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  • What makes you a heretic? Journalist Andrew Gold believes that, in an age of group-think and tribes, we need heretics - those who use unconventional wisdom to speak out against their own groups, from cancelled comedians and radical feminists to cult defectors and vigilantes hunting deviants.

    Learn from my guests how to rebel, think differently and resist social contagion. From Triggernometry's Francis Foster and the world's most cancelled man Graham Linehan to ex-Hasidic Jew Julia Haart and gender critical atheist Richard Dawkins. These are the people living with the weight of their own community's disappointment on their shoulders.

  • Australian millennials are the first generation to be worse off than their parents – and things are only heading in the same direction for Gen Z. Jane Lee and Matilda Boseley investigate “who screwed young Australians” and examine why inequality is rising in Australia

  • Grab your pup, snuggle up and join us for some dog-centric discussions. Wunderdog Magazine launched the Dog Manifesto, which combines for the first time various campaigns to protect all dogs and regulate the humans. Central to the manifesto is an education-based dog licence. But we're not just about politics โ€“ we're also creating a community of passionate dog lovers who want to make a difference.

    Join our founder, Nina May, as she chats with campaigners, politicians and dedicated dog rescuers. Together, we'll evolve the Dog Manifesto and explore how we can turn this vision into reality.

    To find out more and get our campaign leaflet, visit dogmanifesto.org #votedog

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  • Welcome to "What's Your Story?" with Richy Thrower, the podcast that delves deep into the remarkable journeys of extraordinary individuals who have achieved incredible success in their respective fields. Join your host, Richy Thrower, as he engages in candid conversations with a diverse lineup of guests, including entrepreneurs, fighters, movie stars, and other accomplished individuals.

    In each episode, we uncover the untold stories and personal experiences that have shaped our guests' paths to success. Whether they've built thriving businesses from the ground up, battled their way to the top of their industries, or captured hearts on the silver screen, "What's Your Story?" brings you the behind-the-scenes narratives that have inspired and empowered these remarkable individuals.

    Richy Thrower, your charismatic host, skillfully navigates these enlightening conversations, diving into the challenges, triumphs, and pivotal moments that define each guest's unique journey. As an entrepreneur, speaker, and storyteller himself, Richy brings a passion for uncovering the essence of success and the resilience it takes to get there.

    "What's Your Story?" is proudly powered by Motion Focus Media, a production company dedicated to crafting captivating and visually stunning content. Together with Richy Thrower, we invite you to join us on this enlightening and inspiring podcast journey. Discover the stories that have shaped success, gain insights into the minds of high-achievers, and find inspiration to embark on your own path to greatness.

    Tune in to "What's Your Story?" with Richy Thrower, and let the stories of our exceptional guests ignite your passion, fuel your ambitions, and remind you that every success story starts with a unique and incredible journey.

