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  • A fictional true crime series written, produced and voiced by Lisa Timmons in the voice of Gwyneth Palcho, a completely fictional character, who in no way resembles a certain Hollywood actress with a similar sounding name, who may or may not have had something to do with the disappearance and possible murder of her housekeeper, Belinda.

  • Cohosts Devin Rosni and Andy Reid love The Simpsons. They want you to love the Scrimpsons, too. Devin and Andy are joined every week by Engineer Darren Shelton and a celebrity guest, and they watch an episode of The Shrimpy Sons and then talk about it. This is a limited-run series; there will only be as many episode of Homerphilia as there are of The Shumpshuns. Let's celebrate the most influential sitcom of all time with a fun podcast of friends having fun together! The Stumpsums!

  • Dean and Matthew of LSG Media have decided to ply their podcasting expertise into the glorious world of Frank Hebert's Dune. This podcast will cover the novel in its entirety in chronological order. This is a great companion piece if you're a first-time reader or a veteran who wants to go deeper on a chapter by chapter analysis.

  • The Sanity Damage podcast is a series of D&D campaigns set in a multiverse cooked up by Nathan Heard and his peers. Sanity Damage's first campaign, To Whom the Sea Belongs, follows the story of an unlikely team of motley scalawags and genteel nobles as they stumble into a mind-bending conspiracy that reaches far beyond their mortal world. In this campaign, the party wrestles with the moderate good and considerable evil that arises from colonialism, and they experience the vast and diverse oceanic cultures of the homebrew world of Neraโ€™ohan. Join the party as their sanity slips away in the face of Lovecraftian horrors, and laugh along at all their piratey misadventures!

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  • Hi, I'm Michael. Dungeonmancy is a podcast where me and my nerdy friends get together and play Dungeons and Dragons, an amazing tabletop roleplaying game where the dungeonmaster controls the world and the story, players control their characters, and dice control the fate of us all! We're playing in a world of my creation, called Daeryn. It's got lots of fun lore to dive into, unique cultures of people, and a mysterious region of the planet that is shrouded in frozen darkness. We'll be playing Daeryn: The Golden Age, set a few years after the Dark Days… like, literal darkness… the sun went out, it was a whole thing… lots of war too, but lots of coming together to face adversity. Now the sun's back. People are picking up their lives. I'm sure it will be smooth sailing from here on out...

  • An unreliable natural and social history of the island of Ireland. Podcast of hunches, fantasies and fact. 'The History and Topography of Ireland.'

  • This is a Harry Potter Podfic. Pairing: Drarry

    Link to the written version:


    Ten years after the war, most Slytherins have either been executed or gone into hiding. A few, like Draco, exist on the outskirts of life.

    Not that Draco minds, his life is simple and respectable. He runs a business he loves and keeps his head down. It's not perfect, but for Draco, it's more that enough. That is, until he makes the ill-advised decision to help a very drunk Harry Potter. Potter, true to form, has taken this as an open invitation to invade Draco's home.

    Draco needs to get him out immediately. Only to preserve his sanity, of course. Draco's heart has absolutely nothing to do with it.

  • I tell scary and creepy fiction stories and creepy pastas that I have written. I would also love to tell people’s true scary stories. Whether they are paranormal, supernatural, or just outright creepy. If you like my podcast and would like me to tell your story, email me at [email protected]

  • Stories From: The Low Season is an anthology fiction podcast inspired by the album The Low Season by POOLSIDE. Each song serves an inspiration for a short fiction piece, and the original song is reworked as a dreamy underscore. Produced by WOLF AT THE DOOR STUDIOS.

  • An informal (and sometimes silly) anthology series of short standalone works of audio fiction, released around the full moon. Featuring the immeasurable talent of the Packhowl Media team and friends.

