директоров не имеет кинемотографического образования?

    Где кастинг-директора ищут новых будущих кинозвезд?

    Как сделать идеальный актерский ансамбль, который соберёт большую кассу?

    Российский кинематограф делает новый огромный виток, ведь профессия кастинг-директора – уже не равно ассистент режиссера по актерам. В наших подкастах вы услышите реальные истории о том, как живут и работают люди, отвечающие за героев наших любимых фильмов и сериалов.

  • Jupiter toob teieni uue meelelahutusliku podcasti suurimatest filmidest ja sarjadest. See on saade filmifännidelt filmifännidele! Richard-Erik Järvi ja Andry Padar võtavad ette Hollywoodi suurimad kassahitid ning teleseriaalid ning annavad ülevaate, põnevad faktid ja arvustuse selle kohta. Arutleme nädala suurimatest uudistest ning soovitame parimaid palasid ERR-i voogedastusplatvormilt Jupiter.

    Kui oled ise suur filmifänn, siis tule veeda igal kolmapäeval aega Richardi ja Andryga Planeedil Hollywood!

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • The podcast version of the New Orleans-based movie review website

  • Welcome to Movie Fight Club. Each week Mandi and Matthew will fight over, debate, argue, and otherwise discuss a random film. Who liked the film? Who hates the film? Well that's been chosen by random and whatever they really think, they have to defend their position.

  • Постмодернистский подкаст о метамодернизме

  • Listen as middle-aged women drink custom, crafted cocktails and debate with enthusiasm the merits of storytelling through its various mediums. The focus is on audio books and how it contrasts with movies, television, paper and e-books but we may wander into comic and online serial web novels. And, if we have too many, maybe raconteurs.

  • A book club for movies; And My Next Selection Is... consists of a few friends watching films in an attempt to keep for going insane during a pandemic.

  • We’re pop culture obsessives, animal lovers and eaters of sandwiches (okay, that’s mostly just Jess). Our opinions and interests are wide and deep, so the podcast reflects that. We dissect old titles that need a fresh take, brand new stuff that everyone’s talking about, and off-the-beaten-path works that deserve some love. We release episodes every month or so, with some mini-episodes popping up here and there to keep you on your toes.

    We also keep all of the titles we discuss, from books to movies to games, on our episode pages, along with a list of the titles we highlight during our Reader’s Advisory Corner.

  • Join long-time friends Rachel and Ty as they discuss TV shows and movies from the past. They settle the debate of whether certain shows should get a reboot, and they weigh in on the quality of reboots that already exist.

  • 🎬 Join Connor, Kofi & Stuart every Friday night for Friday Fright Time, where they sink their teeth into horror movies from across the ages and give HONEST REVIEWS. Is it good? Is it bad? Is it.....something else? Join the #GhoulGang​ and find out!🏆 Join the Ghoul Gang:​​😍 Support the UTG team:🗣 Connor:​🗣 Stuart:​🗣 Kofi:​#UnleashTheGhouls​ #FridayFrightTime​ #HonestReview​

  • In this podcast, we review various web series every week while discussing it with a pint of humor.