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  • Everybody likes to talk about new and disruptive technology, very few go practical about them and really discuss how these innovations affect our jobs and our life. Let’s try to change that!

  • おさむ(外資系IT勤務)とたくま(ITフリーランス)がガジェット、仕事、暮らしについてよもやま話をするポッドキャストです。




  • I love making software, I also love sharing that experience with others. From apps to games and in between, we explore it all in this Podcast.

  • Where B2B marketers come to talk sales. 15-minute interviews published every Monday morning. For heads of marketing and founders who support a sales team.

  • The podcast about all things Agile and Software Delivery where I discuss all things agile with colleagues, clients and industry leaders. We’ll be giving you an honest take on tools and techniques, will share our experiences and hopefully provide inspiration and guidance to all involved in software design and delivery to ultimately make software delivery more enjoyable and successful.

  • We're on a journey to find the most interesting Web3 projects! Together with our hosts Nathan & Isaac we explore the most fascinating companies and DAOs building the next generation decentralized internet.Contact: [email protected]

  • Cyber Side Chats is bringing Technology to you in a new and innovative way, discussing current events and their relevance to the technical world.

  • The Solar Podcast tells the story of innovators and play makers. By having hard conversations, we seek to tell the story of a world that is changing, and what we can do to help that change be for the better. From leaders in tech to controversial innovators, our host Dave Anderson gets into the minds of the people that ignite change.

  • IEEE SA Voice shares insights and perspectives from the IEEE SA community, subject matter experts, and industry leaders that are working to raise the world's standards, drive market solutions, and much more, keeping you at the forefront of technological innovation for the benefit of humanity.

  • Un balado en trois épisodes pour marquer le 100e anniversaire de la radiodiffusion au Canada.
    Saviez-vous que la première station radiophonique canadienne à émettre selon un horaire régulier se trouvait à Montréal?
    En effet, c’est le 20 mai 1920 que la Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of Canada, située sur l'actuel campus de l'ÉTS, diffuse la toute première émission radiophonique canadienne.
    Des auditeurs de Montréal et d’Ottawa peuvent alors écouter la musique et les discours en même temps, bien que 160 km les séparent! Le son n’est pas parfait, mais il aurait été possible de danser, dira un témoin. C’est la consécration.
    Diffusée sous l’indicatif XWA, l’émission marquera un moment décisif dans l’histoire des télécommunications et pavera la voie à de nombreuses autres innovations, dont Internet.

  • Hear from energy pioneers and visionaries from across the globe who are accelerating the shift to clean energy by making their own electric power for their homes, offices, and communities. Join TED speaker, author, and climate investor, Bill Nussey and co-host Sam Easterby as they talk to the people who are disrupting the century-old grid monopoly and making clean, local energy a reality. Visit FreeingEnergy.com for more.

  • 유튜브엔 삼프로TV가 있다면, 팟캐스트엔 웹삼브로가 있다!

    웹삼브로 팟캐스트는 탈중앙화된 인터넷의 미래와 테크 혁신을 탐구하고 소개한다. 각 에피소드에서는 NFT 프로젝트, 암호화폐, 블록체인 프로토콜, 웹3.0 기술 관련 스타트업 등 다양한 주제를 포커스한다. 창업자, 아티스트, 투자자, 크리에이터 등과 대화도 나누며 새롭게 부상하는 웹3.0 세상 속을 함께 파헤쳐본다.

    공식 블로그 및 뉴스레터: web3bro.stashpub.com
    문의: [email protected]

  • Speaking to the leaders in the highways and transport technology industries, plus catching up with the top stories from the daily newsletters from Highways-News.com.

  • Reading aloud the top content in web3 so you can sit back and just listen.

  • 洞悉科技趋势,预见未来先机。每周四带你来精准把握前沿技术如何让驱动行业发展。

  • The Blockchain Insiders Report brings our community the latest developments and in-depth insights regarding the state of the blockchain ecosystem. If you're looking to stay updated or learn more about Blockchain tech, investments, hiring, and intellectual property, here's your chance!

    One of the reasons that make people shy away or feel reluctant to contribute openly in the blockchain space is the assumption that they don't know enough yet. This only serves to hold them back even more. This podcast mini-series is meant to help you acquire the knowledge you need to move forward!

  • پادکست تورینگ اختصاص داره به معرفی علوم کامپیوتر. تو این پادکست در مورد مطالب مرتبط با این رشته صحبت میکنیم. اگر شما هم علاقه مند به این رشته هستید یا دوست دارید در مورد این رشته بدونید، حتما همراه ما باشید.
    این پادکست در گیک کادمی تولید میشه و میتونید ویدیوهای مرتبط با هر اپیزود رو از اینستاگرام و کانال یوتیوب گیک کادمی تماشا کنید.

  • Hosted by Kim-Adeline Miguel and Luciana Abud, this podcast brings refreshing insights of the VS Code Python team, with authentic perspectives on the Python ecosystem and how VS Code fits in it, as seen from a software engineer view and a product manager lens.

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