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  • Chronicles of a Single Christian sister is a podcast that aims at following Christians (single, married, male, female) as they navigate daily real-life issues and situations while using the Bible as the rule book in dealing with these tough situations.

  • Freaky Table is a weekly talk and cultural critique show which brings social media trends to television. The goal is to provide a space for cultural conversations ranging from film, music, and other forms of artistic and cultural trends that make up discussions on the social media space. Audience activity therefore takes centre stage in the discussions and provides a backdrop for every topic. It is hosted by Joan Ngomba, Kwoh Elonge and Yana Max Jr. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/freakytable/support

  • Ray Rauth, Ryan Lindley, and Producer Mike meet up once a week with subjects in hand and try to blindside each other with thought provoking, funny, and stupid questions. From politics to music and everything in between.

  • The Avant-Garde Podcast is a dynamic news commentary podcast exploring technology, business, financial markets, geopolitics and culture. It's more than an audio series; we're building a community for intellectually curious and critical thinkers. By challenging norms and fostering innovative discussions, the podcast provides fresh perspectives for those keen to deeply understand and/or influence intricate global events around us.

  • An INSIGHTFUL PROSPECTIVE on what's going on around the universe 💫. Everything from celebrity gossip and objects hurling past earth, to why the aliens don't like us and what happened to Jimmy Hoffa. Listen in on Wednesdays, where it gets alil weird 💫💫💫💫💫Listen in on one of these platforms:Radio Public Pocket CastsOvercastBreakerApple Podcasts Google Podcast Spotify Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/weirdchictheories/support

  • Introductions , breather 😔,ugly truths ,foods realities, men, women, society, lifestyles and relatable sums and blunts😂 with beautiful song recommendations

  • DAILY NEWS. sports, comedy, and your favorite topics

  • Here, we talk about everything ranging from lifestyle, sports, entertainment and relationships

  • Steve and Lisa (husband and wife legal team) discuss the latest in legal and current event news!

  • A Nigerian based podcast where discuss everything, from social media trends, politics, public opinions, sex and relationship issues.

  • This is the onlry public information outlet from the SpaceTime Navigators Guild