  • Fox and Lark are two middle-aged women. Lark is juggling her young family, husband and maternity leave from her teaching gig. Fox is balancing trying to have a baby solo, her work as a public servant, and her manipulative mother. As Sparrow-Folk, they love making Fem Glam Folk music together on their ukuleles and think going pro might be the best way to spend time together. When their first gig goes horribly wrong, they don't let it get to them and just flap their wings harder. But novice band managers, creepy clients and oblivious gynaecologists all throw a rainbow of spanners into the works. Can Sparrow-Folk pull the worm of success out of the boggy ground of defeat? Will this be their moment to fly? Find out, in Sparrow-Folk: Adventures in SuBIRDia!

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    Created by Cathy Crowley, Juliet Moody, Paul Bissett and Catherine Prosser. Full credits at

    Podcast photography by Monica Pronk

    Sparrow-Folk: Adventures in SuBIRDia is a Magenius production in association with Sparrow-Folk. It was made on Ngunnawal land in Canberra, Australia and is funded by the ACT Government through artsACT

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  • When Myra Abernathy's estranged father dies in a grisly "accident," she comes home to take up his secret obsession: the hunt for her baby sister's cold-case killer. "Two Dead Girls In Jubeliene" is a fiction podcast coming March 14th. Subscribe today. IG: @2deadgirlspod

  • On the night of May 10, 2007, three boys entered a cave in Mantawauk County, Tennessee. Only one made it out alive. The other two were found ten days later. They had been attacked by someone - or something. The investigation that followed revealed town secrets as old as the caves themselves and put a third teenage boy, James Fincher, on death row. This haunting narrative follows Julien Solas, an amateur writer and James' friend whoโ€™s been haunted by the events ever since. Now, with Fincher's execution looming, Julien returns home to reconcile his past and uncover the truth behind the killings.

    Created by filmmaker Dan Bush, The Mantawauk Caves is a riveting, immersive, binaural audio experience that weaves together the narrative threads of social drama, supernatural horror, and psychological thriller. A co-production of Blumhouse Television, iHeartPodcasts, and Psychopia Pictures. Starring Jonathan Tucker (Westworld) and Edi Gathegi (The Harder They Fall).

    Headphones recommended.

  • Looking for a podcast that will keep you up at night? The Midnight Library has got you covered. Tune in each week for three hauntingly creepy creepypasta stories that will leave you feeling uneasy.

  • Eveโ€™s Diary is a humorous monologue about Eveโ€™s experiences at the dawn of creation. She is fascinated by every aspect of the new world around her andโ€ฆ Adam! The following is an extract from Adam:

    โ€œShe is all interest, eagerness, vivacity, the world is to her a charm, a wonder, a mystery, a joy; she canโ€™t speak for delight when she finds a new flower, she must pet it and caress it and smell it and talk to itโ€ฆ. And she is color-mad: brown rocks, yellow sand, gray moss, green foliage, blue skyโ€ฆnone of them is of any practical value, so far as I can see, but because they have color and majesty, that is enough for her, and she loses her mind over themโ€ฆ. If there is anything on the planet that she is not interested in, it is not in my list.โ€

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  • Rich Anime Sports the podcast for real anime athletes!If you enjoy our podcast then follow us on our social media!All of our anime review content contains NO spoilers.

  • Stories, Poems & Music from the popular The Creative Process podcast. Listen to our interviews on The Creative Process - Arts, Culture & Society on Apple:, Spotify:, or wherever you get your podcasts!

    Writers include Neil Gaiman, U.S. Poet Laureate Ada Limón, Roxane Gay, Jericho Brown, Marge Piercy, Alice Notley, Alice Fulton, Siri Hustvedt, George Pelecanos, Anthony Joseph, E.J. Koh, Hala Alyan, among others. Music by Laurie Anderson, Philip Glass, Robert Plant, Dickie Landry, among others.

    The podcast is hosted by founder and creative educator Mia Funk with the participation of students, universities, and collaborators from around the world. These conversations are also part of our traveling exhibition.โ€จ

  • Let Madame Magenta be your guide to things unnatural and threats unseen...
    A horror anthology series from the folks who brought you the hit podcast Mockery Manor, with stories introduced by celebrated psychic, medium and strange seductress Madame Magenta.
    Launching February 14th 2023 with the 5-part miniseries Ghosted, starring Beth Eyre and Lucy Roslyn.