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  • A critical look at film storytelling. The Fade In Podcast from Screenwriting at Victoria College examines an array of movies to better understand the craft of filmmaking. Join host Vikram Nijhawan to take a look through and beyond what is on the silver screen!

  • We're making the ultimate fan ranking of each episode of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" and rating each episode on a scale of 1-10! Listen in and go over the best (and worst) of The Gang's adventures with us, episode by episode. Reason will prevail!

  • Sigurjón og Tryggvi horfa vikulega á kvikmynd sem að annar hvor þeirra hefur ekki séð en það verkefni er einfalt þar sem Tryggvi hefur varla séð eina einustu bíómynd. Þeir leggja af stað í leiðangur til að upplýsa Tryggva betur um heim kvikmynda og horfa á allt frá algjöru rusli yfir í íkoniskar kvikmyndir sem allir hafa séð og elska (nema hann)

  • Can you tell if a show is worth watching from just the first episode?

    Cassidy, Jake and Josh aim to find out as they review the first episode of a new show each week. From hidden gems to the wildly popular, we decide whether a TV show is worth the binge or simply too cringe.

  • Jawa chatter is a fun entertaining guide for new fans and old that discusses the outer reaches of the Star Wars universe far beyond the films. Have you only seen The Mandalorian and want to get into other Star Wars content but don’t know where to start? We’re here for that and more. If you already love Star Wars we have plenty to offer you as well with an entertaining podcast that will touch on the latest and greatest the Galaxy Far Far Away has to offer. We’ll be interviewing people that are passionate about Star Wars, some who have turned their passions into projects or jobs and others that work directly for Lucasfilm!

    In addition to providing an entertaining and educational guide to Star Wars, Jawa Chatter aims to create a safe community for all. No matter what your favorite thing about Star Wars is, everyone should be able to talk about, share and have fun within the community. That’s why this is a podcast for everyone that loves the series and one where everyone is respectful to each other.

  • Hér er rætt um strauma og stefnur í hinum síbreytilega heimi kvikmynda og sjónvarps. Klapptréð er hluti af

  • Covering everything relating to Marvel and the Marvel Cinematic Universe :The Avengers, Avengers 4,Marvel Phase 4 and Marvel Phase 5

  • Every week Rashaad Bell breaks down comics, movies, politics, and just nerd culture in a way that can only be considered a hot mess

  • Eitthvað grasserar á Glerársöndum og margir búast við svörum. Baldvin Z kvikmyndagerðarmaður og Tómas Valgeirsson bíófíkill grandskoða sjónvarpsþættina Svörtu sanda frá ólíkum hliðum. Vangaveltur neytandans koma ferskar að skaparanum, en Tómas kemur með getspár, kenningar og fyrirspurnir á meðan þeir í sameiningu varpa ljósi á framvindu sögunnar, persónurnar, þemu og myndlíkingar. Þá er líka stutt í sturlaðar staðreyndir á bakvið gerð seríunnar og um kvikmyndagerð eins og hún leggur sig. Hefst þá stúderingin.

  • An Akira Kurosawa fanatic teams up with an Akira Kurosawa newbie for a casual, chronological look at all of the Japanese masterโ€™s films.

    Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, and more. New episodes every Friday!

  • Hlaðvarp um allt milli himins og jarðar tengt kvikmyndagerð og listum!

    Við fræðumst um kvikmyndabransann og fólkið í honum, leikhúsin og allskonar tengt listum!

    Þáttastjórnendur eru Maria Araceli, María Sigríður (Maja) og Bríet Birgisdóttir.

  • Tired of the nerds getting to have all the fun? Not enough time / mental capacity to catch up on a 23 movie (and growing) universe worth over $10 billion? Fret no more.

    Big dummies Ken and Lou will hold your hand and guide you slowly but surely through the chronological MCU so you can keep up with the latest convo around your kids and friends.

    Join them weekly for breakdowns, synopsis and banter about all of the goings ons in the MCU.

  • Listen along as a nerd tries to teach her clueless mother everything she needs to know about Star Wars.

  • Góðir gestir Snærósar Sindradóttir ætla að rýna í hvern einasta þátt af þriðju þáttaröð Ófærðar, spá í það hver sé morðinginn, hvað Andri Ólafsson lögreglumaður fær sér mörg mjólkurglös áður en hann leysir málið og hvort sérsveitin verði nógu snögg á staðinn til að stöðva ófremdarástandið sem skapast hefur í ískalda og torfæra smábænum sem skapar sögusvið þáttanna. Ekki missa af Með Ófærð á heilanum, í hlaðvarpi og Spilaranum, strax að loknum hverjum þætti af Ófærð 3.

  • Hlaðvarp með Elísabetu Hönnu og Unni Eggerts um myndirnar sem mótuðu þúsaldarkynslóðina.

  • Join hosts Amanda and Rachel as they take you back in time, episode by episode of ABCโ€™s Desperate Housewives. Support this podcast:

  • Designing Hollywood Podcast is dedicated to "All Things Movies' and all film industry professionals!

    Created & Founded By Designing Hollywood LLC

    High profile host's and guest's from costume designers, directors, producers, writers, actors & agents in the industry! Excited to be bringing you some fascinating (Q&A) behind the scenes stories and informative educational episodes!

    Designing Hollywood collaboration with Costume Designer Marilyn Vance. Marilyn's award winning costume designs have appeared in over 62 feature films, television films and mini-series. Vance set the trends of the time with her character designed portrayals in iconic films such as Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Pretty in Pink and Pretty Woman. Marilyn was also the first female to costume design for the action genre, designing costumes for iconic action blockbusters like 48 hours, Die Hard 1 & 2, The Untouchables, Predator 1 & 2, Time Cop & Road House.

    Host Robert Meyer Burnett is an American filmmaker, DVD producer and, online film pundit and YouTuber. Burnett directed Free Enterprise and the short film The Sacred Fire. He has also edited over 10 feature films, and worked as a Star Trek consultant for Viacom Interactive and Paramount Parks' Star Trek: The Experience located at the Las Vegas Hilton.
    Burnett has twice been a guest of honor at the science, science fiction, and fantasy convention, convergence.

    Host concept artist Phillip Boutte Jr. Phillip is known for his work as assistant costume designer for Mattel and Netflix’s upcoming “Masters of the Universe,” has also worked tirelessly for well over a decade to establish himself as a concept artist whom costume designers and studios are eager to work with.
    With credits such as “Black Panther,” “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Captain Marvel,” to name just three, Boutte has become one of the few people of color in a field in which directors and star talent can step in and make a difference by championing inclusion. Boutte recently worked on “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil,” with costume designer Ellen Mirojnick tapping him for concept art.

    Founder CEO/Producer Martika Ibarra & The Designing Hollywood Team

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    Founded in May 2020 By Designing Hollywood LLC

  • We talk all things MCU! Join Coach and Josh along with an array of friends and fans as they breakdown the latest films, tv episodes, breaking news, and much more! Support this podcast:

  • Giulia e Domenico, una grande passione per cinema, serie tv, videogiochi e libri che abbiamo deciso di condividere con voi.
    Episodio dopo episodio non ci limiteremo a recensire un singolo film, gioco o libro, ma scenderemo in profonditร  nelle tematiche trattate.
    Ci rivolgeremo a chiunque ami, come noi, immergersi sotto la superficie di nuovi mondi e a chi piace porsi domande.
    Insieme proveremo a capire meglio noi stessi e quello che ci circonda.