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  • From writing articles on traveling, the best places to eat, relationship advice, and everything in general...Nicoleacev (hey thats me) is coming to you through your speakers to talk about crazy life experiences - like that one time this guy slashed my tires, and that other time I went on 4 star luxury retreat and had a personal butler. Hold Up, Let Explain...will cover topics on love, crazy ex boyfriends, and the truth on what it's like being a woman in todays era. This podcast will offer all the tea you need to start your week so stay tuned for new episodes every Monday!

  • Tamils Number 1 Radio Host is Here!

    Actor, Producer, TV host, Radio Jockey, and Media Personality Ajai Titus AKA RJ Ajai is Back. 

    AJ is all set to get candid from his friends. Real, Inspirational, thought-provoking stories of his friends about life, love, relationships, and things that weren't perhaps banned on Radio. 

    Ajai & Friends. Tamils Number one Podcast.

    Produced by Spooler
    Hosted by Ajai Titus
    Edited By Abbi Raman
    Supported by Friends


  • இனித்திடும் நினைவுகள்,சுவைத்திடும் வகையில்

  • Join Asher and Noah as they present the Mrbeast Fancast. In it they will be reviewing the newest Mrbeast videos, playing games, and having a great time!

    For questions or concerns, Email us a [email protected]

  • This mom and daughter duo, ages 44 and 82, hilariously navigate through the ages and stages, while discussing the most important things in life. And, naturally... most of it comes back around to sex.

  • Lol Bhaklol:  Don’t go by the name… It’s just the cover. Bhakk Lol is great lateral thinker who can make economies crumble if the stray cow was not fed well. 

    LOL Bhaklol is a weekly comic podcast where Bhaklol bhai gives his opinion on the trending topics in his istyle...he may be short in his height but he makes it up with weirdly wired brain of his, Bhaklol bhai finds all types of funny yet logically correct connections...

    so connect with LOL Bhaklol bhai every Tuesday and Thursday and see whats cooking in his mind. Will it be his gyan on GDP, exams, petrol price or will he go international talk about the suez canal to Meghan Markle interview.

    Frequency: Every Tuesday & Thursday at 3 PM

    Feedback: Bhaklol Bhai would love to talk you at [email protected]

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  • an artist that refresh your mind within one minute

  • Comedians Joe Gatto and Steve Byrne always wanted to be one thing when they grew up…a cool mom. Why? Throughout their lives, both had strong, opinionated mothers who gave great advice. Now they're putting it to the test. In each episode, strangers will submit their dilemmas (no matter how big or small) for the Cool Moms Joe and Steve to discuss, deliberate, and ultimately deliver some wholesome, balls-on accurate motherly advice. Got a problem, yo’? Cool Moms will solve it. Watch:

  • A comedy podcast in Telugu from the Hyderabad based ThyGap, who also have a podcast in English, however, the content is completely different! Ikkadem jarugutundo maaku telusu, meeku telusu, manandariki telusu. Deeni gurinchi manam matlaadalisina avasaram ledu. New episodes on Tuesdays.

  • Lifelong pals, Otis and Demps are on a journey of discovery! Too many credentials to list, so trust us to deliver our fun, no-nonsense views on "things" with sarcasm, wit and a tiny bit of wisdom. Support this podcast:

  • Selamat datang di Kemalan Podcast,podcast'e arek kemalan-kemalan. Sebuah podcast yang berasal dari keresahan Si @gagas_armstrong dan @yunuspriadi.
    podcaste'e arek Sidoarjo.

    akun ig :

    Terima kasih sudah mendengarkan!

  • Two siblings try to come up with an idea for a story based off of three randomly generated words.

  • Funny Bones is a podcast about the humorous happenings, bizarre encounters, fractious clients, and animal oddities that happen to veterinarians in their day to day life. From poop to public health, this show makes light of it all. Our purpose is to use humor to encourage and foster happiness within the veterinary community.

    We'd love to hear from you! Send us your funny stories at [email protected]

  • Hey, Guess what? We all messed up in our own little fussy way and so did our hosts. And now they are out there on streets looking for madness and courage.Let's share those laughs alongside your Host Andy who’s going strong in Australia, taxing all sorts of careers and Passion (IYKYK) convincingly sh+eering mic with crazy wild souls.ATTAINTION: If you think you and your group dodged bullets too in set realm of money and making a fascinating life out of it then reach out and host your friends on our show @the_aarj So, wear your seat belts and get earphones charged for Here They Roar….Aussie Aussie Aussie....Oi! Oi! Oi!

  • PL Deshpande - a doyen of Marathi literature. But what happens when three friends who know him differently sit to discuss his work?

    Meet Vinit, the expert. He's grown up listening to PL. Then there's Bhupal... he's heard enough PL to know what's going on, but is open to knowing more. And then there's Dhruv... he's, well... the novice! And he's hearing most of this for the first time. 

    It's a journey of learning, discovery, new perspectives and continued awe of the great man's works. 

  • One town. One murder. One million hot dogs.

    Welcome to Argyle. Grab a hot dog and allow town narrator Jeremy Zax (Bob Odenkirk) to regale you with this region’s rich history! Founded in 1843 by settlers with their sights set on California, these brave souls grew too tired and instead settled for Ohio. Argylites love to celebrate the spirit of “close enough,” like that of Richie McDonough (Brian Posehn) a young man who was a stupendous substitute bowler that never bowled and instead kept the bench warm. His untimely, mysterious death in the Summer of 2013 is Argyle’s darkest secret.

    Hear how Richie met his fate, beginning with Argyle’s annual hot dog eating contest and ending with the town’s annual murder. Along the way, you’ll see that Argyle truly has it all: a DMV that’s also a fancy restaurant; the world’s largest lost-and-found; a surgeon who doubles as a magician; and so much more!

    Created and written by Nate Odenkirk (The New Yorker, The Onion) and his father Bob Odenkirk (Mr. Show, Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad), Summer in Argyle is proudly Audible’s second best murder comedy. This offbeat Audible Original features some of today’s biggest comedy stars, like David Cross (Arrested Development), Tim Robinson (I Think You Should Leave), Paul F. Tompkins (Comedy Bang! Bang!), plus Carl Tart, Stephanie Courtney, Lyric Lewis, Stephanie Hsu, and more. Summer in Argyle is like listening to an old-time radio theatre show soaked in silly and blended with absurdity to produce a perfect froth of nonsense.

    As they say in Argyle: Welcome to Argyle—and welcome, to YOU.


    Aasia Lashay Bullock

    Stephanie Courtney

    David Cross

    John Ennis

    Andrew Friedman

    Stephanie Hsu

    Mary Hollis Inboden

    Tim Kalpakis

    Tom Kenny

    Lyric Lewis

    Michael Naughton

    Bob Odenkirk

    Brian Posehn

    John C. Reilly

    Abelina Sabrina Rios

    Tim Robinson

    Jill Talley

    Carl Tart

    Paul F. Tompkins

    Composer: Eban Schletter

    Director: Tim Kalpakis

    Engineer: Dave Eichhorn

    Executive Producer: Nate Odenkirk, Naomi Odenkirk, Bob Odenkirk, and Joshua Poole

    Head Writers: Nate Odenkirk and Bob Odenkirk

    Producer: Audible Originals and Above Average