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  • Blackpoint Cyber does the fighting for you, but ever wish you could get closer to the action? Hear all the details firsthand at our podcast, The Unfair Fight.
    Listen to monthly episodes where Founder & CEO, Jon Murchison and VP of Threat Operations, Xavier Salinas, get real and talk all things cybersecurity and more.

  • Podcast francophone sur la cybersécurité. Pour professionels et curieux.

  • This weekly podcast features students who share life-changing experiences and decisions that impacted their career paths, professional networks, and personal character. These insightful and at times amusing tales will inspire students, teachers, and anyone who wants to learn more about how youth navigate their life and career paths.

  • Technality is a podcast by Narcity Media Inc. that explores all things future, tech & humanity. We examine the way in which new technologies shape our lives, and ask pointed questions about the future they lead us towards.

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  • Hosted by Johna Till Johnson, Capture the CISO is the conversation interested CISOs have with vendors about their solutions. It’s also a competition, with vendors are judged across three variables: 

    Is it innovative?
    Does it solve a real need?
    How easy is it to deploy?

  • GM! Listen to the biggest live daily discussion about everything NFTs and web3. Experienced collectors, project founders and respected community members exchange ideas and thoughts on topics all while laughing and sharing the GM vibe.

    Hosted by Mando, OSF and Farokh Monday-Friday 10:30am EST on Twitter through web3's own Rug Radio, the leader in decentralized media.

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/RugRadio

  • MonPodcast est une baladodiffusion sur la technologie et la culture geek.

  • Weekly podcast on building science, products and technology.

  • Our podcasts aims to demystify the who, what, where, and why of Digital Identity with a global perspective through a Canadian lens and to bring awareness to interested individuals and organizations on the society changing benefits and challenges of Digital Identity. We discuss Digital Identity concepts, current events with experts, and sometimes read interesting articles.

    DIACC stands for the Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada, we are Canada’s largest and most diverse voice on digital ID. We’re a not-for-profit association of more than 100 public and private sector members who are championing digital ID solutions and implementations with privacy and security built in by design. If you want to learn more about DIACC you can visit DIACC.CA. If you don’t know much about Digital ID, then please subscribe to this podcast because all of our episodes are about discussing and educating on Digital ID concepts and happenings.

  • Les Jeunes Décodent est un balado pour ados qui explore, en 6 épisodes, le potentiel des nouvelles technologies pour répondre à des questions de société. Ce balado est proposé par Ubisoft Éducation et La puce à l’oreille. Il est porté par Danian Banchev, Kenza Chahidi, Grace Nsenga et Dahlia Weladji, quatre jeunes étudiants au Cégep et membres du collectif Les jeunes en parlent.

    Dans Les Jeunes Décodent, Dahlia, Grace, Kenza et Danian se demandent comment les nouvelles technologies peuvent aider à résoudre les problèmes d’aujourd’hui. Est-ce que l’intelligence artificielle peut-être mise au service de la lutte contre les changements climatiques? Le code peut-il aider à l’apprentissage des langues autochtones? Comment inciter les jeunes filles à étudier l’informatique?

    Sous forme de discussions et d’entrevues avec des experts et des expertes, les quatre amis partent à la rencontre de ceux et celles qui, grâce aux nouvelles avancées technologiques, inventent un futur positif, solidaire et inclusif.

    Crédits de la série:

    Un balado produit par Ubisoft Éducation. Production : Léa Vinson - Ubisoft Éducation. Réalisation: La puce à l’oreille et les Studios Bakery. Avec Danian Banchev, Kenza Chahidi, Grace Nsenga et Dahlia Weladji à l'animation. Direction éditoriale: Lucie Laumonier - La puce à l'oreille. Direction créative: Albéric Filhol - La puce à l'oreille. Enregistrement, montage et mixage : Ivann Uruena - Les Studios Bakery. Conception sonore : Nico Serrus - Les Studios Bakery.

  • Hub Dialogues (part of The Hub, Canada’s daily news and information source for policy and politics – www.thehub.ca) are in-depth conversations about big ideas from the worlds of business, economics, geopolitics, public policy, and technology.

    Join The Hub's editor at large, Sean Speer, in dialogue with leading entrepreneurs, policymakers, scholars, and thinkers on the issues and challenges that will shape Canada's future.

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  • Multimodal is a podcast about all things GPT-3, DALL-E, and multimodal AI models. Exploring the intersection of AI, creativity, and technology. Hosted by YouTube Creator Bakz T. Future.

  • The 2022 edition of crypto’s most popular year-end report, now available in podcast format. Written by Messari CEO and Co-founder Ryan Selkis, this recording explores key trends, people, companies, and projects to watch across the crypto landscape, with predictions for 2022. Learn more and view the full 165-page report at messari.io/crypto-theses-for-2022/

    We’ve got you covered… WAGMI.

  • I have deep conversations with people regarding their interests and passions.

    My ultimate goal is to provide a platform for humans to come closer to each other through shared experiences.

    This is especially important in a world where we appear to be tearing each other apart.

    We are all humans. Let's celebrate each other by sharing our stories, together.

  • An e-bike podcast covering the ebike industry and other non-automobile electrified transportation

  • Net Zero. Repurpose. Quilt work. Scraps. Leaders. Visionaries. Disruptors. Gender-barrier busters. Bringing disparate pieces into efficient building- science harmony. Trailblazing industry authority Shawna Henderson has deep conversations about the building science world with a range of on-the-ground experts. Walk away with a little more housing energy conservation knowledge you never knew you needed. We are here to disrupt the status quo and change the culture for the betterment of all.

  • Mind Your NLP brings to you short and crisp discussions on Applied NLP. We analyse papers, books, videos and applications in the field of NLP but only from a practical perspective. We do not claim but try to be the mirror to industry's perspective on Natural language Processing.

  • Who controls our data? The Data Drop podcast shares news, opinions, and insights from the front lines of data privacy. The Data Drop is a production of the Data Collaboration Alliance, a nonprofit advancing data ownership and data-centric innovation through pilot projects and free training. Visit datacollaboration.org