  • ๐ŸŽ™ A Podcast for upcoming visionaries to share their Voices ๐Ÿ”ˆ

  • Melanie Janine Brown, better known by her stage name Mel B or "Scary Spice," is a British singer, songwriter, actress, and television personality. Born on May 29, 1975, in Leeds, England, Mel B rose to international stardom as a member of the iconic girl group, the Spice Girls, in the 1990s. Her unique style, powerful vocals, and charismatic personality made her an integral part of the group's success and a beloved figure in popular culture.
    Early Life and Career Beginnings Melanie Brown was born to a mixed-race family, with her mother, Andrea, being English and her father, Martin, being from the Caribbean island of Nevis. Growing up in the Burley area of Leeds, Mel B faced challenges due to her mixed-race background. She experienced racism and bullying at school, which she later described as a difficult and formative experience. Despite these challenges, Mel B found solace in performing and developed a love for singing and dancing at a young age.
    Mel B attended Intake High School in Leeds, where she excelled in sports and performing arts. She participated in school productions and joined a local dance troupe, showing early signs of her talent and passion for entertainment. After completing her secondary education, Mel B pursued her dream of becoming a performer.
    At the age of 16, Mel B began her entertainment career by responding to an advertisement in The Stage magazine for an all-female pop group. She auditioned for the group, which would later become the Spice Girls, and was selected as one of the five members alongside Melanie Chisholm (Mel C), Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell, and Victoria Adams (later Victoria Beckham). The group's formation marked the beginning of a remarkable journey that would change the course of Mel B's life and the music industry as a whole.
    The Spice Girls Era The Spice Girls formed in 1994 and quickly gained popularity in the UK with their debut single, "Wannabe," released in 1996. The song became a global sensation, reaching number one in 37 countries and establishing the group as a pop cultural phenomenon. Mel B, with her distinctive afro hairstyle, leopard-print outfits, and bold personality, became known as "Scary Spice," a nickname that would stick with her throughout her career.
    The Spice Girls went on to release three studio albums: "Spice" (1996), "Spiceworld" (1997), and "Forever" (2000). They achieved massive success, selling over 100 million records worldwide and becoming the best-selling female group of all time. Hit singles like "Say You'll Be There," "2 Become 1," "Spice Up Your Life," and "Stop" solidified their status as pop icons and cemented their place in music history.
    During her time with the Spice Girls, Mel B also explored other ventures. She made her acting debut in the 1997 film "Spice World," which featured the group playing fictionalized versions of themselves. The movie was a commercial success, grossing over $100 million worldwide and showcasing Mel B's acting skills alongside her musical talents.
    In 1998, at the height of the Spice Girls' success, Geri Halliwell abruptly left the group, citing exhaustion and a desire to pursue a solo career. The remaining four members continued as a group, releasing the album "Forever" in 2000. However, the album received mixed reviews and failed to match the success of their previous releases. In 2000, the Spice Girls announced an indefinite hiatus to focus on their solo careers.
    Solo Career and Television Ventures Following the Spice Girls' hiatus, Mel B embarked on a solo career. In 1999, she released her debut solo single, "I Want You Back," featuring Missy Elliott. The song reached number one on the UK Singles Chart and was a moderate success internationally, showcasing Mel B's ability to stand on her own as an artist. Her debut solo album, "Hot," was released in 2000 and featured a mix of R&B and pop tracks that highlighted her vocal range and versatility.
    Mel B's solo music career continued with the release of her second album, "L.A. State of Mind," in 2005. The album showcased a more mature sound and featured collaborations with artists such as Lil' Kim and Teddy Riley. While the album received positive reviews from critics, praising Mel B's growth as an artist, it failed to match the commercial success of her previous work.
    Alongside her music career, Mel B also ventured into television, proving her talents extended beyond the stage. In 2007, she participated in the fifth season of the American dance competition series "Dancing with the Stars," where she finished in second place with her partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Her appearance on the show introduced her to a new audience and showcased her skill and dedication as a performer.
    In 2011, Mel B joined the judging panel of the Australian version of "The X Factor," where she remained for two seasons. Her straightforward and sometimes controversial comments made her a popular figure on the show, and her expertise as a successful artist added credibility to her role as a judge. She later served as a guest judge on the UK version of "The X Factor" in 2012 and 2016, further expanding her television presence.
    Mel B's television career reached new heights when she became a judge on the popular reality competition series "America's Got Talent" in 2013. She served as a judge for four seasons, bringing her unique perspective and expertise to the show. Her ability to connect with contestants and provide constructive feedback made her a valuable addition to the judging panel. Her time on "America's Got Talent" further established her as a prominent television personality in the United States and showcased her versatility as an entertainer.
    Throughout her television career, Mel B's charisma, humor, and genuine nature have endeared her to audiences. She has a natural ability to engage with people and bring out the best in them, whether as a judge, mentor, or host. Her success on various television shows has demonstrated her adaptability and appeal across different formats and demographics.
    Spice Girls Reunions Despite pursuing successful solo careers, the Spice Girls have reunited several times over the years, much to the delight of their dedicated fans. In 2007, the group embarked on a highly successful reunion tour, "The Return of the Spice Girls," which grossed over $200 million and became one of the highest-grossing concert tours of all time. The tour showcased the enduring popularity of the Spice Girls and their ability to captivate audiences with their music, energy, and camaraderie.
    During the reunion tour, Mel B's stage presence and performance skills were on full display. She brought her signature style and enthusiasm to each show, reminding fans of the magic that made the Spice Girls so beloved. The tour also highlighted the strong bond between the group members, as they seemed to genuinely enjoy performing together again.
    In 2012, the Spice Girls reunited once again to perform at the closing ceremony of the London Olympic Games. The performance was a nostalgic moment for fans and a celebration of the group's legacy. Mel B, along with her bandmates, delivered a high-energy medley of their greatest hits, including "Wannabe" and "Spice Up Your Life." The performance was a testament to the Spice Girls' enduring impact on popular culture and their ability to bring joy and excitement to audiences around the world.
    In 2019, the Spice Girls announced another reunion tour, "Spice World - 2019 Tour," without Victoria Beckham. The tour was a massive success, selling out stadiums across the UK and Ireland and garnering positive reviews from fans and critics alike. Mel B's energy and stage presence remained a highlight of the shows, cementing her status as an integral part of the Spice Girls' enduring appeal.
    The success of the Spice Girls reunions demonstrates the group's timeless popularity and the special place they hold in the hearts of their fans. For Mel B, these reunions have provided opportunities to reconnect with her bandmates, perform for adoring crowds, and celebrate the music and memories that defined a generation.
    Personal Life and Philanthropy Mel B's personal life has been the subject of media scrutiny over the years. In 1998, she married Dutch dancer Jimmy Gulzar, and they welcomed a daughter, Phoenix Chi, in 1999. However, the couple divorced in 2000. Following her divorce, Mel B dated actor Max Beesley and film producer Christine Crokos, openly discussing her bisexuality in interviews.
    In 2007, Mel B began a relationship with film producer Stephen Belafonte. They married in June 2007 in a secret ceremony in Las Vegas, and later that year, Mel B gave birth to their daughter, Angel Iris. The couple also welcomed a third daughter, Madison, in 2011. However, their marriage was plagued by allegations of domestic abuse and infidelity. In 2017, Mel B filed for divorce, which was finalized in 2018. She has been open about her experiences with domestic violence and has become an advocate for survivors.
    Throughout her career, Mel B has been involved in various philanthropic efforts. She has supported charities such as Women's Aid, a UK organization that supports survivors of domestic violence, and has been a patron of the African-Caribbean Leukaemia Trust. Mel B has also been a vocal advocate for animal rights and has supported organizations like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).
    In 2018, Mel B was awarded an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) by Prince William at Buckingham Palace for her services to charitable causes and vulnerable women. The recognition highlighted her dedication to using her platform to raise awareness about important issues and support those in need.
    Mel B's personal struggles and triumphs have shaped her into a resilient and compassionate individual. She has been candid about

