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  • Two of the smartest people on this planet come together to figure what the hell is going on. Have you ever wondered why people don't get along? There are few common denominators, but we hope to part the sea and lead all our viewers to new enlightenments and valued opinions. Save yourself the trouble of trying to figure life out on your own and just listen to these two geniuses instead. Many sources state they are really smart.

  • Good morning, afternoon or evening! It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to the Shrek’s Adventure podcast!

    Over the next few weeks we’ll be looking to whisk you away to Far Far Away and beyond, giving you a peak behind the magic of Shrek’s Adventure London. 

    Each time we’ll be looking to introduce you to some exclusive DreamWorks Tours information, or even hear from the residents of Far Far Away themselves! Let us know who you might want to hear.

    Until the next time, can we get a SHREEEEKKK-tacular?! See you next time! New episodes coming every Monday from the 11th May 2020! 

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  • BMX, Videography, Filmmaking, BMX Industry Talk, Riding, Riders, Bikers, Biking Podcast. I've met a lot of people in my years in this BMX industry and it's time to talk to them all.

  • What is clown? For an art form that's been around 1000s of years, this is a surprisingly hard question to answer. Legendary clown director/visionary/performer and host Chad Damiani -- along with his musical/technical director/sidekick James Venable -- explore this subject by interviewing a variety of artists who employ clown in different ways. That includes circus folks, performance artists, comics and improvisers.. but also musicians, social media stars, filmmakers and even pro wrestlers. What are the universal elements of clown that connect all these very different people together? And when it comes to strongly opposing views about the nature of the work, why is Chad's opinion always correct?

    This podcast is named after Chad's monthly show at LA's Elysian Theater (last Mondays at 9:30pm), where he ruthlessly live directs stand-up comics through a grueling gauntlet of clown work.

  • Millistel teemadel sina oma sõbrannaga vestled ja kas oled vahel tundnud, et nii põnevad vestlused ei tohiks jääda saladuseks.

    Meie oleme sõbrannad Maria Sepp & Kerly Vahur ning soovime jagame teiega omavahelisi vestlusi, milles arutleme erinevatel elulistel teemadel väga avameelselt ja ausalt.

    Elu on põnev ja jagamist väärt, tule kuula mida kaks sõbrannat räägivad.
    Kuulamiseks võta kaasa avatud meel ja soovi korral jaga meile ka enda mõtteid.

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    Instagram: @s6brannadpodcast

  • Join influencers Kate Elisabeth and Monty Keates as they divulge everything that’s been happening on their private stories on and offline. Tune in weekly for chronic oversharing, relationship trauma dumps, and your fair share of embarrassing stories. Get involved by sending in your private stories and confessions to @theprivatestorypodcast.

  • We're friends and academics who take classic literature off its pedestal by making fun of it.

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  • Кухня. Вечер. За чашкой чая встретились комики, чтобы обсудить насущное. Короче, это подкаст, в котором ведущие шоу «Счастливые люди» на Comedy Radio обсуждают всем знакомую бытовуху, делают это с приколами, но при этом очень душевно.

  • Vai tev kādreiz ir gribējies būt mušai uz sienas, kas noklausās cilvēku dziļākos noslēpumus, bet paliek nemanāma? Mēs veidojam podkāstu MUŠA, lai sniegtu tev šo sajūtu. Ja vēlies izstāstīt savu stāstu, sūti mums to uz podkastsm[email protected]

  • Alan Davies presents a weekly podcast primarily concerned with all things Arsenal FC but with a wide-ranging remit to consider all football, sport and life as we know it. Particular attention will be paid to things we know nothing about.Alan will be joined each week by two selected members from a squad of seasoned middle-aged podcast contributors:Tayo Popoola, Damian Harris, Oliver Scott, Ian Stone and Keith ‘el Presidente’ Dover will all turn up from time to time.Many anecdotes will be repeated ad nauseam.

  • Comedy Dynamics Daily is your daily dose of comedy right at your fingertips! You can enjoy bits from your favorite comedians such as Jim Gaffigan, Ali Wong, Tom Segura, Tiffany Haddish, Jimmy O. Yang, Iliza Shlesinger, Larry The Cable Guy, Anjelah Johnson, Lavell Crawford, Eddie Griffin, Gina Brillon, Tom Papa, Maria Bamford, Preacher Lawson, Louie Anderson, Whitney Cummings, Jeff Dunham, Ron Funches, Kathleen Madigan, Craig Ferguson, D.L. Hughley and more!

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  • Man Behind The Machine 1980s retro, cybernetics, Machine learning, art, A.I. music, sound experiments and interviews about computers, electronic music, sound design, AR, dystopian futures, synthesizers, philosophy, artificial intelligence, video art, virtual reality, and more.

  • An EDM talk show...with some music and sh#t...

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  • A lively podcast telling stories everyone wants to hear about the shit nurses see. Told by two witty Boston nurses as only they can tell it

  • The Rhythm 'n' Jazz Podcast (The Jazz Cast) is a podcast hosted by Jared Moss-Coomes with various guests from The Rhythm 'n' Jazz team. If you like comedy in your ears, then we recommend you listen to this podcast! If you want you can email us at: Podcast (at) therhythmnjazz (dot) com. Don't forget to check out our website for updates as well! (

  • Welcome to ‘The Estonian Experience’, a Podcast about life as a foreigner in Estonia.Recorded in Richter Studio. in Tallinn, Estonia. Support this podcast:

  • Stand Up Comics Aaron & Caleb revisit artist's 1st ever recorded sets, music, & art projects.