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  • Capturing the origin story of the Wilmington, North Carolina Film Industry, as recounted and explored by the filmmakers themselves.

  • Malcolm X and the Palestine Question: A Journey of Solidarity and Dissent Malcolm X, the iconic American civil rights leader and voice of Black nationalism, was a complex and multifaceted figure who held strong views on a wide range of issues. Among these was the conflict between Israel and Palestine, a topic that occupied his attention throughout his life. Early Activism and the Nation of Islam Malcolm X's initial exposure to the Palestine question came during his time with the Nation of Islam (NOI), a black separatist organization that adhered to a strict interpretation of Islam. The NOI espoused a pro-Arab stance, viewing Jews as the primary oppressors of both Blacks and Arabs. This perspective influenced Malcolm X's early views on the Israel-Palestine conflict, leading him to view Israel as a colonial power unjustly occupying Palestinian land. The Hajj and a Shift in Perspective In 1964, Malcolm X embarked on a pilgrimage to Mecca, an experience that profoundly impacted his worldview. During his travels, he encountered Muslims from diverse backgrounds, including Arabs, Palestinians, and even Israelis. These interactions challenged his preconceptions and fostered a deeper understanding of the complexities of the conflict. Upon his return, Malcolm X's views on Israel and Palestine evolved. He began to criticize the NOI's anti-Semitic rhetoric and recognized the legitimacy of Zionist aspirations for a Jewish homeland. However, he remained steadfast in his support for Palestinian self-determination and condemned Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories. Articulating a Balanced Stance In a series of speeches and writings, Malcolm X articulated a nuanced position on the Israel-Palestine conflict. He acknowledged the historical suffering of the Jewish people and their right to a homeland, but he also emphasized the plight of the Palestinians, who he saw as victims of displacement and dispossession. Malcolm X challenged the prevailing narrative of the conflict, which often portrayed Israel as the victim and the Palestinians as the aggressors. He argued that the conflict was rooted in colonialism and that Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories was a major obstacle to peace. A Legacy of Solidarity and Challenge Malcolm X's views on Israel and Palestine were shaped by his own experiences, his evolving understanding of Islam, and his commitment to justice for all oppressed peoples. His legacy continues to inspire those who seek a just and equitable resolution to the conflict. While Malcolm X's views may not resonate with all, his willingness to challenge conventional wisdom and his unwavering commitment to human rights offer valuable lessons for navigating the complexities of the Israel-Palestine conflict. His legacy reminds us that peace requires not only recognition of competing claims but also a commitment to empathy, understanding, and justice. Thanks for listening to Quiet Please. Remember to like and Share wherever you get your podcasts.

  • Rudyard Lynch, creator of the enormously popular YouTube channel WhatifAltHist joins Erik Torenberg every week to offer a deeper understanding of critical moments in history. Together they identify patterns in order to predict the future and understand the dynamics that result in civilizations rising and falling.
    On this season we'll cover WW1, WW2, Classical Greece, Medieval Islam, the rise of Communism, and more.
    History 102 is a part of the Turpentine podcast network. Learn more: www.turpentine.co

  • Welcome to There is a Season: The Pete Seeger Podcast. This podcast is dedicated to rediscovering and helping to further uncover the music, work and politics of the late American folk musician, Pete Seeger. This show's objective is to evaluate Pete Seeger's life, music and political work, and in doing so to consider how we might further apply Pete Seeger's work and music in contemporary times.

  • Harlem and Moscow is an audio drama based on the true story of the Harlem Renaissance in the Soviet Union. This audio podcast immerses you in the journey as you travel to the other side of the world and back again with America’s best-kept literary secret.

    In 1932, a group of Harlem Renaissance artists and activists traveled to Moscow to make a film on racism in America that would start a revolution.

    Among them was up-and-coming writer Dorothy West, who was looking for a break in her acting career and the chance to connect with famed writer Langston Hughes.

    Dorothy West recounts her year in the Soviet Union, recalling the hookups, heartbreaks, and lessons learned along the way.

  • Join Broadway historian, director, and all around MT nerd Robert W. Schneider for a wild and exhaustively researched celebration of the musicals that had set their sights on Broadway but missed the mark. The first season of Broadway Bound is called "HOORAY FOR HOLLYWOOD" and explores ten Broadway Bound musicals that were based on movies. From Angela Lansbury refusing to practice voodoo to a tap dancing Mrs. Robinson, Broadway Bound: The Musicals That Never Came To Broadway podcast is sure to open your eyes to some of the most bizarre, brilliant, and bold musicals that tried to get themselves on the Great Bright Way!

  • This podcast, hosted by historian and professor Colin Elliott, brings to life the stories and sources from the pivotal and fascinating age that followed the death of Julius Caesar and ended just after the reign of Marcus Aurelius. This period was called the Pax Romana—or the Roman Peace—and it was an age to remember—an age of emperors, wars, conspiracies, love affairs, decadence and so much more. New episodes each week, mid-week.

    Professor Elliott's newest book is Pox Romana: The Plague that Shook the Roman World, published by Princeton University Press.

  • Mary Ann and her grandkids go inside the twin towers and experienced the 9/11 crash luckily they made it out alive.

  • India's Christian art is vast, varied—and almost completely unknown. Anirudh Kanisetti (historian, author, and host of Echoes of India: A History Podcast) and Professor Kevin Fernandes take you through its wonders. Join us as we explore Indian Christian myth, ritual, craft and lives through the collection of the Museum of Christian Art in the Convent of Santa Monica in Old Goa.

    This podcast is implemented by the India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) under the Archive and Museums program, made possible with support from the Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi and the Parijat Foundation.

