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  • Hier finden Sie den Podcast der katholischen Gemeinde St. Nikolaus in Krefeld. Hier werden verschiedene Stimmen aus der Gemeinde zu hören sein um auch in jetzigen Isolation gemeinsam zu beten.
    Wenn Sie sich mit eigenen Texten, Ideen oder Ihrer Stimme beteiligen möchten, schreiben Sie doch einfach eine Mail an [email protected]

  • Weekly messages from Sunday worship of Island Community Church downtown Memphis, Tennessee.

  • Being Like Jesus is a daily devotional for children from 4 years and above.

  • Yishun Christian Church (Lutheran) is a member church of the Lutheran Church in Singapore (LCS). This channel contains recorded sermons delivered during the Divine Service at our church every Sunday morning from 11am. 

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    We hope that you will find our channel useful and we look forward to seeing you at our Divine Service, or at any of our ministries or events. 

    The Lord be with you!  

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  • Apostle Sydney Quaye is the Global Lead Pastor of Shekinah Avenue Church. He is a revivalist by calling, a prolific Teacher, and a lover of the Word of God; Commissioned by Heaven into the Office of an Apostle with a Prophetic Ministry.

  • Soulful Streaming is your go-to podcast for inspiration, insights and deep dives into topics that send tidal waves of truth into your soul. The stars aligned when hosts Tina and Ali both bought houses in the same neighborhood. Both being the kind of women that enjoy a stroll through the neighborhood and deep conversations, it was only fate that the two would soon realize they were destined to be soulful sisters. What started out as exchanging podcasts, sharing the occasional slipstream, and new found wisdom turned into the idea to hit record on these soulful conversations. Whether you are in a season of change or looking to deepen your mind, body, soul connection we have an episode for you. The show is broken up into seasons to allow time for rest and integration. Because when we fill our own cup, we have the capacity to share with others. On the show Ali and Tina interview guests with a wide range of expertise. Each season there will be guests speaking on mindset, health and wellness, as well as spirituality and energetic well-being.

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    Email: Have a topic you want us to dive into or want to be a guest, email us at, [email protected] and [email protected]

  • Svava Kristรญn Love is an Icelandic mystic, singer-songwriter and a writer that has devoted her life to awakening after a deep calling in her heart to know the truth. Svava has had several mystical experiences that began at the age of 10, where she was shown the truth behind the veil.

    In 2016 A Course in Miracles came into Svava's life after a prayer for consistent peace and happiness. A Course in Miracles took her much deeper into the unconscious mind for undoing of the false self.

    Svava has walked through what many mystics through the ages have called โ€œthe dark night of the soulโ€ and she has devoted her life to point others to the truth of who we are.

    Svava extends the message of light and love and lives a very simple life of prayer and devotion.

    Svavaโ€™s podcast โ€œInto the Mysticโ€ is a deep calling for everyone to join her in the light of truth. On each episode Svava will guide the listener into an experience using writings, poems, music, mediations or dive into deep mystical topics. Each episode will be a ride behind the veil and into the mystic.

    โ€œThere is nothing to learn for the one that is already complete. However there is seemingly a lot to unlearn to realize the completion.โ€ ~ Svava

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  • Some kind of Jesus, Holy Ghost, Praying-for-the-Sick, Entrepreneur, Loving-People-At-Walmart, Prayer, Fasting, Faith, Born Again Podcast.
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  • Jennifer Nizza knows what it means to discern — and confront — evil. Once trapped on the hampster wheel of the New Age for 25 years, she was radically saved out of the occult and bondage by Jesus Christ. Nizza was a psychic medium and a teacher of the occult, and, as a result, was demonically oppressed. She taught topics such as: the law of attraction, past life regression, automatic writing, tarot, and mediumship. Despite being deeply rooted in the occult, at the age of 36, she cried out to Jesus for the first time and became a Christian. Suddenly, the darkness she was embroiled in was illuminated. She quit her job as a psychic, picked up her cross to follow Jesus — and hasn't looked back. Nizza, author of the books "From Psychic to Saved" and "Out of the New Age and Into the Truth," is now exposing the New Age, occultism, and paranormal deceptions through "The Ex-Psychic Saved Podcast." This podcast is dedicated to warning all about the dangers of the occult. She will talk about many New Age topics, expose where psychics get their information, interact with compelling guests, and much more!

