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  • The AGRF is the world's premier forum for African agriculture, bringing together stakeholders in the agricultural landscape to take practical actions and share lessons that will move African agriculture forward. This is our podcast.

  • The IAEM Region 9 Podcast is here to share the success stories of IAEM members in Region 9, to support the mission of IAEM to promote the principles of emergency management, by providing information, enhancing emergency management education, and serving all of the members and future members of the organization.

  • Reactionary Minds is a show about why some people reject liberalism and what the rest of us can do about it. Produced by The UnPopulist.

  • In Legal Matters, John Paul DeVerna, speaks with judges, lawyers, and other leaders of the legal community as they reflect on their life, career and the critical roles they play in shaping the law. As a former prosecutor, defense counsel, and plaintiff's attorney, DeVerna has the breadth of knowledge and skill required to draw out deep insights from guests – helping make complex matters simple to understand. DeVerna is the founder of DeVerna Law ( a firm focused on criminal defense, civil rights litigation, and personal injury.

  • this is all about education system of INDIA..HOW ITS GONA COSTLY IN INDIA FOR OUr next generation

  • This is the podcast of the District 5190 Rotary in Reno, Nevada.

  • The award-winning show, Holding Down the Fort by US VetWealth, returns for Season 6 to answer the biggest question for career military families, “So… when are we gonna get out?” and everything involved with answering this question.

    Co-hosts Jen Amos and Jenny Lynne Stroup continue to converse with special guests from and for our military community to share knowledge, resources and relevant stories on how we can best “hold down the fort” while on active duty, going through transition, and into post-military life.

    Holding Down the Fort is sponsored by US VetWealth. Navigate your military retirement pay and survivor benefit plan alternatives by getting FREE access to our white papers. We have a case study library for the following ranks: E7, E8, E9, O5 and O6. Visit

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    August 2022, Jen Amos' work on the podcast was recognized by Disney Institute and she was hand-selected as the only non-Disney employee to moderate the first Military Spouse Employment panel for the Veterans Institute Summit. March 2022, Jenny Lynne was voted the 2022 Naval Station Norfolk Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year. November 2020, Jen Amos was awarded “Media Professional of the Year” at The Rosie Network Entrepreneur Awards! The show continued to collect award nominations in the following years. September 2021, the show made the Final Slate in the 16th Annual People's Choice Podcast Awards for the Government & Organizations category. November 2021, the show was an Award Finalist for the 5th Annual National Veteran & Military Spouse Entrepreneur Awards. December 2021, the show was a Golden Crane Podcast Awards Nominee. September 2022, the show was a Finalist for the 13th Annual Plutus Awards presented by Capital Group for “Best Military Personal Finance Content.”

    Holding Down the Fort has also been featured in multiple media outlets including Military Entrepreneur (M.E.) Magazine, MOAA’s Never Stop Learning Podcast, The Leadership Void Podcast, Lessons Learned for Vets Podcast, Sisters in Service Podcast, Get 2 Vet, Blue Star Families of Dayton & Southwestern Ohio, Legacy Magazine, U.S. Veterans Magazine, The American MilSpouse, VeteranCrowd Network, It's a Military Life, VirtForce, Military Veteran Dad Podcast, and much more.

    Here’s what our listeners have to say about our 5-Star rated show:

    "This podcast is a must listen for military families everywhere. Each of Jen and Jenny Lynne’s conversations with guests reveals is heartfelt and insightful—highly recommend!" - Maddie 

    "Funny, thought provoking, challenging status quo and ruthlessly supporting their communities— Jen & Jenny Lynne are a delight to listen to and to interact with." - emillmanrn 

    "These are two women with a big heart and are ready to open it to the world." - Ben Killoy 

    "Jen and Jenny Lynne create thought provoking conversations for their military spouse audience. It’s like sitting down for coffee with two great friends who want to know how you really are, and provide the kind of help that’s actually helpful. Looking forward to this podcast being around for a long time!" - Lam978 

    "Jen is an incredibly intuitive soul who knows that connections and stories can make all the difference in life. It was an honor to appear on Holding Down the Fort as a guest early on in her programming, and am tuned in at all times to hear the incredible stories she brings to light." - Nikki James Zellner

