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  • Rudyard Lynch, creator of the enormously popular YouTube channel WhatifAltHist joins Erik Torenberg every week to offer a deeper understanding of critical moments in history. Together they identify patterns in order to predict the future and understand the dynamics that result in civilizations rising and falling.
    On this season we'll cover WW1, WW2, Classical Greece, Medieval Islam, the rise of Communism, and more.
    History 102 is a part of the Turpentine podcast network. Learn more: www.turpentine.co

  • "A Beginner's Guide to AI" makes the complex world of Artificial Intelligence accessible to all. Each episode breaks down a new AI concept into everyday language, tying it to real-world applications and featuring insights from industry experts. Ideal for novices, tech enthusiasts, and the simply curious, this podcast transforms AI learning into an engaging, digestible journey. Join us as we take the first steps into AI!

  • Science, astrology, war, politics and everything you need to hear. One place have it all. Your topic our voice, your question and our answer. You have it all โ˜บ๏ธ

  • House of Data explores how data is influencing decisions at the most ambitious companies in housing. Each episode dives into how housing market participants are ingesting, organizing, and making decisions using data, and the competitive advantages that follow. Hosted by Alex Bridgeman.

  • A podcast focusing on spinal cord injuries and paralysis and ways to treat and cure those problems.

  • A podcast about neither tech nor people but both and how, if we want technology to move as fast as the consumers want it to then we must admit it's time we started to consistently do the Human Work. With a total of 50 years in tech between them, author, start-up founder, thought leader and influencer Duena Blomstrom and VP of Engineering for Evora Global, Dave Ballantyne, the hosts of this show come from the two opposite sides of the equation above and debate how we can best meet in the middle. The hosts are also neurospicy, Duena is diagnosed AuADHD and Dave isn't yet formally diagnosed, the couple are (still) newlyweds and they won't hold back from real talk, banter or the occasional swearword!

  • Accounting Tech Tar Pit is a podcast for founders who are building accounting or SME-focused startups.

    This is a no B.S. interview-based podcast on a mission to bring light to the biggest challenges and misconceptions within the accounting industry, to help the next generation of founders accelerate their learning, and build better products that accountants want to use!

    What's the Tar Pit reference? First associated with startups by Y-Combinator, we have taken the idea and bastardised it for our own agenda. Tune in to episode 1 if you dare to learn more โ˜ ๏ธ

  • Join Chris, Tim, and Alex as they delve into the Cloud Networking world! The goal of this podcast is to help Network Engineers with their Cloud journey. Follow us on Twitter @Cables2Clouds | Co-Hosts Twitter Handles: Chris - @bgp_mane | Tim - @juangolbez | Alex - @bumpsinthewire

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  • Are you sitting comfortably? Agile Storytime brings new ways of working to life through informative, insightful and inspiring tales. Join David Ritter, BCG partner and director, in stories that will deepen your understanding of Agile, give you new ways to think about and express core Agile principles, and add tools to your toolbox to make your work with your teams and clients even more impactful.

    This podcast is from Boston Consulting Group. For more information on Enterprise Agility, visit https://on.bcg.com/agile

    This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis:

    Chartable - https://chartable.com/privacy

  • The Pharma Insight podcast from Controlant covers how pharmaceutical companies can digitalize, automate, and transform their supply chains. Listen to experts and thought leaders who cover how the latest technological advancements are changing the way life-saving medicine and vaccines are delivered to the people that need them.

  • Conversations on the Future of Humanity
    #toctw #podcast #future #futuristic
    The One's Changing the World - 1st Future Tech Meets Sustainability Podcast in India- With Eddie Avil
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  • Bill Felker's almanack for Southwest Ohio and beyond features observations and reflections on the natural world.

  • A discussion show that’s all about camera gear for photography and video. If you like to nerd out on camera specs, are always looking for a better cage setup, or want to understand video codecs better, you’ll probably enjoy this podcast.

    Find more information about the show at https://www.cameragearpodcast.com.

  • The 'Digitalization & Diversity' Podcast is a show that shares insights, personal stories and digital journeys of diverse people.

    During each episode, host Adya Kumar, a tech enthusiast, strategy leader and a podcaster, explores the cross-roads of "Digitalization" & "Diversity". She engages in a conversation with people from diverse backgrounds following unconventional paths to understand the power of technology and digitalization to improve diversity, and vice versa the role of diversity in accelerating digitalization and innovation.

    Through this platform, Adya brings new ideas on how you can personally contribute to a more diverse and digitalized world, how you can better use technology to your advantage, and how to bring a digital mindset that affects both your personal and professional life.

    Listen in to find out how diversity and digitalization is being redefined today!!

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  • This Podcast covers topics related to creating user-friendly and compliant information for use. Topics such as the principles of minimalism, ISO 20607 and IEC/IEEE 82079 will be discussed.

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  • Digitalization is currently experiencing an unimagined worldwide push. Smart and connected objects link the real with the digital world, helping us to tackle the major challenges of our time, such as climate change and the growing world population. Intelligent devices are part of many people‘s everyday lives - both in professional and private environments. The Internet of Things provides the technological basis for exploiting the full potential of digitization. The potential of IoT is well known and undisputed. But how do we actually implement it? How can people and companies benefit from it? In this podcast, Thomas Reinhardt, Head of Corporate Campaigns & Customer Communications at Infineon, meets with experts from Infineon, partners and customers and discusses with them how to make IoT work.

  • I will go through what it took for Toyota to build a Six Sigma System. It took them years but benefits accrue quickly. It will change the culture of your organization to one of Greatness.

  • We are discussing about Renewable Energy and it's various aspects.