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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • Welcome to the Justice Upheld Podcast.
    Here you will find out about our human rights defence work across the globe.
    We are a human rights charity that speaks up for the voiceless and lend a shield to the defenceless, exposing those who wish to trample them. This podcast will detail some of our work as well as exposing human rights violators in our own no nonsense style.
    We have no financial, political or religious agenda, and care purely about protecting human rights and exposing those who seek to diminish them, usually in the pursuit of money and power.
    Be on the right side of history and join us www.JusticeUpheld.org.uk

  • Each episode of MIRANDA's podcast - Investing Beyond Borders will share business and legal and regulatory news from around the 16 Miranda Alliance jurisdictions and provide a listener experience with relevant information for their business.

  • Ο Παντελής Καναράκης έρχεται στο pod.gr και φέρνει και παρέα. Μια ανατρεπτική παρέα. Μια παρέα που συχνά θα γκρινιάζει, άλλες φορές θα τα λέει χύμα και τσουβαλάτα. Κάποιες θα δίνει τα εύσημα και κάποιες θα ζητάει το λόγο. Μια παρέα πάντως που σίγουρα δεν θα σας κάνει να πλήξετε γιατί έχει το χιούμορ για σημαία. Και φυσικά επειδή η πείρα και η γνώση μετράει, η παρέα αυτή είναι ο παππούς Αριστείδης που έρχεται δια στόματος Παντελή Καναράκη και αυτά που έχει να μας πει τα πιστεύει ακράδαντα… και κραδαντά όπως μας λέει. Συντονιστείτε λοιπόν γιατί κάθε Δευτέρα ο Παντελής Καναράκης έχει… του παππού του τον χαβά.

  • Local climate politics from the concerned citizens group, Climate Emergency Manchester. Join us on Manchester's journey to zero carbon by 2038 (we hope).

  • Your source of politics insight and analysis from University Radio Bath.

    Hosted by Adam Wright and Emily Gray, A&E Politics is out every Friday aiming to engage the student population with current affairs and contemporary politics.

    Adam is a second year Politics and International Relations BSc Student, with Emily (also second year) studying Politics and Economics BSc.

    A&E Politics was founded by Adam Wright and Emily Gray. Hosted by Adam Wright and Emily Gray, A&E Politics is produced by Adam Wright. A&E Politics is a University Radio Bath Production.

  • The office of Children and Young People’s Commissioner for Scotland office turns 18 on 26 April 2022. We’ve championed children’s human rights for the length of an entire childhood!

    The first Commissioner, from April 2004, was Professor Kathleen Marshall. Tam Baillie held the post from 2009, and was followed by Bruce Adamson in 2017.

    In this series, guided by questions from children and young people, all three Children's Commissioners discuss their work, the progress of children's rights in Scotland, and the important changes they would still like to see.

    The podcast was co-produced by one of the office’s young advisers with Bespoken Media, and music was created by young people working with Big Noise, Sistema Scotland.

  • Veterans In Politics is a set of interviews brought to you by CampaignForce and sets out to explore how the military community can help make our politics a better place. We sit down with individuals from across the world of politics, sharing secrets, giving tips and advice and inspiring the next generation.Veterans In Politics is brought to you by CampaignForce a not for profit that inspires, trains and coaches the armed forces community to stand up and serve again.

  • If you like discussion of heavy questions in a light-hearted atmosphere with the big names from the world of International Relations, join Kieran O’Meara and the E-International Relations podcast team as we put the burning questions you’ve always wanted to have answered to the academics, practitioners and activists you would want to have answer them.

  • Compassion in Politics is the think tank that works to bring more compassion into public life . Series include: Beyond Covid which explored ideas that could enable the UK to build back better after the Covid-19 crisis and Across the Benches hosted by Gavin Esler, talking with two MPs from different parties to discuss what they have in common.. The Compassion in Politics podcasts are produced in partnership with The Real Agenda Network of podcasts for political change.

  • The fearless Duncan Lewis Public Law team, known for their groundbreaking challenges to government policies, ranked 1 in immigration and human rights work by The Legal 500, now brings you The No Walls Podcast! This is a podcast about all things human rights and refugee law, including the people working within it and the clients we represent. It is hosted by three colleagues at Duncan Lewis Solicitors: Toufique Hossain, director of our Public Law team, Sheroy Zaq, solicitor and supervisor, and Anna Spivack, a trainee solicitor in the team.

    Artwork by Cein James (IG: @cjamesdesign)

  • Politics Uncensored gives you the news that matters. With unfiltered analysis and debate from leading politicians, journalists and experts, this show removes the political fluff to offer an honest and uncensored look at how Westminster really works.  

  • Welcome to Planet Holyrood, our weekly look at the key events in Scottish politics. Hosted by Daily Record Political Editor Paul Hutcheon, guests will chew over what has been happening at Holyrood and Westminster.

  • Free State is a podcast for the curious that stimulates, provokes, challenges and entertains, while never taking itself too seriously. Free State covers topics from sport to politics, love to loss, the human condition and how to fix the world, with guests from across the planet including Nigerian princes, former Prime Ministers, ex convicts, footballers, boxers and extraordinary people from every walk of life. 

    Free State is presented by Joe Brolly and Dion Fanning. Brolly is a barrister, an original thinker with a fascinating backstory, who donated a kidney to a stranger and then led a crusade to transform organ donation on the island of Ireland, and Fanning is an award-winning interviewer and author. 

    They are not motivational gurus or life coaches. They will never try to sell you a penis scented candle. They are two people from very different worlds, with one core belief uniting them - this is not a high performance podcast.

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Election-winning juggernaut or book loving introvert - who is the real Nicola Sturgeon? BBC Scotland goes in search of the person behind the politician.

  • Let’s talk about numbers is just that. Talking about numbers. Every day we break down what’s happened in the previous 24 hours in the financial markets into five important numbers. Numbers that mean something. Numbers to learn from and numbers that will help you navigate a complex world in a simple way. Fun facts. Easy to understand. But above all? Really useful financial information that will help you really get educated in the financial markets and how they work.Every now and again we also interview people. People we hope you can relate to and also learn from. We ask them to talk about five numbers that mean something to them. We never know the numbers beforehand and we never know what they mean to them. But we always discover something about them and their journey.

  • NOPA, Norsk forening for komponister og tekstforfattere, er en interesseorganisasjon for opphavere til musikkverk.

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • The podcast for curious food industry minds, hosted by Julia Glotz.

  • The Industrial Plant & Equipment Podcast is the official podcast of IP&E Magazine. It aims to promote excellence in industrial efficiency and will focus on the latest news from the industrial sector, while also interviewing leading industry personalities.

  • The concept is simple: lessons in leadership from global insurance executives. Against a background of climate change, an uneven global recovery, sociopolitical unrest and post-pandemic problems, insurance industry leaders also face big challenges on both sides of the balance sheet, for example around cyber security and other emerging risks, as well as rising inflation and volatile markets. With the advance of digitization, new tools and business models are disrupting the traditional insurance value chain, bringing pressure on businesses to differentiate themselves. A dynamic M&A market is testing re/insurers’ ability to attract and retain the best talent. In conversation with Insider Engage managing editor Meg Green, insurance industry CEOs will share how their career path led them to where they are today, how they have navigated past challenges and how this experience has equipped them to meet the challenges and risks their organisations face today.

  • Hosted by members of Stephenson Harwood’s leading offshore energy team, our podcast series, Well Spoken, provides an overview of key legal developments and topical issues facing the industry. Information contained in these podcasts should not be applied to any set of facts without seeking legal advice.