    "Jen is great to listen to. Comforting and informative, with a positive mindset laid on top of challenging topics. My wife is currently away for Army training for a few months, so while holding down my own fort I’m glad to have found this podcast." - RemagenMatt

  • Welcome to The Neo-Liberal World Order Show, I'm your host Trent Evans. This is the show where guests and I talk about Politics, culture, banter and about the Black pill sheep island we call the UK.
    Intro and Outro music by Joystock -

  • For history
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  • Rethinking Crime and Punishment in India is a Webinar series co-hosted by CPA Project India, Detention Solidarity, and the Centre for Justice Law and Society, Jindal Global Law School. Over the course of four webinars, we have tried to interrogate issues of crime and punishment in India, particularly concerning caste, gender, and securitisation. We brought together a range of speakers, including those affected by carceral politics, lawyers, scholars, and activists, to open more space for the anti-carceral politics discourse in India.

  • Mi smo ovde da širimo ljubav i leฤimo ljude. PEACE AND HAPPINES #BNT-22

  • This is the "Indian Tamasha" podcast. Here i will discuss topics related to politics and current issues. the track used for podcast intro tune is "Preamble Song" by manjil mystics and we,the people abhiyan NGO. Music at the end is splash and memory from Special thanks to them for the music.

  • Policy Works investigates the myriad moving parts (the institutions, actors, and systems) through which economic development policies are implemented. Policy Works is hosted by the Reimagining the Economy team at Harvard Kennedy School.

    The Reimagining the Economy project explores local labor market, industrial, and development policies, combined with practitioner insights, to produce multidisciplinary scholarship to reshape narratives about how we achieve inclusive prosperity. It is co-led by Faculty Co-Directors Gordon Hanson and Dani Rodrik, and Rohan Sandhu.

    This podcast is a platform for in-depth conversations with frontline agents in economic development, both in and out of government: leaders of economic development agencies, workforce development boards, community development nonprofits, small business development centers, philanthropies and foundations, and others. Through these conversations, we shed light on a range of questions about the practice of economic development: How does policy work? What does it take to activate economic development? What forms of institutional arrangements, coordination mechanisms, knowledge sharing and experimentation enable economic development? And when is it elusive?

    Learn more about the Reimagining the Economy project:

  • In diesem Podcast geht es um Gelingensfaktoren wirksamer Fortbildungen, um Skills, die Fortbildnerinnen und Trainer über ihr Fachwissen hinaus brauchen. Zum Beispiel wenn es um Teilnehmerorientierung, Gruppendynamik, erwachsenengerechtes, zeitgemäßes Lernen im präsentischen oder digitalen Raum geht.

    Im Fokus der 15-minütigen Podcast-Folgen stehen Modelle und Theorien, die bei Planung, Durchführung oder Evaluation von Fortbildungen helfen. Die Bedeutung und Anwendungsmöglichkeiten dieser Modelle in Seminaren und Workshops werden im Gespräch mit Expert*innen aufgezeigt.

    Geballte Impulse und Anregungen zum Nach- und Weiterdenken, zum Abwägen und Ausprobieren.

    Webseite mit Darstellung der Modelle und Möglichkeit zum Kommentieren:

  • Governments are under increasing pressure to bring about the results people expect, while remaining trusted and relevant. And yet, the systems, structures, and processes of government today are often not set up to respond to the complex challenges we face as a society. In recent years, wicked problems such as the global pandemic, climate crisis, persistent racial and economic inequity, as well as a rise in misinformation have brought into sharp focus the need for government to work differently.

    From the Centre for Public Impact and Apolitical, this podcast explores radical new approaches to addressing the most pressing issues of our time by speaking with public servants and politicians at the heart of government around the world.

    Learn more about this emerging vision for better government at and join to build the knowledge, skills, and connections you need to succeed in the public service.

  • Hi, I am Manan Garg your host, I am a high school student and I love to talk about politics and how political steps affect us. In this podcast in each episode, I would talk to some guests about what's going in Indian politics and what is the politics behind it. We'll not only talk about flawed Indian politics but we'll also discuss International Relations and understand how does world politics come into play.

  • A community radio station (CRS) License No. FMCR117, governed by Swaraj Sansthan Sanchalnalaya, Bhopal, A cultural wing of Govt. of M.P. currently producing programmes in Hindi language in different genre.