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  • From Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic, to the Windrush deportation scandal citizenship and the responsibilities of the UK government to the people of Hong Kong, it seems that citizenship and migration in Britain are never far from the headlines. Who do we think we are? explores all of this and more. Join Professor Michaela Benson and her guests as they debunk taken-for-granted understandings of who is a citizen and who is a migrant in Britain today.

  • Marine technology is not about ships and shipbuilding, but about the technology that is used to explore the oceans, protect them and use them sustainably.Please consider the harsh conditions the marine technology is exposed to in the sea. The sea is often a very inaccessible habitat with strong currents and aggressive salt water. The deeper you get, the higher the water pressure becomes, people and equipment have to be able to withstand this. Wind and waves make the work even more difficult, many jobs can only be done up to a certain wave height. Sometimes you also have to pay attention to the tides. And then there are remote and climatically demanding regions like the Arctic or the Antarctic.After all, we know surprisingly little about what lives in the sea. Researchers assume that there are a good 1 million higher organisms and 1 billion species of microbes. The sea is an almost inexhaustible source of natural substances. However, 95% of them are unexplored, in the deep sea even 99%. Marine tech is of great importance. In this podcast we'll have a closer look at it. Bärbel Fening is a German podcaster and a tv-journalist, who specializes in marine issues: This podcast is produced in cooperation with the German Association for Marine Technology:

  • ما به شما در مورد چبزایی میگیم که خیلی ساده از کنارش رد میشین و یا موضوعاتی که دونستنش بهتره و شاید یه جایی به دردتون بخوره.

  • Welcome to The Whole Tooth, a shark podcast by the Save Our Seas Foundation. We get YOUR questions answered about sharks, their relatives, and the oceans by leading experts in that field!
    Hosted by Dr Isla Hodgson, every episode takes a deep dive into a question sent in by a listener with the help of shark scientists and conservationists from all over the world. How do sharks take naps? Why do sharks glow in the dark? Can great whites REALLY smell blood from miles away? How do I become a marine scientist? No question is too big or small – whatever you want to know, we’ll answer!
    This podcast is on a mission to communicate facts, debunk myths, and give you the tooth – and nothing but the truth! – on sharks, rays and everything ocean.

  • Tässä Podcastissa radiopersoona ja muusikko Mikko Siltala heittäytyy niiden asioiden pariin mitkä häntä ovat aina kiinnostaneet tai vuosien varrella alkaneet kiinnostaa. Luvassa siis aiheita maailman alkuhämäristä tämän hetken ilmiöihin.

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  • We love science, but are there things we'd like to change about the way academic research works? Hell yeah! Join us on our journey, where we interview individuals who felt the same way and decided to do something about it.
    This will not be a deep dive into grumpiness, but rather a collection of inspiring initiatives and the people behind them. Let's dream together about how to Do Science Differently!
    This podcast is brought to you by SPOKES through The BIH QUEST Centre for Responsible Research. Your hosts are researchers from Berlin, Germany.
    To keep up with episodes and engage in the discussion follow us on twitter: @DoSciDiff
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  • Kuusi tarinaa suomalaisen ympäristötutkimuksen ja -suojelun historiasta, 1970-luvulta tähän päivään ja tulevaankin. Jaksoissa haastateltavina ovat suomalaiset ympäristötutkijat, jotka kertovat, mitä kullakin vuosikymmenellä oikein tutkittiin, mitä saatiin aikaan ja mikä muuttui.

    Suojeltu! on Maj ja Tor Nesslingin Säätiön 50-vuotisjuhlavuoden podcast, jonka sisällön säätiö on kustantanut. Podcast-sarjan on toimittanut Aino-Mari Tuuri. Äänituotannon on tehnyt Jaksomedia. HS toimii podcast-sarjan julkaisijana.

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  • Conversations with the movers, shakers, and innovators of the biotech industry about how science is woven into their personal and professional lives.

  • The Nurturing Neuro Podcast teaches about the nervous system, ranging from the fundamentals to more complex concepts.

  • Костя, Ксюша и Катя обсуждают феномены, события и судьбы мира
    18+. Мы ни к чему не призываем и не аффилируемся ни с какими организациями.

  • Creating digestible podcasts covering the latest in farm animal veterinary research

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  • A Podcast For Animal Lovers!
    Cocktails! Snacks! And crossing the unprofessional line. Animal Professionals and animal lovers discuss the wild kingdom - after hours.

  • A science history podcast uncovering the little-known stories and less-talked-about people behind well-known science & tech. Written & Hosted by Maren Hunsberger & Greg Foot for Seeker

  • Do you need to escape into stories of trees and flowers? Join award winning writer Ben Dark as he weaves together the voices of gardeners around the globe. Sit back, relax and allow yourself some time in the world of plants.

  • Taivaanranta on podcast, jossa keskustellaan itsensä äärelle pysähtymisestä ja inspiroidutaan erilaisista tavoista rauhoittaa ja tasapainottaa hermostoa. Aihepiirejä lähestytään kokonaisvaltaisen hyvinvoinnin, luovuuden sekä luonnon ja luontoyhteyden näkökulmista. Keskustelut pohjautuvat kahden pitkäaikaisen ystävän, Rosan ja Henriikan omiin kokemuksiin, ajatuksiin ja pohdintoihin.

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  • What kind of animals are we? The On Humans -podcast features conversations about the science and philosophy of what it means to be human. Topics range from the psychology of love to the science of happiness, and from the anthropology of war to the evolution of morality.

    Each episode presents a deep dive with a leading scholar, interviewed by your host, Ilari Mäkelä.

    About your host: Ilari is a Finnish philosophy graduate with degrees from Oxford (Philosophy and Psychology) and Peking University 北大 (Chinese Philosophy). He lives in London.

  • Podi joka tutkii perusterveydenhuollon ilmiöitä sisältäpäin

  • This podcast features interviews with a variety of people involved with the history, science, management and operations of Big Basin Redwoods State Park in California.

  • A look at agriculture and farming in Australia and around the world. Covering a range of topics including soil health, ag tech, farm innovation, weed management, herbicide usage, livestock management, profitability and sustainability.