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  • Learn valuable information about the law from Attorney Kenneth Landau and his expert guests concerning all areas of the law including criminal, wills and real estate - and about your right to sue and what to do if you are sued.โ€จ

  • Grey Power is an advocacy organisation promoting the welfare and well-being of all those citizens in the 50 plus age group. We monitor what the government is doing and how that will affect our members – meeting with influential people including politicians, to make our views known.
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  • Join Grant Knowles, live on Friday mornings for diverse music, funism and informative chats...

  • A podcast talking all things cattle, sheep, and American exceptionalism. We stand for liberty and freedom and we’re having real, honest conversations about what’s affecting your family, your community, your ranch, and your legacy.

    R-CALF USA is the largest cattle producer-only membership based organization that exclusively represents U.S. cattle and sheep producers on domestic and international trade and marketing issues. R-CALF is dedicated to ensuring the continued profitability and viability of the U.S. cattle industry. R-CALF USA’s membership of more than 5,000 consists primarily of cow-calf producers, cattle backgrounders, and feeders.

    R-CALF USA is set apart from all other national cattle associations because we rely solely on membership dues and donations to carry out our mission to ensure the continued profitability and independence of United States cattle and sheep producers. We exist only because of support from our members. For more information, to become a member, or to donate please visit

  • Created for both attorneys and petitioners: Watch a first-of-its-kind podcast experience brought to you by Visas.AI: The Intelligent Immigration Platform.

    Hosted by Jon Velie, CEO of OnlineVisas and Managing Partner of Velie Law Firm.

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  • My goal is to tell stories that you won't usually find in history books. My passion is military history, and I've been studying for nearly sixty years.

    I tell stories about people caught up in war; the men and women at the sharp end of the spear. My podcasts support my work and provide an avenue to present more content about America's wars in the mid- to late-20th century.

  • Money is a topic worth discussing, and Mama is here to do just that. Mama is a mum, a financial mentor and life coach, and she is here for the candid money conversations you need to have.
    Join us to discuss our personal relationship with money and the origins of our financial beliefs.
    We talk about the joys of having money, the struggles of trying to keep or grow our money, and the people we can turn to when we are having financial questions or challenges.

  • Cromaine District Library serves the community of Hartland, MI. This podcast contains a wide range of audio content from the various programs and services offered by the Library.

  • Students from Te Aho O Te Kura Pounamu share their experiences around alternative education, disabilities, and whatever else takes their fancy. Hosted by Linus, Walt, Sarah, Ro and Damien.

  • The "Amici" podcast series was created to share information and insight from New York's judges and the Unified Court System with constituents, stakeholders and anyone else who might have an interest in these topics.

  • Government is the system or group of people governing an organized community

  • Consulum’s GlobalME Podcast features Consulum Chief Economist, Duncan Mayall and Kane Silom, Director and former senior adviser to the Australian Treasurer.

    Each fortnight Duncan and Kane will review the main economic news over the period and its implications for governments and citizens.

  • Welcome to the “Bailey Wire” featuring the Missouri Attorney General’s Office and the hot-button legal issues unfolding in Missouri. In this weekly podcast, the Missouri Attorney General, Andrew Bailey, and his team dive into topics such as human trafficking, civil and criminal cases, the office’s lawsuits and other efforts that the office is pursuing to defend, protect, and enforce the laws for the State of Missouri.

  • On the Way Home is a podcast that brings together the voices and issues involved in ending homelessness in Canada.

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  • Welcome to the Territory Environment podcast where we discuss everything about what it takes to lead and support the conservation, management and sustainable use of the Territory environment. 

    We deep dive into managing water, mapping and managing soil and vegetation, regulating industry that operates within the environment, protecting biodiversity and our work to manage weeds and feral animals to allow native species to survive and thrive. 

    Maybe itโ€™s the science and work behind bushfires and what fuels Territory fires in your region or what it takes to manage the conservation and visitation across the Territory parks and reserves estates that interests you.

    No matter what the topic, if itโ€™s got to do with managing and protecting the Territoryโ€™s natural resources and environment, then subscribe today.

    The Territory Environment Podcast is brought to you by the Northern Territory Government, Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security.

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  • Dorian Broomhall (Manager of Culture & Wellbeing) talks to people from across the Department of Health in lutruwita / Tasmania. 

    From executives to clinicians, weโ€™ll hear about the winding paths theyโ€™ve taken to reach where they are today and hear what lessons theyโ€™ve learned along the way.  

    There'll be tips for leadership and wellbeing, and we'll get to know people from across the state a little better.

  • Each week David Rothkopf is joined by expert guests to talk about a range of important issues facing the United States in the world of politics and law.

  • In this series our Indo-Pacific experts navigate the complexities of safeguarding our present and fortifying our future in these uncertain times.

    Our focus is on delivering expert analyses and insights under the national security umbrella, to help you: "Be Ready for Today. Prepared for Tomorrow." This series is crafted for a discerning audience, including defence professionals, policymakers, academics, technology experts , logistics and supply chain managers, public health officials, and food and agribusiness purveyors.

    It's designed for those who seek to stay ahead of the curve in understanding and implementing the cutting-edge strategies and technologies that define global security today and shape its evolution tomorrow.

    The โ€œVaxa Bureau - Intelligence; Optimised Podcastโ€ is a part of the Vaxa Grow Series and brought to you by the Vaxa Bureau team.

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  • If you work with separating families or have an interest in developing a better understanding of how to navigate the family law system, this podcast is for you. In each of our episodes, you will hear a true to life experience, typical of an individual seeking to access guidance and support for their challenging circumstances. Then, a panel of experienced experts will endeavour to provide an integrated response to the case study. A legal system intended to resolve disagreements arising from family breakdown is fraught with problems and challenges and frequently provides unsatisfactory outcomes for participants. However, when professionals work together to provide an integrated response, better solutions are possible.

    Hosted by award winning lawyer Carolyn Devries, of New Way Lawyers, and with its unique dramatized case studies and prestigious line up of experts from the family services sector -this podcast will become your go to for education, information and updates. It is also a great way to boost your professional development points.

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