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  • Bill Felker's almanack for Southwest Ohio and beyond features observations and reflections on the natural world.

  • A discussion show that’s all about camera gear for photography and video. If you like to nerd out on camera specs, are always looking for a better cage setup, or want to understand video codecs better, you’ll probably enjoy this podcast.

    Find more information about the show at https://www.cameragearpodcast.com.

  • The 'Digitalization & Diversity' Podcast is a show that shares insights, personal stories and digital journeys of diverse people.

    During each episode, host Adya Kumar, a tech enthusiast, engineer, strategy consulting professional and a podcaster, explores the cross-roads of "Digitalization" & "Diversity". She engages in a conversation with people from diverse backgrounds following unconventional paths to understand the power of technology and digitalization to improve diversity, and vice versa the role of diversity in accelerating digitalization and innovation.

    Through this platform, Adya brings new ideas on how you can personally contribute to a more diverse and digitalized world, how you can better use technology to your advantage, and how to bring a digital mindset that affects both your personal and professional life.

    Listen in to find out how diversity and digitalization is being redefined today!!

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  • This Podcast covers topics related to creating user-friendly and compliant information for use. Topics such as the principles of minimalism, ISO 20607 and IEC/IEEE 82079 will be discussed.

  • Life-changing conversations in the areas of technology, business, and belonging.
    Your hosts:
    Manish Bhardia - President, Think AI Consulting
    Eddie Bader - COO, Aegis Innovators
    Eric Klauss - Partner, PartnerSource Solutions
    Brian Iinuma - President, Strategic Systems Group

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  • Digitalization is currently experiencing an unimagined worldwide push. Smart and connected objects link the real with the digital world, helping us to tackle the major challenges of our time, such as climate change and the growing world population. Intelligent devices are part of many people‘s everyday lives - both in professional and private environments. The Internet of Things provides the technological basis for exploiting the full potential of digitization. The potential of IoT is well known and undisputed. But how do we actually implement it? How can people and companies benefit from it? In this podcast, Thomas Reinhardt, Head of Corporate Campaigns & Customer Communications at Infineon, meets with experts from Infineon, partners and customers and discusses with them how to make IoT work.

  • I will go through what it took for Toyota to build a Six Sigma System. It took them years but benefits accrue quickly. It will change the culture of your organization to one of Greatness.

  • We are discussing about Renewable Energy and it's various aspects.

  • This is a show for status quo busters inside enterprises who are ready to make change happen. We: ask people who have transformed big businesses how they’ve done it through three lenses: technology, mindset, and strategy. You: get the roadmap to creating change inside your own enterprise.

  • Hosted by award-winning CTO and 20-year tech veteran Jason DeFillippo, Boot Up with Jason delivers the top tech news in 10 minutes or less, Monday through Friday!

  • Lífæðar landsins er hlaðvarp Samorku um orku- og veitumál. Umsjón hefur Lovísa Árnadóttir.

  • The Podcast Index presents Podcasting 2.0 - Upgrading Podcasting

  • Computers and science are intertwined – and not just as tools that help humans connect and collaborate. With computers, scientists model the earth’s climate, design alternative energy strategies and simulate exploding stars. From laptops to the world’s fastest supercomputers, software innovations and artificial intelligence are reshaping how we interact with mounds of data from healthcare to high-energy physics and how we solve critical problems.

    Computational science brings together mathematics, computer science and hardware and science expertise to take on these challenges. In this podcast, you’ll meet the scientists doing this work, learn more about their research and gain insights into the workings of this dynamic field.

  • EV Quest is a podcast about Electric Vehicles. Adrian Maidment from EV Quest is on a "quest" to find an EV to replace his current petrol car.

  • Place and time is a podcast about how positioning, navigation and timing technologies have shaped the world you live in, why they are existentially important to protect, and what the future might look like.

  • Every Friday, I publish a set of Frontend coding problems on Medium which corresponds to a chapter from my Udemy video course: A Complete Frontend Developer Textbook for Beginners. Your challenge is to solve these brain teasers using only one line of JavaScript code. The following week, I will broadcast the solutions and explanations as the next podcast episode. Come join me each week to sharpen your coding chops and gain Enlightenment as a Coding Monk in a quick and fun way!These brain teasers are brought to you by Silicon Wat University and recorded from my Treehouse in Fresno, California Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/siliconwat/support

  • Flugtaxis, Hyperloop, Cyborgs, IoT in Space, Smart & Green Cities - im Hypermotion Podcast diskutieren Experten die Zukunft von Mobilitรคt & Logistik. Seien Sie gespannt auf Innovationen aus dem Automotive und Transport Bereich! Air taxis, hyperloops, smart & green cities - experts discuss the future of mobility & logistics. Listen to fascinating panel discussions, speeches & talks and take a look ahead into tomorrow's mobility.More information about Hypermotion Frankfurt: http://hypermotion-frankfurt.com/

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  • DataTjej รคr en ideell organisation fรถr ickebinรคra och kvinnor som gillar IT och data.

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