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  • Venez découvrir le monde d'Odiofill ! Je discute avec vous des plus récentes actualités technologiques. Le sujet est vaste : téléphones, tablettes, ordinateurs, logiciels, applications Social Audio, sécurité, équipements audio, véhicules électriques, etc... Si vous avez des suggestions d'actualités, des commentaires, si vous voulez m'envoyer un message audio ou simplement me payer un café et bien tous les liens se retrouvent sur www.odiofill.com Un merci spécial à tous ceux et celles qui ont prêté leur voix pour les jingles !

  • The Immersive Knowledge Transfer podcast is a creation of the IM4 Media Lab with the aim to amplify the voices of Indigenous creatives working with immersive technologies, such as VR, AR and 360-degree videos. Hosted by Cheyanna Kootenhayoo (aka DJ Kookum) the series features long-form interviews, community highlights and musical guests, sharing the experiences, insights and stories of Indigenous digital leaders and artists from around the world.

  • #FR #QCL'Actu ( LActu.ca ) est un Podcast / Blog d'actualité de tous genres principalement concentré dans le monde de la technologie & de média culturel. Site Web : lactu.ca Youtube : YT.lactu.ca Facebook : FB.lactu.ca Twitch : LIVE.lactu.ca Une Production : mapprod.co

  • Buu's Hour is home of Daryl & Buu's Weekly Update as well as a technical show, Buu's Hour - Cloud Edition and interview show, Buu's Hour - Community Edition.

  • Join Erik Kain and Jason Rose to discuss, critique and enjoy video games, as well as the culture and media that surrounds them. Life moves fast, your gaming conversations don't have to.


  • If it were a country, cybercrime would be the third largest economy in the world behind the United States and China. Best estimates suggest cybercrime will cost $10.5 trillion globally on an annual basis by the year 2025. In fact, AT and T says that represents the greatest transfer of economic wealth in history.
    So, what do we do? How do you do business? How does a government function? How do you safeguard your investments in the face of that historic threat?
    This Story Studio Network podcast series, ponders those questions and explores the solutions to harden. Cybersecurity. Welcome to 1:CLICK 2:CYBER CHAOS.
    It's not a matter of if, but when your data will be breached. It is hospitals that are being attacked. It is financial institutions. It is governments. It's everyone, including individuals.
    When you look at things like connected cities and connected cars and connected devices, they are all entry points for “the bad guys” to get into your networks. Combatting cybercrime is becoming all the more challenging. There's a shortfall of 3 million jobs globally. That’s good news for those who are pursuing a career in cyber security. We believe this podcast will be an eye-opener. Put an ear on it.
    1:CLICK 2:CYBER CHAOS is produced for Coding for Veterans and the University of Ottawa by Story Studio Network and iContact Productions.

  • Two friends discussing everything about cars and technology.

  • This is a weekly look at the news around and impacting the Python Community. Hear from experienced Conference Organizer Jon Banafato and community organizer and advocate Jay Miller about upcoming events and how the latest in Python news may affect Pythonistas around the globe.

  • At Mitacs, we make innovation happen, matching up the brightest minds and the most innovative companies in Canada with spectacular results. Each year, hundreds of businesses and thousands of researchers come to us for help in turning their big ideas into reality. We’ve got stories to tell, and we want you to hear them. That’s why we’ve launched The Edge, a new podcast by Mitacs. Join us as we discover the Canadian innovations that are improving the world around us: Robotics, artificial intelligence, fashion, athletics, conservationism, and more – you’ll find it all on The Edge.

  • Cloud-based collaboration and communications are delivering experiences that are transforming our economy and shaping our lives. But to benefit from the Experience Economy and build an enduring advantage, organizations must think beyond yesterday’s strategies and solutions. The Experience invites you to join Avaya Chief Evangelist, Steve Forcum for thought-provoking conversations with industry leaders, technologists, creators, influencers and others who are bringing to life the future of experiences. Each episode will enlighten, entertain and empower with information to help you innovate and differentiate by creating memorable experiences for customers and employees alike. Between episodes, follow us on the Avaya blog.

  • Le numérique est bien présent autour de nous, autant en entreprise qu’en éducation. Dans ce balado, nous vous présenterons des discussions et des entrevues autour de réalité, de projets et d’initiatives vécus à l’école et en entreprise. Chaque épisode aborde une des douze dimensions du plan d’action numérique en éducation au Québec et fait le pont entre ce qui se fait dans nos écoles et les besoins et les réalités en entreprise.

  • Positive Connection is a monthly series of motivational talks given by Lewis Timberlake. The talks are given at Austin Baptist Church in Austin, TX.

  • On NFT Alpha we talk all things NFTs, Web3 and Play to Earn gaming on Twitter spaces empowering the community with the latest NFT alpha along the way.
    These podcasts are the recordings of the Twitter Spaces that are held multiple times a week interacting with other members of the NFT community.
    Host : https://twitter.com/MosherRoth
    Co Hosts : https://twitter.com/swolesome and https://twitter.com/Jono_Ashbrook

  • پادکست پارادایم، موضوعات حوزه‌ی دیزاین، تکنولوژی و کسب‌و‌کارها را که با کیفیت زندگی ما ارتباط مستقیم دارد؛ بررسی می‌کند
    برای تولید هر اپیزود چند کتاب و مقاله‌ی معتبر مطالعه می‌کنیم؛ سعی می‌کنیم اطلاعات دقیقی در مورد موضوع ارائه بدیم والبته این منابع را به شما هم معرفی می‌کنیم.
    این پادکست توسط سپهرمحمدبیگی، رسام رستمی و حدیث خسروی تولید میشه،هر دوهفته یک‌بار می‌تونید منتظر اپیزود جدید باشید؛

  • From Content Strategy Inc, it’s the Content in Practice podcast. Hosted by senior strategist Blaine Kyllo, who explores content operations problems and solutions through in-depth conversations with people doing the work of content.

  • Hydro-Québec, une entreprise comportant 21 000 employé(e)s dont les activités sont aussi variées que fascinantes, fait beaucoup réagir, autant dans la population en général que sur les médias sociaux, où les questions et commentaires fusent de toutes parts. Chaque épisode permet de démystifier un aspect précis de ces activités, à partir de commentaires d’internautes, avec une animation par les membres de notre équipe des médias sociaux et Francis Labbé, porte-parole. Vous êtes expert(e) dans le domaine de l’énergie ou tout simplement curieux ou curieuse? Votre tweet est important pour nous.

  • The energy value chain is changing rapidly and increasingly digital in nature, requiring new competencies and acting with insight. A strong commitment to sustainability and the energy transition is essential to attracting and keeping customers and growing the business. https://www.cgi.com/en/energy-utilities

  • Hello world! It’s Mike Traverso with the Friends that Code podcast where I get a chance to showcase some amazing people I know that just happen to write code for a living.

    Whether they started off intending to code or just happened into it, we get to hear about the types of people you'll meet, things you'll get to do, jobs you'll have along the way, and advice from some awesome coders along the way!

  • iPhone related tips, tricks, how tos, news and more. Of course, that we're also covering iPad, Apple Watch, Mac and all other hot selling Apple products. Find out about hidden iOS, macOS , watchOS and iPadOS features, get the most important news from the tech world and much more.