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  • A podcast for true horror fanatics. Each week we will take a deep dive into the best horror films of all time and some movies that aren't so great as well. We will also review current horror films and break down different categories including our favorite performances, the best gore, the best lines and if these movies truly scared us or not!

  • Welcome to a brand new podcast called Inside the OCS dedicated to Netflix’s Warrior Nun. Join us as we discuss all things Warrior Nun, from badass halo-bearer to badass sister warriors. Follow us on our twitter page

  • Velkommen til PARA:DOX – en række samtaler om dokumentarfilm og den virkelighed, de omhandler. De omtalte dokumentarfilm kan streames på

    Podcasten er produceret af CPH:DOX med støtte fra Novo Nordisk Fonden og Det Danske Filminstitut.

    Vært: Niklas Engstrøm, kunstnerisk leder på CPH:DOX

    Lyddesign: Thomas Knak

    Produktion: Andreas Hayden

    Klipning: Andreas Saxild

  • Velkommen til Bloop It Up - DKs første podcast dedikeret til The Real Housewives.
    Det bliver sassy, det bliver shady og det bliver SUPER nørdet. Let's whoop it up, BLOOP!

  • There are currently close to half a million movies in circulation that date from the turn of the 20th century to the present day. Obscuria Filmcast explores the countless films of note that have slipped through the cracks of history for one reason or another. Our selections include box office flops that went on to become cult classics, made-for-TV movies that hold a special place in our hearts, groundbreaking documentaries that you've probably never heard of, as well as any obscure film with an emphasis on the strange, surreal, or grotesque. Each week we rotate to a different host who presents a film for the other hosts to watch for the upcoming episode. If you'd like to suggest a film for an upcoming episode and be featured as a guest on our special clubhouse edition of the podcast, feel free to email us at [email protected]

  • En Dansk MMA Podcast.

    Vi tager dig hen pรฅ de seneste nyheder der har vรฆret pรฅ ugen i MMA og lรฆgger fokus pรฅ de kommende kampe og event der er i UFC.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Velkommen til Spoileralarm, din podcast om aktuelle film, hvor vi taler frit om filmen, og ikke er bange for at afsløre slutningen. | Det er podcasten for dig der har set filmen eller bare vil holde dig opdateret. Så lyt med på eget ansvar. |

    Find os på, Instagram: @spoileralarm_podcast og Facebook: |

    Spoileralarm er Mie, Natascha og Jost |
    Musik af Jonas Elliot Bested: |
    Logo af Lisa Fujishima: @lisafujishima (IG) |

    © Spoileralarm 2022

  • A two-shot movie podcast. Each episode focuses on one film in depth, with a follow-up film selected by the other. Then we swap roles and do it again!

    Hosted by Adam Harris and Stacey Robinson. Theme music by Kim Kong @whatkimkong on twitch, facebook, and instagram. Reach us at [email protected]

  • Tim and Valerie are here to discuss each episode of the Netflix series and pair it with an appropriately themed whiskey…with exactly the results you’d expect. Get ready for alcohol-infused banter on everything from the possible double-meanings of Jaskier’s song lyrics to how we’d feel if our boyfriend spent all day alone in a bone cave to whether the show’s crazy timeline is a cruel trick to play. (As Jaskier says, “What is time, anyway?”) If that sounds like fun, then pour yourself a drink and join us on the path. Just don’t touch Roach!

  • 'ThePodcast Around the Corner,' a romantic comedy podcast about your favorite romantic comedies as well as fun stories about romance

  • Furious Cinema Podcast is a show where friends Pete and Seb discuss some of their favorite movies.

  • This is a Grey's Anatomy Podcast where Hayleigh, Shelby, and Shaela down the medicine and story/characters of Grey's Anatomy episode by episode

  • Shahin Aakjær bliver født i Danmark i 1990 som søn af en iransk far og en dansk mor. Da han er otte år gammel, tager/bortfører hans far ham med til Iran. Herefter bliver Shahins liv en kulturel rutsjetur mellem to lande.
    I 'Fædreland' tager Shahin os med tilbage til en opvækst med fodbold, rapmusik, islam, skilsmisse og savnet efter at høre til et sted.
    ( - I radiofortællingen "Bortførelsen til Iran" fra 2017 fortalte vi noget af Shahins historie. Her fortæller Shahin nu alt det, han ikke kunne sige dengang).
    Lyddesign: Adam Hildebrandt
    Tilrettelægger og fortæller: Shahin Aakjær
    Redaktører: Hanne Barslund og Torben Brandt
    Kontakt: [email protected]

  • Join the crew of the Starbase as they discuss all things Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and any other form of speculative fiction.

  • Rick has seen all of Stargate SG1 and loves it. Ro is new to the Stargate universe, and she's hooked. Join them as they review every episode of Stargate SG1 from the dual perspective of the return to a beloved favorite, and the discovery of new wonders!

  • A fun-filled Farscape fancast in which a longtime fan introduces his bestie to the marvel that is Farscape, the science fiction masterpiece from the Jim Henson Company.

    Gonzo sci-fi, cantankerous creatures, rollicking adventures and stunning production design all seen through fresh eyes and passionate geekery and discussed with cheeky wit and abiding love.

    You can leave us a tip on, and we're @SoFarscape on Twitter and Facebook — prepare for Starburst!

  • In the FRAPA 5x5 podcast, we ask one guest, someone from the television industry, to select 5 questions to answer from a list of questions divided into 4 categories; Industry, Formats, Career and Personal. FRAPA 5 by 5 is 5 questions answered in about 5 minutes.

    The FRAPA 5x5 Podcast is made possible with the generous support of The Nerve.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Vi elsker tv-serien Mr. Poxycat & Co. fra 2007, om tryllekunstneren Jรธrgen fra Horsens. Han er pรฅ beklageligvis blevet ekskluderet fra Tv2-play og det har resulteret i mere end 5000 sure fans pรฅ Facebook (vi er nogle af dem). Det vil vi lave om pรฅ, ved at vise hvilket fantastisk menneske Mr. Poxycat egentlig er, og vise danskerne (og TV2), at vi ikke kan undvรฆre ham, og hans magiske univers. Danmark var ikke klar til Jรธrgen og Gittes lille familie i 2009, men det er vi nuโ€ฆ Sรฅ hvad venter vi pรฅ?

    Mr. Poxyxat & Co.: The Podcast er den del af TALENT

  • Superhelte- og tegneseriepodcasts på dansk er ikke svære at finde. Men en dansk podcast, som kun er tilegnet Batman, det må være den første af slagsen. Det her er Læderlappen, hvor værten Teddy snakker om Batman på skrift, film, tv, musik mm., altid med gæster i hvert afsnit.

  • Two buddies, Toni and Ville, try to figure out life the only way they can - through movies, filmmaking and a healthy dose of banter.