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    Producer and writer for Wine Cellar Entertainment.
    Participates with the local Sex Worker's Rights Organization.
    Produces five pieces of media critique a week.
    Has previously contributed content to be published for the Anarres Project.
    Educated a college class on Sex Worker's Rights.
    Hand Knits Winter garments for the homeless.
    Hand delivered supplies to Ferguson during the 2014 uprising.
    Interviewed residents and volunteers in Ferguson for Wine Cellar News.

  • UPDATED JANUARY 2021 | This series features interviews with the Chartered Trading Standards Institute's (CTSI's) Lead Officers in specialist areas heavily affected by the UK's exit from the EU. It has been designed to accompany CTSI’s EU Exit online training modules and is aimed at trading standards professionals, other public sector workers or interested individuals.

    More content is available from the CTSI's dedicated web section:

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • POLITLAB - образовательный и аналитический проект о мировой политике и международных отношениях.

    Авторы подкаста - Илия Куса и Алина Гриценко, эксперты-международники.

    Каждую неделю мы делаем не только обзор наиболее важных и актуальных новостей, но и тематические выпуски, где обсуждаем политическую ситуацию в той или иной конкретной стране.

    Наша цель - помочь разобраться в сложных перипетиях международной политики в различных форматах и создать крупную цифровую подкаст-библиотеку, которая бы включала большой каталог различных тем по международным отношениям.

  • The world is ever growing faster and more complex. You as a leader do not have the time for mediocracy. You need to be at your best, your team does, as well as your organization. Thus, you need to be peak performers. The Peak Performance Leadership Podcast is here for you to achieve just that.

    This weekly podcast will help you find new ways to become the best leader than you can be. I take the lessons learned from my 20+ years of leadership experience coupled with the world's best guests in all areas of leadership to give you a leading edge.

    This show focuses on the three domains of leadership:

    Leading Yourself - learn how to perform at your peak, to ensure that you have the mindset of a leader, set and crush your goals.Leading Your Team - learn how to inspire and motivate your team. Build a cohesive team through trust and mutual goals.Leading Your organization - efficiency and effectiveness are what drives bottom line. You as the leader must harness these aspects along with culture and so much more!

    In the end you'll become a LEADER and not "BOSS". Are you ready for it?

  • Regulatory remediation programs are confusing at best. With the help of experienced internal practitioners at Factor, Code Reg humanizes regulatory remediation with practical insights. This season is all about Schrems II and GDPR.

  • Небольшие интервью с авторами издательства "Книжный мир" о современной повестке дня, истории, политике, литературе и экономике

  • Representing the 67th Legislative District
    in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives
    McKean, Potter & Cameron Counties

  • A podcast on geopolitical intrigue. A perennial student of geopolitics, economics and commerce, I ask, how do these things act together in the world?

  • Аудио-версия выпусков YouTube канала Простая экономика. Здесь я рассказываю про разные сферы экономики, которая нас окружает. Все выпуски - это квинтэссенция самых важных фактов по отдельной теме. Например, почему бензин такой дорогой или какова рентабельность российского бизнеса

    Помимо ютуба я есть в Telegram и VK. Подписывайтесь, где вам удобнее

  • В подкасті "RISE Україна. Все про відбудову" ми розповідаємо про те, як відбувається відбудова та модернізація України, з якими викликами ми зіштовхуємося як країна, та про те, як зробити амбітний проект відновлення України справді прозорим та ефективним.

  • This is a podcast produced by Usman Abba Zanna and promoted by Gidan Yanci. It’s an exclusive discussion around freedom of expression and political participation in Nigeria. Usman Abba Zanna will be bringing you exclusive interviews and talks that will educate you and inform you on the thematic areas.

  • Te contaré acerca del discurso de la segunda toma de posesión del expresidente Barack Obama, el 20 de enero del 2013.

  • Work in Estonia Talk aims to give an insight to expats working in Estonia. We cover two sides of the story; one expat guest working in Estonia, and one of their local co-workers. Recruitment process, adapting to a new country and how does Estonia compare to different cultures are among the diverse topics covered in the podcast.

    Work in Estonia Talk podcast is ideal for:
    - People who wish to get an insight into the experience of living and working in Estonia as an expat
    - Employers who wish to hear about the foreign recruitment experience of companies.

  • Подкаст о событиях в России и мире

  • Partners in Justice is a podcast from The Center for American and International Law, a Dallas-based nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of justice through the education of tens of thousands of lawyers and law enforcement officials in the United States and throughout the world. We deliver in-depth discussions about the rule of law and improving the quality of justice with leaders and experts from the legal and law enforcement communities.

  • Recorded before a live audience on Twitter Spaces, #LiveFromUkraine is hosted by Lawfare Editor in Chief Benjamin Wittes and features a diverse array of Ukrainian voices discussing different aspects of the Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Як війна торкнулася правових питань в Україні? Чи можливо захистити себе в умовах воєнного стану? Як державні установи змінюють свою роботу та як це впливає на нас? З якими юридичними ризиками можуть зіткнутися громадяни та як їх уникнути? Які юридичні інструменти можуть стати у нагоді? З усіма цими питаннями розбирається Ірина Славінська з гостями подкасту «На час війни» від Українського радіо.

  • Бизнес Арена. Мы говорим правду о бизнесе в Украине.
    Философ Владимир Золотарев отвечает на вопросы Яны Матвийчук о либертарианстве. Основные принципы либертарианства, чем отличается от либерализма, возможно ли создать либертарианское государство?
    Слушайте короткие аудио ответы Золотарева и подписывайтесь на наш основной youtube канал Бизнес Феи Яны Матвийчук - Бизнес Арена.