  • Come hang out with us as we discuss everything nerd, from Video games and Movies to Comics, Manga and Anime. Posts Weekly and spoilers may be present.

  • Formally a podcast about marketing/branding and growing your business; this podcast will now take a new direction with the use of entertainment and leisure. We will still bring educational information for any up and coming influencers/entrepreneurs but also bring you entertaining news to keep your day bright and as far from mundane as possible. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/thebadgersden/support

  • Le troisième épisode des enchampteurs, la chaîne de podcasts de Corteva Agriscience s’intéresse cette fois à la culture du maïs ! Ce nouvel épisode pose la question : Un insecticide peut-il être naturel ET efficace ?! Une solution naturelle et efficace pour lutter contre les ravageurs du maïs : pyrales, sésamies et héliothis ? 
    Montez le son, on vous explique tout ! 

  • Welcome to The Hothouse Podcast โ€“ your go-to for discussions on books tackling the climate crisis and its related issues. The show is hosted by Issey Gladston, a photographer and journalist and Diyora Shadijanova, a journalist and writer.

    We launched the hothouse bookclub in 2022 to create a space where we could dive deep into climate change topics through literature. Our London-based club meets every six weeks, and we've covered a range of books, from Andreas Malm's 'How to Blow Up a Pipeline' to Rebecca Solnit's 'Orwellโ€™s Roses'.

    Now, in 2024, we're bringing our discussions to the realm of podcasts. Whether you're a climate enthusiast or just curious, join us for book analyses, interviews, and more.

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  • Who is Meenamma? What is this channel all about, ? The one that is creating waves and going viral? Hereโ€™s a brief introduction about this woman whose mission is to discuss various issues and unravel a few mysteries in the world around us. The Meenamma Show comes as a series of 10 episodes on each topic. The topics cover historical events, the birth and fading away of civilizations, science, buildings, paranormal happenings etc.Fasten your seat belts and await a fantastic journey!The show comes in a diverse structure of โ€œgimme 10โ€. Ten episodes of 10 stories on each theme. Themes that intrigue her and she wants to share with the world. โ€œI want to leave my story behind before I exit the planetโ€, says Meenamma, who is hell-bent on leaving her footprints on the sands of time. Starting Winter -2022, the Meenamma show will explode the intellectual and comic spaces. A brand new storyteller is here who like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, will take her audience dancing to her stories.Come, be a part of this journey!

  • Dive into the fascinating world of UK defence with The Defence Eye podcast. Presented by expert defence correspondents Tim Ripley, Francis Tusa, and host Jake Shaw, each episode provides insider analysis and lively discussion on the latest developments in defence policy, procurement, industry trends, military operations, and more. 

    If it's breaking news on multibillion procurement contracts, emerging cyber threats, or strategic shifts in force posture, Defence Eye has it covered. With unrivalled access to key figures across the UK defence sphere, the show offers unparalleled insights you won't get anywhere else. 

    Join the hosts as they monitor official statements, track procurement programs, and decode military initiatives. Detailed yet accessible, exciting yet nuanced, Defence Eye brings UK defence issues into sharp focus. Buckle up for an illuminating ride at the cutting edge of British defence.

  • The Electropages Podcast is an educational series dedicated to exploring the latest trends, innovations, and technologies in the electronics industry. Each episode typically features interviews with industry professionals, thought leaders, and technology experts who share their insights, experiences, and predictions on the future of electronics.

    Key themes often discussed in the Electropages Podcast include:

    - Innovations in Electronic Components: Discussions about the latest components in the market, their functionalities, and applications.

