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  • Two friends have a nice time discussing history, with a focus on the weird and perverse and occasionally crime and parapolitics.

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  • Take a dive into the folktales, faery lore and ghostly encounters of the British Isles with HearthWitch.

  • Tarinoita ja analyysejä mysteereistä, murhista, salaliitoista, rikoksista sekä yhteiskunnasta.

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  • Två PTP-psykologer guidar dig genom upptäckterna, människorna och behandlingarna som formade psykologin

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  • منصة عربية لإعداد وتقديم المحتوى الصوتي في العديد من المجالات الثقافية والتاريخية والعلمية، بالإضافة إلى محتوى ريادة الأعمال


  • Ever watch Ancient Aliens and wonder if any of the claims are true? Join archeologist and podcaster Fredrik Trusohamn as he digs up the truth behind all those crazy theories. Join us for this insightful podcast, where we go thru every episode to see what’s true and what’s not.

    We will go thru every season and really excavate down to the layers underneath. We might venture out on a few excursions and see what lays further down the horizon.

    Fredrik will go where few archeologist have gone, armed with a bit of skeptical thinking, research capabilities, dry Swedish wit and a buttload of patience.

    Might it be that the textbooks need to be updated or is it the show that would need to put out a few corrections? Come with on this journey down thru the layers to the treasure of knowledge in the center.

    For more info or to contact Fredrik, please visit https://diggingupancientaliens.com or search for "Digging up ancient aliens" on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook or that tiktok thing.

  • Fate of Fact is a presentation of Shining City Audio, a C13Originals and Jon Meacham studio. Throughout the course of five episodes in season one of this audio documentary, Pulitzer-Prize winning and best-selling historian, Jon Meacham and esteemed guests, will explore the question of how fear conquered truth, the history and origins of the strong grip misinformation and disinformation have on our politics, and how we got here today. Meacham will trace the roots of America’s prevailing culture of polarization, with an emphasis on why the right has chosen to break with a governing consensus that, however imperfect, was once embodied by the figurative conversation between Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan. Fate of Fact offers a historically grounded perspective on the forces that led to the presidency of Donald Trump and the insurrection of January 6—an attack on the Capitol and on democracy as grave as any American moment since the Civil War.

  • Join two museum professionals as they take you on a wild and often lighthearted tour through a virtual cabinet of curiosities, including the strangest artifacts and tales from historic sites and museums around the world! From ghost towns and death masks, to serial killers and US Presidents assassinated by bacteria, you have NO IDEA what you might find in The Morbid Museum!

  • Tervetuloa kuuntelemaan Antiikki nyt! -podcastsarjaa. Minun nimeni on Maijastina Kahlos. Olen antiikintutkija, ja tässä podcast-sarjassa keskustellaan antiikin Kreikasta ja Roomasta, kirjallisuudesta ja historiasta. Kutsun podcastiini keskustelemaan suomalaisia antiikintutkijoita ja antiikin kirjallisuuden kääntäjiä. Antiikki nyt! -podcast-sarja on saanut tukea Tieteen tiedotus ry:ltä.


  • گنبد کبود جایی‌ست برای گم‌شدن میان کلمه‌هایی به قدمت حافظه‌ی‌ جهان ما در گنبد کبود متون کهن فارسی رو با شیوه‌ای نو می‌خونیم تا به فراموشی سپرده نشن، تا بتونیم در زندگی روزمره دقایقی رو به مرور آثار فارسی که همیشه دوست داشتیم بخونیم، اختصاص بدیم. ما اینجا

    باهم داستان میخونیم، شعر میخونیم و از دل کلمات تاریخ و اسطوره ها و ریشه ها رو بیرون میکشیم تا از لایه های زیبای کلمات عبور کنیم و به عمق میراثی که برامون به یادگار مونده برسیم.

    ما از هزار و یک شب آغاز کردیم

    روزهای زوج قصه می‌خوانیم و جمعه‌ها با اپیزودهای چراغ از تاریخ و اسطوره‌ها و افسانه‌ها روایت می‌کنیم

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  • Laurie Bembenek was a Milwaukee police officer and Playboy Club bunny before being arrested for the murder of her husband’s ex-wife, a crime she insisted she did not commit. Nicknamed “Bambi Bembenek,” she became a tabloid fixation, a feminist cause célèbre and, after she escaped from prison, an American folk hero, though she was never exonerated. Journalist and Campside Media co-founder Vanessa Grigoriadis takes a fresh look at the case Diane Sawyer called the "most glamorous murder case of the 1980s.”

    New episodes out every Monday. 

    Run Bambi Run is an Apple Original podcast, produced by Campside Media. Listen and follow on Apple Podcasts.


  • Apinan vuosi seuraa Homo Sapiensin matkaa läpi sen historian myrskyisimmän vuosisadan, joka keskiviikko ja lauantai.

    1900-luvulla mullistui lähes jokainen elämän osa-alue: tiede, teknologia, ajattelu, kulttuuri ja yhteiskunta. Vuosisadan tärkeitä ilmiöitä olivat esimerkiksi kolonialismin huipennus ja siirtomaavallan purkautuminen, ensimmäinen ja toinen maailmansota, ydinvoima, avaruustutkimus, kylmä sota, globalisaatio, väestönkasvu, ympäristöongelmat ja digitaalinen vallankumous.

    ig: @apinanvuosi

  • Цикл передач о сообщении между Старым и Новым Светом и о негласном соревновании лайнеров по пересечению Атлантического океана, в ходе которого произошло много значимых событий и катастроф.

  • Join Georgia Southern University history professors Brian Feltman and Bill Allison as they chat with fellow military historians and scholars of war and society about history, the historical profession, and life in general in a new podcast - Military Historians are People, Too!

  • Join us to discuss African history that is largely untold. Each episode, we have a conversation about a topic in African history and point out some lessons that come with that significant aspect of the continent's history.

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  • Mänsklighetens utveckling har gått i en rasande fart. Men har den utvecklingen bara resulterat i livsstilssjukdomar, klimatförändringar, utdöda djur och kaos? När valde mänsklighetens fel väg och vem kan vi skylla på?

  • Hidden History, Deep Political Policy, Occult Deconstruction, Economics, Religion, & Philosophy From A Real “Rabbithole Aficionado’s” point of view.

  • This companion podcast to Dara Horn’s new book People Love Dead Jews takes listeners beyond the book to some of the strangest corners of Jewish history, exploring how the popular mania for dead Jews warps our understanding of both past and present.
    In this series, you’ll meet flamboyantly gay Civil War Jewish spies, Japanese “Jewish specialists” trying to build their own Jewish state, genius Victorian identical twins and genius Lubavitcher identical twins, American and Soviet Jewish moviemakers hoping to become Hebrew prophets, adorable imaginary Jewish children, and a very righteous Tyrannosaurus Rex.
    With these strange, dark, hilarious, and fascinating stories, Dara Horn guides listeners through the outsized role that dead Jews play in other people’s imaginations— and sometimes still play in ours. Join us on our Adventures with Dead Jews!