Teknologi – Nigeria – Nya podcasts

  • Hertechstory is about the female tech journey, we are connecting with inspiring tech stories to inspire the next generation of female techies.

  • BACKEND showcases startup founders building amazing products and companies in Africa, having real conversations on starting, scaling and everything in-between.

  • Being a software engineer has its challenges, but it also has its upsides and its gray areas. Fortunately, like many others out there on this technological path, WE DO NOT HAVE IT FIGURED OUT. So join us on our pragmatic journey as we share our growth and experiences and talk about Tech.

  • Brain Cherries is a podcast about innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. Every two weeks we share our discoveries about exciting new inventions, start-ups, apps, and ideas that inspired us. We also interview managers, innovators, entrepreneurs, who are willing to share with us their secret formula for success.

  • Cambridge Tech Podcast covers all things tech from the heart of the UKโ€™s tech capital, and one of the most respected tech and innovation hubs in the world. Hosted every Sunday by James Parton and Faye Holland, the duo talk tech with a full house of experts and personalities exploring this exciting ecosystem, sharing insights and opinions, bringing you the latest on the innovators, the innovations, the game changers and the fundraises.

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Welcome to the crypto information and education hub of Africa. The gateway to web3.
    This show highlights projects, ecosystems and people making impact and driving adoption of crypto across Africa. Get informed on all things bitcoin, Defi, NFTs, web3 culture and all things crypto.

  • Let's cut through the jargon, myths, and nebulous world of data, machine learning and AI. Each week we'll be unpacking topics related to the world of data and AI with the awarding-winning team at 1000ML. Whether you're in the data world already or looking to learn more about it, this podcast is for you.

    Don't forget to hop on over to 1000ml.io and ApogeeSuite.com, as well as our FB and LinkedIn communities.

  • As the world around us continues to adapt to the changes in technology, join me and learn about unique topics, such as Data Privacy, Cyber Attacks, Encryption, and many more, described in simple terms.

  • This podcast contains presentations of research projects conducted by first-year Earlham College students as a part of the seminar class Science and Society.

  • The Chairman podcast is a fun and educative crypto podcast, hosted by the Chairman Utomi and Chairman LMAO. It encompasses everything within the crypto ecosystem from market updates, project launches, regulations and many more; with a special focus on the impacts on the African crypto space.

  • Tech Talks with UTIVA discusses career opportunities across various Tech paths ranging from Data Analytics to Data Science, Product Management, Product Design, Digital Marketing, Cloud Computing and more.

    Utiva is a Technology Education Company in Sub-Saharan Africa championing the future of work by building and developing Tech Talents for the workspace across the globe.

  • It’s the whole objective of business in the digital age: ranking on page one of the most popular search engines. Join the CEO and Chief Content Strategist of DemandJump, Christopher Day and Ryan Brock, as they take a journey with the world’s best SEO experts and learn how to grow online businesses, drive traffic to websites, and build a respected brand. If you’re a business leader looking to cut through the noise and find proven solutions, this is the podcast for you. Hop in, it’s Page One or Bust!

  • Join Louis and Dami as they relate technology to pop culture and discuss minority reports and trends

  • If you love tech, want to know what’s next or are not sure you understand a concept, Tech girls - Ada and Amy talk about what’s new, what’s interesting and what you would have considered difficult.

  • Welcome to the Newbtalk podcast, where I talk to people about their journey of learning tech

  • Interviews with the world's best technology strategists.

    Find out how they are moving faster, smarter, and sometimes more compassionately with their teams -- to get more done with less money.

    Your Fractional CTO, Alex Salinsky, shares the best methodologies for Tech and Startups.

    Tech and Startups covers all aspects of managing technology teams and making strategic product decisions in a fun, entertaining way. The shows host interviews the world's best technology strategists to find out how they are leading their teams.

  • All About Embedded Systems is a podcast to help new Engineers and Students by explaining the concepts in a simple and effective way. I will also go through some history, expert interviews, current industry trends, and the latest news into the mix.

  • Product Tribe is a podcast by Product Managers for Product People

    We discuss Product Management best practices, tools and other aspects of the field that helps you become a better Product Manager.

    Tune in to listen to some great product conversations with the tribe.

  • Modules by Enyata is an expedition of the tech ecosystem. Each episode explores topics and events that affect and engage every facet of the community.

    Modules by Enyata is an Enyata Inc. production.
    Hosted by: Ifedolapo Oseni.
    Sound Director: Korede Ajibola.