    - Technological Advancements: Exploration of new technologies, trends, and breakthroughs in electronics and related fields.

    - Industry Insights: Analysis of market trends, challenges, and opportunities in the electronics industry.

    - Design and Development: Tips, strategies, and best practices for electronic design and product development.

    - Interviews with Experts: Conversations with leading figures in the electronics industry, offering their perspectives and experiences.

    - Future Trends: Predictions and discussions about the future directions of electronics technology, including emerging fields like IoT, AI, autonomous vehicles, and more.

    The podcast aims to educate, inform, and inspire professionals, enthusiasts, and students in the electronics field by providing valuable content that covers a wide range of topics relevant to the industry.

  • Cath Bishop and Colin Ellis - two people who have been at the heart of workplace culture for over 3 decades host a regular podcast that offers an insiderโ€™s view on culture and provides tangible actions that you can take on the outside.

    As best-selling authors and consultants who work with cultures around the world, they not only talk about what's happening in the world of work right now, but also provide evidence and commentary to help you change the way you do things too.

    From kindness to toxicity, from values to high-performance, Cath and Colin discuss a breadth of topics relevant to the way work gets done. Both are keen to help leaders, managers and colleagues gain competence and confidence to contribute more positively and proactively to their workplace environments.

    Please do send in your questions for Cath and Colin to answer. You can email them at [email protected] or message them on LinkedIn.

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  • Jason Bradbury and Suzi Perry have reunited for The Gadget Show Podcast!

    Whether youโ€™re a seasoned fan of the show, or just dipping your toes into our sea of gadge, we think that The Gadget Show Podcast offers something for everyone โ€“ even those who just have a thing for bald men in glasses! So, please join us for the latest tech news and reviews!

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  • Are you a dweeb who loves movies? Then you've come to the right place.

    The Movie Dweeb is hosted by Daniel Merrifield, and is a fan-favourite (and also his mum's favourite) outlet for all things cinema, film and television across the world.

    You can expect wild, bonkers chat about your favourite movies, behind-the-scenes gossip, and interviews with some of the world's biggest stars, including the time he bribed Hailee Steinfeld for spoilers, or sang a James Blunt anthem whilst cuddling Jim Carrey.

  • Spotlight with Kat Siggers. Hosted by our dynamic presenter, Kat, the show offers insightful interviews with leading figures in the entertainment and geek culture universe. We delve deep into our guest's journey, exploring their passions, inspirations, and the creativity behind their work.

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  • As one of the most beloved figures in NY Mets history, Terry Collins managed more games for the franchise than any other in their storied history. Collins was the last manager to take the Mets to the World Series, and with his new weekly show, will share stories from his time in the organization, give expert analysis on the current Mets team, and bring on guests Mets fans will be excited to hear from! Lifelong Mets fan, John Arezzi co-hosts The Terry Collins Show. Arezzi, most recently co-hosted "The Gibby Show" podcast (2022-2023) with former Toronto Blue Jays Manager, and new bench coach for the Mets, John Gibbons. Arezzi is also co-host The Brushback with JP Ricciardi (former GM of the Blue Jays and front office executive with the A's Mets and Giants).

  • Friday Sports Kick Off is the only show on radio that brings together sports stars, pundits, journalists and opinionated tradespeople to preview the weekendโ€™s sporting fixtures, debate the biggest questions in sport and generally spout nonsense.

    The podcast is packed with interviews and opinions on everything from the worthiness of VAR, Englandโ€™s chances in cricket and whoโ€™s going to win the latest heavyweight bout.

    If itโ€™s a sport thatโ€™s popular with tradespeople and on this weekend, Friday Sports Kick Off with Andy Hodgson will cover it. Expect banter, big interviews, tenuous connections to building, bad jokes and arguments about sport.

  • The Tearaway Pod - Doris Daley hosts the show with Dean Williams and guests.

    Morning Kick Off Pod - Hosted by Gazza, Sorin, Oily Maguire and Deano.

    The Tearaway Pod with Doris & Dean talking about every day subjects that are worthy of a discussion. It isn’t just a chat, it’s a Doris & Dean chat.

    Morning Kick Off Pod is a weekly football magazine hosted by Gazz, Sorin, Oily Maguire & Dean. The weekly series runs from Aug-Dec & March to the end of season.

    Both shows are worthy of your time as they become bigger & better with each episode.

    Both shows are regulars in Apple Podcast worldwide charts with a very loyal & growing worldwide audience.

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  • Mx & Speedway Memories is by myself Lee Ashby. I will bring you the recordings of all the special and personal live interviews with the Mx & Speedway riders of all levels from the grass roots to the legends & idols of our amazing sports. This gives you the opportunity to listen to all the interviews while on the go, if haven’t got the time to watch them. Hope you enjoy. Many the JD Lee Ashby.