  • Playboi Carti: Hip Hop's Punk Prince Pioneering the Sound of Underground Trap Rage and Redemption
    Bursting onto hip hop’s chaotic avant-garde landscape early last decade cloaked ominously yet playfully in Satanic imagery and shrouded behind enigmatic public presence, Atlanta phenom Playboi Carti manifested seemingly overnight as newly christened prince expanding trap music’s outermost experimental fringes. Backed by raw magnetism fusing unhinged punk fury with serpentine adlib invention over haunting minimalist production, the unconventional MC born Jordan Terrell Carter quickly galvanized youthfully nihilistic followers into rapt cult fervor through iconic mixtape Playboi Carti and crossover magnum opus Die Lit while continuously disrupting conventions bending genre limits at every turn henceforth.
    Much as predecessor trailblazers Lil Wayne and Young Thug before him dissolved rigid hip-hop formulas by embracing resonant nonsense brimming with pure preternatural artistry, Playboi Carti similarly conquered through sheer prolificacy and slippery vocal virtuosity rather than dense lyrical substance. Yet beyond the hypnotic baby-voiced delivery scattering non-sequitur one-liners like hailstorm machine gun scattershot over creepily melodic trap instrumentals lays profound substance evangelizing for a disaffected generation discovering agency through embracing identity multitudes rather than self-censoring strange brilliance to conform with societal molds.
    Because for myriad alienated acolytes gravitationally pulled into Playboi Carti’s orbit coalescing around 2018’s Die Lit before culminating with Whole Lotta Red’s era-crowning punk apotheosis, this belovedPrince presents living permission tearing down limiting walls that often stunt free soulful becoming by mere strange difference. Like some candy-coated cipher translating trauma into liberating personal mythology reframing pain as magical armor, Carti renders being gloriously misunderstood as a blessing, not a curse for outcasts battered but still breathing. His divine flock need only pledge allegiance celebrating glorious freak flags held high and obsessions cultivated to theater at Carti’s carnivalesque feet.
    The prodigy found an early baptism by fire that fuels Carti’s music reflecting past and present demons alike still requiring exorcism. Born in 1996 becoming immersed by middle school in Atlanta’s emergent hip hop underground birthing luminaries like Lil Yachty and Young Thug alongside producers Icytwat and Mexikodro, Carter wandered seeking purpose torn between music and basketball pathways before high school ended. Hardscrabble stability was lacking for Carti bouncing homes and even schools far too often to focus ambitions beyond survival, already gravitating by 16 toward mischief and temptation from peers already embracing trap life hustles luring fast fame and money seemingly beyond reach honestly.
    Yet destiny called Carter toward nobler arts after early collaborations birthed immediate viral hits locally - an organic grassroots groundswell propelling the prodigy far from limited horizons once temporarily resigned from accepting. New York connections soon fostered through happenstance chemistry with A$AP Mob artists captivated by this enigmatic wunderkind already displaying game-changing flair. After personal turbulence entering adulthood chased ambitions briefly off-track, Carti ultimately committed to fully manifesting his long-percolating musical gifts just as cultural acceleration craved his wizardry.
    Those earliest formative chapters navigating chaotic identity navigation and industry labyrinths while laying musical foundations clearly cast the longest shadows still reflected throughout Carti’s sprawling mythology. Early music centered parties and earthly pleasures as escapism coping, yet violent demons and paranoia of dishonest forces seeking his unmaking emerged in later anthems highlighting the immense weight shouldered forging independent power against destructive shadows constantly encroaching. Yet from fire and fury birthed beauty still - chrysalis dark nights transformed nexus for connections creating Chosen Family lifelines together facing storms in solidarity henceforth.
    Once immersed in relocating to Los Angeles circa 2018 upon Die Lit's launch cemented elite icon status, Playboi Carti attracted creative collaborators like executive producer Pi’erre Bourne plus rap luminaries Travis Scott and Solange crafting integral extensions Carti’s trademark soundscapes fused with erudite exploration embracing questions of purpose at fame’s hollow peak. During marathon recording sessions birthed legendary leaked singles like fan favorite “Kid Cudi” dropped ceremoniously Christmas 2020 heralding the Second Coming fulfilled through epic magnum opus Whole Lotta Red. With a messianic return, Playboi Carti fully emerged reborn as an abstract hip hop soothsayer consecrating punk's holy wedding.
    Two years removed since last releasing new material, Red’s Day arrival sparked bedlam delivering the long-awaited narrative arc epiphany. Through the project Carti undergoes a symbolic death and spiritual rebirth painfully shedding externally defined masks to wholly reconnect with the sacred creative nucleus at his core - that wide-eyed kid wandering Atlanta’s Metropolitan Parkway immersed in destiny’s flow state. Transcending worldly constraints as true destiny’s child once more, Carti summons profound full-circle redemption powerfully healing and elevating generations of lost lambs through relatable catharsis.
    Yet four years henceforth since coronating hip hop’s new royal mythology expanding notions of black avant-garde expression, Playboi Carti remains characteristically elusive about precise artistic direction beyond sporadic cameo universe expansion appearances. Momentum still exponentially multiplies though from internet rumblings and musical breadcrumbs suggesting significant next chapters arriving imminently.
    As the latest headlines around legal turmoil and headlines sadly attest, the crown yet weighs heavy on this conflicted prince still navigating destiny’s precarious tightrope balancing soaring creative euphoria chasing earthbound stability further outreach daily. One prays Carti’s better angels prevail mastering righteous balance helping similarly vulnerable angels find righteous wings. Through poetry profound and pain alike alchemized into liberating art, Playboi Carti’s is divinely misunderstood.
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  • David speaks about self-love. positive vibes, current events in the news and pop culture.

  • Yeah me thinking out aloud as a citizen of Biafra . A Biafran man totally amazed at the hypocritical operations of Western civilization . Do not listen if you want to avoid critical thinking !

  • we focus on discussions of arts, culture, economics, history, politics and security in Yemen and the Arabian Peninsula - Hosts: Fernando Carvajal, Ali Mahmoud

  • BANN.TV presents a powerful podcast reviewing issues in Black America concerning politics, business, and everyday life. sponsored by https://www.bann.tv/ Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/thecriticalthinker/support

  • Inside the Colony showcases the hot topics of America’s backyard and oldest most populated Colony of the USA- Puerto Rico. Are you fed up with the lies of the liberal and socialist forces occupying PR? Inside the Colony brings you a one-of-a-kind conservative discussion on what truly is behind the radical left and the forever happy colonials.

    Weekly every Monday.

    Cover art photo by Carlos Martis Vargas. You can reach him at [email protected]

  • Looking for a podcast that can provide some much needed comic relief from the challenges of everyday life? Look no further than “So Lagosian,” where everything seems real.

  • We give you the best of entertainment news headlines global. Stick with us to be regularly updated.