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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • They were adulterers, murderers, mistresses, religious zealots, thieves, and traitors. They were queens, wives, mothers, young, and old. What binds the women together in this podcast is their legacies. These are women who were known during their lifetimes or reinvented after their deaths as wicked women. The lenses of history are often gendered, damning women for some of the same actions that men have been lauded for. The nuances surrounding the women in this podcast were removed in exchange for a one-sided portrayal. Within Wicked Women: The Podcast, I do not attempt to excuse or condone the wrongs committed by these women, instead, the podcast looks at their overarching story and examines the origin of their negative legacy. Alongside a brief biographical overview of the woman, I will be incorporating interviews I have held with experts on the subject to provide multiple and diverse perspectives.

  • Join Owen Staton and Bethan Briggs-Miller as they journey along the coast collecting and sharing tales of legend and folklore. Board their boat the Hiraeth and journey to some inlet or cove, then gather around the fire as they transport you to a land of magic...

  • Everything you never even knew you wanted to know about Berlin by the author Berlin history blog, kreuzberged.com and the Berlin Companion book series.

  • Our Forgotten Epidemic is a six-part series about Aotearoa New Zealand's response to HIV and AIDS, and some of the many brave individuals who changed the course of history.

    Now, you might already be aware of the AIDS epidemic. But this is a version of the story you likely haven't heard โ€” a story of perseverance, tragedy and above all hope.

    Told through interviews, archival audio, and historical sources, this podcast examines the past 40 years of HIV and AIDS in Aotearoa.

    Burnett Foundation Aotearoa is proud to share the parts of the story we do have the privilege to tell.

  • African Stories is a podcast that focuses on great African figures. Some very popular and others you might never have heard about. Some from olden days and other from more more modern times. Either way, the aim is to help us discover these inspirational, great figures, who were passionate about the continent or their nations, who stood for what what they believed in in the face of great adversity at times and who are role models to us, as the continent of Africa is changing and fast moving towards self determination. Oh and each episode is recorded in French and English, so if you much prefer to engage with us in French, check out Histoires d’Afrique. We hope to have you with us each week and hear from you, Ciao!Follow me on: https://www.instagram.com/jennyspodcasts/

  • Our thinking about defence and security is shaped by ideas. What we see depends on our vantage point and the lenses we apply to the world. Governments, military and business leaders are seeking to maximise the value they gain from scarce resources by becoming more ‘strategic’. Standing on the shoulders of the giants of strategy from the past helps us see further and more clearly into the future. This series is aimed at those looking to learn more about strategy and how to become more strategic – leaders, practitioners and scholars.

    This podcast series, co-chaired by Professor Beatrice Heuser and Paul O’Neill, examines the ideas of important thinkers from around the world and across the ages. The ideas, where they came from and what shaped those whose ideas shape us now. By exploring the concepts in which we and our adversaries think today, the episodes will shine a light on how we best prepare for tomorrow.

  • Which was the best FIFA Men's World Cup?
    Two trivia-obsessed football-supporting comedians deep-dive every World Cup from 1930-2018 to find out.

  • In 2012, British photojournalist John Cantlie was kidnapped in Syria by Islamic State. While his fellow hostages were released or murdered, he remained captive. Then, a series of Isis propaganda videos emerged, fronted by Cantlie. He hasnโ€™t been seen since. In this 8-part series, the Timesโ€™ war correspondent Anthony Loyd sets out to investigate the life - and fate - of the missing hostage.

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  • A comic podcast investigating historical characters with corkscrew minds, peculiar obsessions, and largely incomprehensible outlooks...

    Join writer E O Higgins on this journey of historical whimsy!

  • Spectre - A Scottish based communist podcast, standing in complete and solidified solidarity with the working class of all nations, aims to further the campaign of devotion to, principally, raising the workers to the level of revolutionaries capable of overthrowing the capitalist mode of production and implementing communism, both nationally and internationally. We’ll be interviewing a wide range of guests from a number of socialist/left wing organisations and groups, as well as discussing Marxist-Leninist organisation and theoretical understandings

  • ‘Our Curious Past’ featuring fascinating, mysterious and moving tales from history.

  • Jasmine Elmer has a mission - to make everyone love the Classics as much as she does. Each week she'll tackle a different subject, with the aid of a special guest, to explain how the Greco-Roman era has influenced virtually all aspects of modern life. This is the classics podcast that talks as much about modern life as the ancient world. No prior revision required!

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  • In the 1970s, the Provisional IRA was in the early days of its armed campaign to end British rule on Ireland. In the United States, a small group of activists began organising on their behalf. They called themselves the Irish Northern Aid Committee, or Noraid—and they were looking for a fight. Hosted by documentary filmmaker Nate Lavey, Foreign Agent is a podcast series about the connection between ordinary Irish Americans and a revolutionary socialist guerrilla group. In six episodes, travelling back and forth across the Atlantic over three decades of conflict, Foreign Agent explores how regular Americans became militant advocates for the cause of Irish freedom. It’s a story of guns smuggled in furniture and wild plots to build homemade missiles. But it’s also about the political and material power that the Irish American community wielded, and how the intoxicating spell of nationalism created a movement out of seemingly irreconcilable social and political positions. And at every st

  • Weekly discussions on your favourite Tudor topics!

  • Realms of Memory is a podcast that looks at how countries confront their darkest chapters, what they gain by doing so, and what happens when they fail to take up this challenge. We feature the insights of leading experts on a wide range of difficult national memories.

  • AHHH is podcast series designed to help A level history students studying Soviet Russia and the Tudors (like us) access learning and revision on the go.

  • Every place has a history - Some of those histories may just be darker than others. Join host, Carman Carrion, as she scours the globe for the world's most haunted places, and reveals the history, legends, and stories around them that make them so terrifying. Episodes every other Wednesday. An Eeriecast original series https://eeriecast.com/

  • The story of the 1982 Falklands Conflict told by those who were there.

  • Ever wondered why the Roman Empire fell? Find out in this podcast from British historian, Nick Holmes, as he tells the extraordinary story of Rome's decline and fall, and how its legacy is still central to the world we live in today.