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  • Relationships can be hard work for high reward, but the stakes feel even higher when a couple brings together two different cultures. New family structures, beliefs, and ways of living can create the ultimate comedy or the biggest dramas. In this podcast, Sejal Bavishi and Nicholas Andrews are joined by a roster of guests to shine a light on these golden moments to make you laugh and hopefully help you navigate your own relationships more smoothly.

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  • Welcome to 40 ish!
    The brand new podcast that dives into the challenges and absurdities of forty-something life. Brought to you by hosts of the hit show Self Care Club Lauren and Nicole.
    Join them as they tackle everything from, dealing with teenagers, husbands and hormones, dating in midlife, wondering why your favourite songs are now considered "classics’ and when"Netflix and chill" starts to mean just that.
    Get ready for candid conversations and a lot of laughter as this funny duo with five kids, two husbands and two dogs between them explore middle aged angst and (attempt) to solve all your dilemmas.
    Is it a midlife crisis or just another Monday morning? 
    Find out on 40 ish

  • The Mean Time is a show hosted by aspiring musicians Jared Gaines and Patrick Gilchrist about life in LA on the road to success.

  • I recall being deeply moved by a wise woman who once said, "You're great at showing me what you hate, introduce me to what you love." Although I can't recall the exact context or the specific song it came from, the message has stuck with me. With that thought in mind, l'd like to share with you my Love.*** Telling Show Of Loveโ„ข is a Faust Spirit Social Society Inc. production of imponderability. May the Heavens reign in you. Creating is the Ritual, Love is the Reason.***

  • Classic films, novelized by TV comedy writers, & narrated by your favorite celebrities. This season, we're novelizing The Matrix, narrated by Rob Delaney, Matthew Mercer, Dan Savage, John Hodgman, June Diane Raphael, Scott Ackerman, Ophira Eisenberg, Brennan Lee Mulligan, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and more! Plus interviews with the people who may or may not have worked on the original film! Check out our last two seasons: Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan, and Independence Day. ยฉ 2023-2024 Novelizers, LLC.

  • Rebel Spirit is a brand new podcast series from Akilah Hughes (Crooked Mediaโ€™s โ€œWhat a Dayโ€) about her return to her small town of Florence, Kentucky with a mission to change her high schoolโ€™s mascot from a Confederate General into a Biscuit. The show features moving interviews with everyone from the artist behind โ€œGritty,โ€ The Philadelphia Flyersโ€™ viral mascot, to principals at schools across the nation who have made this change. In speaking to people at every inflection point of the issue of problematic mascots, Rebel Spirit endeavors to make the process of correcting historic wrongs less of a bummer.

  • A Podcast Thatโ€™s 50% Gay

    Join twin brothers Drew and Grant as they reconnect after 20 years of living worlds apart. Drew, a drag queen in LA living with his husband and dog, and Grant, a former pastor in Florida raising his 4 kids with his wife, come together to share their wildly different experiences.

    They reveal their very different perspectives of their shared childhood, talk about the different worlds theyโ€™ve lived in these past couple of decades, Drew shares the mysteries of gay culture with Grant, and Grant covers the banal inner workings of straight culture with Drew. Itโ€™s funny but also poignant-ish.

  • Our world is a hot mess, so Fin Argus and Chris Renfro are setting out in a rocket ship to explore queerer pastures. Hop in as they explore the great unknown with a new guest, in a new universe, every week—and build an intergalactic Best Friend Force along the way. Wherever you go, there's One of Us.

    A Gossett and Kinehora Co-Production.

  • Just two teenagers talking about relatable stuff like high school, insecurities, and cringe worthy moments in life.

  • John and Jade Reynolds are the dynamic duo behind the wildly popular family/comedy content that has captivated over 1 million followers on social media. Known for their hilarious, heartwarming, and often candid take on everyday family life, John and Jade share their unique perspective with the world, all while navigating the challenges and joys of raising two kids.

    Jade, a vibrant and influential wheelchair user, brings her own special brand of dry humour and insight to their content. Together, they showcase the beauty of diversity and the power humour has to overcome the toughest times of life, in a way that resonates deeply with their audience.

    Able to Laugh combines relationship humour, family life and interviews with great guests.

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  • Every week, comedian Luke Mones and his friends solve the mysteries of the world and themselves. Also they talk about other stuff as well.

  • Two brothers' journey into the world of talking about silly things online. With card games, Harry Potter, and fanfic.

  • Dave Carrol and Aaron White are leaders in the Canadian Christian community ... and love to laugh. Join these "Two Wise Fools" as they delve into both the profound and the completely inane, silly, minutiae of life.

  • two lesbians being honest. new episode every week!

  • This podcast talks about my experiences in life with simple animations

  • From trying to avoid plastics, to learning to meditate, Alex and Mike are looking to do it all! Every week they challenge themselves to try something new, like waking up at sunrise or researching conspiracy theories. Each episode is truly a new undertaking, anything can happen!

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  • Comedians Deb Lastowka and Andrew Orvedahl tackle life without booze in their weekly podcast, Dry Wit. The show features conversations on every aspect of living without alcohol, as well as special guests bringing their own unique stories and perspectives. Subscribe if you enjoy the show and check out our non-alcoholic beverage reviews on our YouTube channel.
    Theme song is "Staying In Is The New Going Out" by SPELLS. Thanks to consulting producer Ron Doyle.