  • Der spirituelle Business Podcast, der dir genau zeigt wie du inneren und äusseren Reichtum authentisch leben kannst. Häufig stellen wir uns verschiedene Lebensfragen. 
    Was ist wichtiger: Geld, Gesundheit oder Glück? Stell dir vor, du kannst BEIDES bzw. ALLES leben. So folgen dir Erfolg und Erfüllung in dein Leben.
    Maximilian Fritz ist seit über 10 Jahren Unternehmer, Business Mentor, Coach und spiritueller Ratgeber und gibt dir hier spannende und tiefgreifende Einblicke in die höheren Zusammenhänge des Kosmos.
    Spiritualität, Glück, Gesundheit, Reichtum und finanziellen Erfolg lässt sich wunderbar miteinander vereinen.
    Bist du bereit für den nächsten Schritt auf deiner Reise?
    Mentoring und Mastermind unter

  • In "Spiritual States," hosted by Michael Sanilevich, Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman focuses in on a specific spiritual state in each episode, and through Q&A, examines and elaborates on that spiritual state in order to give viewers a deep understanding of that state: to understand where it exists within the person, in the connection between people, and how it is expressed in the wisdom of Kabbalah.

  • The Apostolic Preaching of Christian Life Tabernacle
    Pastor Richard Fishburn

    1 Corinthians 1:21
    For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.

    Huntington, IN

  • Psychotherapist and spiritual teacher Isha Das has heard people ask life’s essential questions for over 30 years. Now he invites all of us to bring our own meaningful questions to his new podcast series, Wrestling With God. Invite your friends; like, subscribe, and share. Let’s keep the conversation going!

  • The official audio preaching podcast from Christian Bible Baptist Church Manila, Philippines, led by Rev. Allan Earnhart Jr. It is our desire that you will be revived, encouraged, and helped by this Gospel messages.

  • As a professional basketball player, Aaron Gordon knows physical health is a big part of the job. But what about the power of mental wellness? Can we apply concepts from all over the world towards becoming better players and healthier people?On "Aaron Gordon's Quest for Enlightenment," AG and his co-hosts ( psychotherapist David Vaughns and basketball insider Burton Chawla) speak to experts from around the world about the connection between sports and mental wellness. They translate Eastern philosophy to Aaron's very Western NBA lifestyle, following in his lifelong pursuit of finding greater meaning wherever it lives.With mental wellness becoming an increasingly important topic in sports, Aaron and company are here to give a unique window into his game and his life. You'll be informed. You'll be entertained. You'll be enlightened."Aaron Gordon's Quest for Enlightenment" is proudly presented by Talkspace.Produced by Lineage Digital x DBPodcasts

  • The Spiritualist Academy's motto is 'Learning Together on the path to Great Mediumship'. This show is about us all learning more about Mediumship Mechanics, What it means to be a Medium and even How to become a Medium as well as all things Spiritualist and Spiritualism. -- Where to start, how to improve and how to go further. Hosted by Oliver Carpenter-Beale

  • Welcome to Manifest Magic with Karina Dharma, your host. I am your manifestation witch, spiritual business coach & mindset mentor. My mission is to help you manifest and create the life and business of your deepest dreams & desires. A life that encompasses spiritual growth, ultimate happiness & pure abundance. You’ve been divinely guided here for a reason & I’m so grateful that you’re here.

    This podcast has been created as a platform that welcomes deep, vulnerable, and conscious conversations. We will be diving into all sorts of topics including manifestation, mindset, entrepreneurship, spirituality, self-love, healing, plant medicine, personal growth, travel, relationships, and so much more!

    I am passionate about sharing the secrets and tips behind how you can manifest more magic into your life and business. In 2014, I took the leap to travel the world, and I’m now a full-time digital nomad, running a soul aligned coaching business. My aim is to share my wisdom, knowledge & life lessons with you, so that you can take the aligned action to manifest & create the life & business of your dreams too. Thank you for being here.

    Love & Light!

    Karina Dharma