  • This podcast will help you explore the little known stories and incidents related with India etc. And this can take you on a journey in the past to mysterious or forgotten places, telling you tales related to India and other aspects of Indian culture, telling how certain food and migrants came to India over centuries, who drastically transformed and adapted themselves and became completely Indian thereby making Indian culture richer. And it will help you understand Bollywood songs, too.
    This interesting story telling history podcast is Hosted by Shraddha and Ritansh and written by Jaibodh, a passionate writer, story teller and Hindi teacher & grammarian.
    Each episode has two versions - English one, and Hindi one.
    •Hindi version’s transcript, which has expressions with their meanings and the
    worksheet based on it, can be downloaded after becoming a Patron from -
    https://www.patreon.com/allaboutindiapodcast or
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  • This podcast is a series of interviews of senior Etobicoke residents in the 1980’s.
    They are a valuable and unique view into the history of Etobicoke in the early part of the 20th century, as seen through the personal experiences of local residents. We will be presenting a different interview each month.

  • For Old Times' Sake by Itihāsology, hosted by Eric Chopra & Kudrat B. Singh, is your ultimate portal to rediscover the vibrant tapestry of Indian history! Explore the diverse spectrum of history—from overarching themes to captivating niches like the histories of humour, fashion, and even horror! Join Eric and Kudrat as they uncover captivating stories, review history books, host Q&A sessions, and obsess over prehistoric stones!

  • Funny & short history episodes, easy to listen to, 5 minutes every day.For history buffs, young and old - although you should be young in mind 😉A little bit like Horrible Histories, but as a podcast!Who should listen to the podcast?- Highschoolers with an interst in history- History buffs who want to get a titbit of easy history every (working) day- Documentary fans and information junkies - a nice titbit of information for you!It's generated with the help of AI, btw!

  • On Mythology Explained we will be diving deep in to all kinds of Mythology: Greek, Roman, Norse, Chinese, Egyptian - you name it. If you've always been curious about the beginnings of Hercules or how Zeus came to be- then this is the podcast for you.

  • 125 years ago, the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair drew millions to Chicago and left a lasting impact. In “From the Midway,” host Colleen Connolly dives into the legacy left behind by the fair, including the remnants that can still be viewed today, the cultural legacy of the fair, the evolution of the Ferris wheel and products that made their debut at the exposition, and still exist today.

    “From the Midway” is a production of the Chicago Tribune. It was created by digital news editor Colleen Connolly. Post-production editing was done by digital news editor Randi Shaffer. The music used in this podcast came from the album “Souvenir Music from the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893,” recorded by Lake Forest College.

  • "Unveiling the Shadows" is a captivating podcast series that explores the mysterious and often chilling world of cults. Each episode focuses on a different notorious cult, from the Manson Family to Heaven's Gate, providing listeners with in-depth insights into their ideologies, leaders, and legacies.Through expert interviews, survivor testimonies, and thorough research, the series sheds light on the motivations behind cult membership, their operational methods, and the profound impact they have on individuals and society.With a compelling blend of storytelling and analysis, "Unveiling the Shadows" offers listeners a thought-provoking exploration of human behavior, power dynamics, and the consequences of belief. Join us on a journey into the heart of darkness as we uncover the secrets of cults around the world.

  • Welcome to "CURIOUS ABOUT ITALY" a podcast curated by VITOR Italy Tours, where we unravel the secrets of Italy, crafted especially for curious travellers seeking an authentic experience in the BE PAESE.
    Join us, your hosts Marcello and Patrizia, and embark on a journey through the enchanting landscapes of Italy's art, culture, cuisine, and people. In each episode, we delve into
    the rich tapestry of Italian history and heritage, offering insights into the mysteries behind Italy's name, the mesmerizing allure of the Venice Carnival, or the origins of the Italian language.
    With each installment, we aim to captivate and inspire, weaving together fascinating anecdotes
    and historical tidbits to paint a vivid picture of Italy's past and present. Whether you're dreaming of savoring mouthwatering pasta in Rome, exploring the ancient ruins of Pompeii, or wandering through the picturesque streets of Florence, our podcast is your gateway to the wonders of Italy.
    So, grab your headphones and join us as we unravel the secrets of Italia, one episode at a time.
    Your personalized Italian adventure awaits!

  • 100 years ago, artists and writers were forging new visions of Blackness—across America and abroad.

    Introducing Harlem Is Everywhere, a brand new podcast from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Hear how music, fashion, literature, and art helped shape a modern Black identity.

    Presented alongside the exhibition The Harlem Renaissance and Transatlantic Modernism, the podcast is hosted by writer and critic Jessica Lynne. This five-part series features a dynamic cast of speakers who reflect on the legacy and cultural impact of the Harlem Renaissance.

  • Explore Birmingham with the WeiPoint team as they chat with local people about Brummie life, history, culture and community.

    Find out more about us here: https://www.atlasofbirmingham.co.uk/

    Instagram: @atlasofbirmingham

  • Host John Curran an Organized Crime History enthusiast presents: A daily Mafia history podcast covering major La Cosa Nostra and other Organized Crime events that occured on this day in history. We discuss the biggest moments in underworld history, from its inception to current day. From Al Capone to John Gotti. From Sicily to America and the rest of the world. We share interesting facts about Gangsters, Mobsters, and Criminal Masterminds that you didnt know! Listen today to find out what happened on your favorite dates!Want to advertise with us? EMAIL: [email protected] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThisDayInTheMobTwitter: https://twitter.com/ThisDayMobInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/thisdayinthemob/TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@thisdayinthemob