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  • Dengan #JaringanDataTerkuat XL Axiata, sekarang kamu bisa streaming lagu favorit bebas hambatan dimana saja kapan saja. dengarkan sekarang, untuk menemukan lokasi menuju kota DigiRace Season 2 berikutnya!

  • Technology has the power to do many things – and changing the world is one of them. Introducing WE THE FUTURE

    WE THE FUTURE is a movement to seek innovations that can change the future. In WE THE FUTURE, we invite experts and innovators from every industry to discuss the future and how it will impact society.

    Head to wethefuture.wir.group to learn more

  • The Dojo is a podcast dedicated to highlighting a valued member of the Cyber Samurai and NFT community. Each episode we dive deep and ask hard hitting questions about an individuals' journey in the Crypto and NFT space, discuss current market trends and share advice on maintaining longevity in web3.

    Hosted by Shake, Doreann and The Local.

    Follow us: https://twitter.com/cybersamurainft
    Website: https://cybersamurai.xyz/

  • Mencari sesuai insting, menggali ke dalam kalbu, dan menyetubuhi secara intim, dalam fragmen hidup yang tidak terlihat, melihat dalam gelap, menyampaikan diluar terang, inilah TIKUS TANAH

  • E-sports, it’s market and popularity around the globe

  • As your business navigates complex IT challenges and adapts to a more digital way of life, you may find yourself deep in information overload. Insight TechTalks provide new insights on how to manage today and transform for the future — in 15 minutes or less.

  • Two 50-something dads talk about household technology and savings. Turn out that light - we're not made of money!

  • At Indelible Ventures, we strive to promote the startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia and bring attention to the stories of entrepreneurs and the businesses they have founded. By promoting the ecosystem, we aim to draw more attention and, with it, more VC Funding to Founders.RELATABLE - We uncover stories from Founders in our local market that will be relatable to an audience of Founders and Funders in the local market.USABLE - Our intent in surfacing these stories is to build the local knowledgebase derived from relatable and relevant experiences of a true peer set.SOUTHEAST ASIA - Limited audio content focuses on Founders in Southeast Asia. Further, as a Malaysia-based company, we are biased towards showcasing the underrepresented ecosystems in Southeast Asia.


  • Welcome to The Finger Guns Network, the home of โ€˜The Finger Guns Podcastโ€˜, our weekly magazine pod where we get together to talk the latest and greatest in video games and our brand new show โ€˜AAAs Not Includedโ€˜, a podcast focused on the wonderful world of indie games. Come join us!

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  • Nyaman di Sosmed, mengajak kamu untuk tahu lebih dalam lagi seputar teknologi, mengetahui tips - tips
    serta hal menarik di dunia digital, serta keaamanan saat menjelajahi dunia digital!

  • Listen and learn Search Engine Optimization direct from SEO Experts. Find value from this podcast and share it to others who may benefit just by listening to my interviews with the SEO Pros.

    If you got hooked into it and want to learn more. Visit my website: https://chasereiner.com.

  • We talk about data, cloud, analytics, and AI/ML/BI with different expert guests and different hosts, in different segment formats. Recorded by GetInData - a data management company founded by ex-Spotify data engineers who now build the cloud, AI, and data engineering solutions for other companies. 

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  • Dr. Ronald Ashri (Founder, OpenDialog) and Maaike Coppens (Chief Design Officer, OpenDialog) share their take on conversation design, conversational applications, conversational AI and much more with featured expert guests.

    OpenDialog is a SaaS and open-source no-code platform for creating sophisticated conversational applications from design to deployment.

    Have an interesting conversational story to share?
    Reach out to us at [email protected] and we'll be in touch!

  • Find Your New Business Idea

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  • Semoga kalian enjoy dan bisa mewakilkan perasaan yang mau kalian sampaikan

  • BinTek atau Bincang Teknologi berbicara tentang perkembangan teknologi masa kini dan hal-hal terkait seputar pekerjaan, pendidikan dan berita terkini. Seiring berkembangnya teknologi yang sangat pesat maka kami juga hadir dalam 3 platform yaitu website, audio dan video.

    Di sini kita akan berupaya menyajikan semua info teknologi paling baru supaya tidak kudet. Kami juga akan mengundang para praktisi dunia IT langsung untuk berbicara terkait keahlian dan pengalaman mereka. Namun karena audio dan video butuh proses editing tentunya info yang paling uptodate adalah melalui website kami.

  • Frank Wolf is a Canadian content creator who makes podcasts that is related mostly to vaping. As an aspiring content creator, he wants to do content in regard to the Canadian vape scene and anything other the sun.

    If you want to contact me, feel free to email [email protected]

  • Take your supply chain game to the next level with GS1 US! Join our favorite supply chain experts, Reid and Liz, as they share secrets, stories, insights, and expertise on a broad spectrum of hot-button topics – from barcodes to artificial intelligence, and everything in between. Our hosts will answer questions like: What’s next in supply chain automation and innovation? Will the next generation of 2D barcodes revolutionize commerce and machine learning? How does the simple concept of scanning at checkout contribute to the next level of transparency for consumers? How will intelligent automation – like, robots serving us cocktails for example - compete with our human intelligence? Take a deep dive with us in exploring these and other mind-bending topics about how the unique identification of everything makes anything possible.

  • Pos Ronda - podcast seputar product management dan lain lain