Vetenskap – Estland – Nya podcasts

  • Indrek Ojametsa toimetatud teadusrubriik Kuku hommikuprogrammis.

  • Sünaps on Eesti Tervisemuuseumi taskuhääling, mis vahendab ja ühendab lugusid inimkehast, meditsiiniajaloost ja popkultuurist.

  • Interested in human behavior and how people think? The Measure of Everyday Life is a weekly interview program featuring innovations in social science and ideas from leading researchers and commentators. Independent Weekly has called the show "unexpected" and "diverse" and says the show "brings big questions to radio." Join host Dr. Brian Southwell (@BrianSouthwell) as he explores the human condition.

    Episodes air each Sunday night at 6:30 PM in the Raleigh-Durham broadcast market and a podcast of each show is available online the Wednesday following. The show is made possible by RTI International.

    Have thoughts on the show? Let your voice be heard by rating us. You can also join the conversation on Twitter by following @MeasureRadio.

  • Violetta and Lena hosting a cadpost about absolutely crazy things and theories that you've most likely never even thought of, for people who think outside of the box and question obvious statements.

  • Translation is the process of turning basic scientific research into therapies that cure disease, new sources of energy that heal the planet, and other things that move the world forward.

    The Translation podcast takes a deep dive into scientific advancements with a huge potential to improve society. We talk directly with the people advancing the science with their own hands and minds, and focus on how we can translate the science from the bench to the benefit of all.

    Initially centered on biology and synthetic biology, we’ll talk with the most promising young scientists in the field. We aim to demystify the science for a general audience and to shine a light on how great science turns into great business. We hope these discussions will inspire scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors to help commercialize breakthrough research.

    If you’re an author of an upcoming paper in bio or know of any interesting papers dropping soon and want to hear from the authors, drop us an email at

  • Join Lex Pelger on his weekly quest to decipher the ways people are biohacking their bodies and minds with topics like cannabinoids, psychonautics, and more. Spanning traditional healing to the newest scientific breakthroughs, experts reveal their insights into how we can engineer our lives through a better understanding of the world around us. Brought to you every Monday by CV Sciences.

  • Delfi teadussaade "Innovaatika" hakkab Delfi Tasku kanalis lahkama teadusmaailma põnevamaid tahke ja nüansse. Igas saates on külas üks Eesti tippteadlane, kes seletab saatejuhiga koos lahti ühe kindla teema teaduses. Saatesarja jooksul püüame lükata ümber nii mõnegi populaarteadusliku vale, kinnistada aga tõdesid, mis ei pruugi olla veel inimestele kohale jõudnud.

  • 1 More Mile is a lifestyle brand devoted to advancing the ideal that every individual can go 1 More Mile. The podcast brings science-based health, nutrition, & fitness advice, as well as compelling guest interviews from sports scientists, athletes, and industry leaders.

  • The quote "All Therapists Are Jerks" from Marsha Linehan, creator of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), refers to the fallibility agreement within consult groups. The mission of the podcast is to help educate on the use of DBT skills and philosophy and to make them more accessible to the average listener and in particular those with loved ones who struggle with emotion regulation difficulties.