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  • Welcome to Majesco’s Future of Insurance Podcast Series, where we tap into the expertise and experience of a variety of industry leaders, partners and influencers to give listeners access to different stories, expertise and insights about the trends that are defining the future of insurance.

  • In the past two years, more than three-quarters of organizations have been attacked by ransomware, and over two-thirds have experienced at least one software supply chain attack. Attackers are smarter, more sophisticated and move more quickly than ever. If your organization hasn’t been breached yet, odds are you will be. On The Segment, you will hear from industry experts about the latest cybersecurity and ransomware trends. We will unpack how modern organizations can reduce risk and curtail impact with Zero Trust - a “never trust, always verify” approach to cybersecurity. Join us for The Segment: A Zero Trust Leadership Podcast, brought to you by Illumio.

  • Aimed at CISOs, CTOs, CROs and other global security professionals, the ISF Analyst Insight Podcast goes in-depth on the hottest topics in information security, and the extensive research conducted by the Information Security Forum, the leading authority on cyber, information security, and risk management. Drawing from our network of over 18,000 security professionals, our analysts hand selects active security professionals from ISF Member organisations to discuss how the implementation of ISF research is uniquely applying to their real-world context.

  • We host intimate conversations with music tech enthusiasts around the world to understand how tech plays a pivotal part in today’s music industry.

    Produced by ANIM Sessions

  • Podcasten Power Women in Tech bjuder in inspirerande kvinnor i techbranschen att berรคtta om sin karriรคrresa, kรคrnan i deras drivkraft och hur vi tillsammans kan fรฅ fler kvinnor att vรคlja en vรคg inom tech. Podcasten drivs av Heidi Ershult och Tina Berglund och produceras av fintechbolaget Nordnet. Podden รคr ett initiativ inom Nordnets karriรคrnรคtverk Power Women in Tech, klicka hรคr fรถr att bli medlem och ta del av inspiration och kommande event.

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • The Podcast about everything computing

  • Get closer to the Wheeler Dealer, Mike Brewer, with his new podcast where Mike offers his thoughts on the world of cars from a lifetime in the industry. Alongside his good friend, broadcaster Andy Jaye, Mike will be chatting to famous faces for car-skewing conversations, responding to the latest motoring news, offering us a sneak peak behind the scenes of the TV show, and answering the questions you want to ask. Follow Mike’s social channels @mikebrewer on Instagram and Twitter and Wheeler Dealer on Facebook to be the first to know when a new episode drops, and click the follow button on this podcast to make sure you don’t miss a thing. Launching December, 2022.

  • Waylay.io presents 'Just Automate It' the hyper-automation podcast series. Interviews, debates & discussions about automation across business verticals.
    Waylay paving the way and making the world of hyper-automation simple!

  • Cybersecurity is complex. Its user experience doesn’t have to be. Heidi Trost interviews information security experts about how we can make it easier for people—and their organizations—to stay secure.

  • Let’s have a piece of cake and talk about product. Product management, ownership, team building, culture and suicide projects. Everything you need to think about, when working in product and tech business in the VUCA world. Enjoy fresh input from Ghonche Tavoosi and Paul Lunow.

  • Web development, JavaScript, careers. Each week starts with an article and and ends with good news.

  • "Teknik i akademi" är en podcast som fokuserar på att kombinera teknik med universitetets roll. I varje avsnitt tittar vi närmare på hur teknik påverkar och formar akademisk forskning och utbildning. Vi bjuder också på djupdykningar i ämnen som chatGPT och andra AI-tjänster, och vi har regelbundet gäster från olika delar av den akademisk världen. Lyssna på "Teknik i akademi" för att få insikter om universitetet och tekniken, och för att få en bättre förståelse för hur de två världarna påverkar varandra.

  • De fรถre detta motorjournalisterna Ola Sigvardsson och Hรฅkan Matson pratar om bilar

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Portally är att ett digitalt ekosystem utvecklat i samarbete med fastighetsbranschens aktörer för att möta marknadens nya behov. Portallys vision är att göra lokalmarknaden mer transparent och tillgänglig för att minska avstånden mellan branschens aktörer och skapa en mer långsiktigt hållbar och lönsam fastighetsmarknad för alla. Portallypodden kommer att ta med er lyssnare på en upptäcktsresa bland företag, personer och tjänster inom tech vars syfte är att utveckla och lyfta in fastigheter och handel in i framtiden.

  • On this podcast, we talk to leaders and innovators in the DevOps world to finally solve the problem every engineer has heard - "Well, it works on my computer!"

  • Bringing cyber security professionals together to share their expertise. CyberTech Talks is a podcast hosted by CREST.

  • Show notes: https://medium.com/ux-in-real-life
    Hello, friends! We're Michelle and Mary Fran – two friends who met through UX and love to geek out about it. UX IRL is a podcast about what UX is like at work and in the world around us. We cover our favorite methods, UX wins/struggles, career, and other UX-y things. Feel free to reach out to us on LinkedIn.

  • Welcome to Seventy Tech Talks podcast, an exploration of the landscape of technology, business and brands and whatever trends that shake up the intersection of these three.
    Seventy agency is a brand and business design agency, using tech, creativity, and market understanding to help our clients achieve sustainable growth. Born in the Nordics, we help companies identify new growth opportunities, develop their brands and build customer experiences that stand out in the new tech-defined reality.

  • Anthony Day and Diego Borgo present a new kind of show! And it's the Blockchain and Web3 podcast you deserve... Bringing together tech knowledge, culture, and insider insights from the cutting edge of Web3, Blockchain and The Metaverse.

    We bring you a regular show that doesn't just give you the headlines of what's happening in Web3, but WHY it's happening, WHAT technology is being used, and HOW the latest projects will transform business and culture.