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  • Australian theatre tells its own story so badly.

    Dr. Rob thinks they can do the job better. That's what this podcast is.

    A life in the Australian theatre is complicated, exhausting, misrepresented and misunderstood. Dr Rob Vs., presents a close up look at the day to day realities and a birds eye assessment of Australian theatre and the systems that support it.

    Boy, doesn't that sound like a laugh...

    A blend of history, critique, comedy and story telling.

    Recorded live at Theatreworks in St Kilda, Victoria.

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  • This podcast series is about Australia’s relations with and response to the world from the late 19th Century to the present. It focuses on the historical, cultural, ideological, economic and strategic factors shaping the government’s foreign and defence policies. It looks first at historical themes that still have a bearing on Australia in the contemporary world, then moves on to discuss how Australian politicians and policymakers have reacted to and acted in periods of war and stress, crisis and creativity, hope and delusion. It looks at the role of prime ministers, individual ministers and political parties, the globalising economy, trade, immigration and debates over alliances, Asia, and national loyalty. Written and presented by Professor James Curran from the University of Sydney (Discipline of History) , who is also the International Editor at The Australian Financial Review.

  • The story of the best cars from the past 50 years.

  • Richard Nixon was a complex and contradictory figure, and his public speaking style reflected this complexity. He was a skilled orator who could deliver powerful and persuasive speeches, but he was also prone to awkwardness and gaffes.Nixon's strengths as a public speaker included his intelligence, his command of facts, and his ability to connect with an audience on an emotional level. He was also a master of the "Nixonian pause," which he used to create suspense and emphasis.However, Nixon also had some weaknesses as a public speaker. He could be stiff and wooden in his delivery, and he was sometimes prone to rambling and digressing. He was also known for his "sweaty Nixon" persona, which was exacerbated by his tendency to perspire profusely when he was nervous.Despite his weaknesses, Nixon was an effective public speaker overall. He was able to use his skills to connect with voters and deliver his message in a persuasive way. This was evident in his successful campaigns for President and Vice President, as well as his ability to rally support for his policies while in office.Here are some specific examples of Nixon's strengths and weaknesses as a public speaker:Strengths:
    Intelligence and command of facts: Nixon was a highly intelligent man with a deep knowledge of history, politics, and economics. This was evident in his speeches, which were often full of detailed information and statistics.Emotional connection with audience: Nixon was able to connect with his audience on an emotional level by sharing personal stories and anecdotes. This was particularly effective in his speeches to working-class Americans, who could relate to his "rags to riches" story.Use of the "Nixonian pause:" Nixon mastered the use of the "Nixonian pause," which was a dramatic pause that he used to create suspense and emphasis. This was particularly effective in his speeches on television.Weaknesses:
    Stiff and wooden delivery: Nixon could be stiff and wooden in his delivery, which sometimes made him appear uncomfortable in front of an audience.Rambling and digressing: Nixon was sometimes prone to rambling and digressing in his speeches. This could make his speeches difficult to follow and could lose the attention of his audience."Sweaty Nixon" persona: Nixon was known for his "sweaty Nixon" persona, which was exacerbated by his tendency to perspire profusely when he was nervous. This could make him appear uncomfortable and untrustworthy to some viewers.Overall, Richard Nixon was a skilled and effective public speaker. He was able to use his strengths to connect with voters and deliver his message in a persuasive way. However, he also had some weaknesses, such as his stiff delivery and tendency to ramble. Despite these weaknesses, Nixon was able to use his public speaking skills to achieve great success in his political career.

  • Unpacking the Torah stories (and drama) behind the heroes of the Jewish bible. An inside scoop on little know details of the people inside Tanach (Torah, Neveim, and Kesuvim). Jewish History through the lens of Chabad Teachings.These classes are based on the teachings of Navi as seen through the lens of Gemara, Mishnah, Midrash, and the Rabbinic Commentators. Previously known as: The Heroes of the Torah. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/torah-heroes/support

  • Marking the centenary of radio in Australia, The National Film and Sound Archive presents Who Listens to the Radio, a podcast about technology and culture. 


    From the first radio broadcast, to the birth of the teenager, to the invention of the podcast, Who Listens to the Radio dives into the rich audio culture that shaped our nation. We ask all of the important questions like did video kill the radio star? Can you speak with the dead through radio waves? And of course, who, actually, listens to the Radio? 


    Find Who Listens to the Radio at the National Film and Sound Archive website, nfsa.gov.au/podcast, or wherever you get your podcasts.

    Part of NFSA's Radio 100 celebrations.

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  • The Chapters is a show from State Library Victoria all about the incredible stories of some of Victoria's unsung trailblazers.

  • The very best interviews from the House of Mystery cover Spy, Espionage, Action, thrillers, and the authors who created them! No questions too personal, and lots of humor included! From Alan R. Warren

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  • The find of a noir detective story Dear Old Blood by the Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein sounds too good to be true. Academic Horace Murgatroyd thinks it's a hoax, dreamed up by Herbert Denk to save a failing career. But who will win this war of authenticity?

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  • In the Summer of 1970, a ragtag group of teenage hippies, proto-punks, artists, and science buffs assembled in a small, obscure town called San Diego to celebrate their pop culture heroes … and each other. They couldn’t possibly have known that the San Diego Comic-Con would over the decades grow into the largest pop culture gathering worldwide.

    Join original scream queen and cosplay pioneer Brinke Stevens as she, nearly 50 of her childhood cohorts, and a cadre of uber-geeky celebrity guests reveal their most fascinating, funny, and fannish memories of how they brought the Comic-Con together in the “early days” … as well as the profound impact the fandom community it helped spawn has had on our shared culture at large.

    Celebrity guests include: Kevin Smith, Neil Gaiman, Frank Miller, Felicia Day, Bruce Campbell, The Russo Bros., Scott Aukerman, Trina Robbins, Stan Sakai, Tim Seeley, Maggie Thompson, Sergio Aragones, Kevin Eastman, Ho Che Anderson, and many more!

  • Based on the Come Follow me, ”If You Could Hie to Kolob” is a captivating podcast dedicated to exploring the rich teachings and insights found within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ ”Come, Follow Me” program. In our engaging weekly episodes, we embark on a journey through the sacred scriptures, delving into the heart of the Latter-day Saint doctrine.

    Our podcast, titled ”If You Could Hie to Kolob,” offers a unique and in-depth perspective on the weekly ”Come, Follow Me” lessons. We go beyond the surface, providing a comprehensive understanding of the scriptures and their relevance to our lives today. With a commitment to fostering spiritual growth and enlightenment, our discussions are designed to resonate with both seasoned members and those new to the faith.

    At the core of ”If You Could Hie to Kolob” is the invitation to ”come follow me” on a profound exploration of the gospel teachings. Each episode is a thoughtful journey into the scriptures, where we unravel the layers of meaning, drawing connections between ancient wisdom and modern application. We invite our listeners to join us on this collective journey of discipleship, as we learn, reflect, and apply the principles of the ”Come, Follow Me” curriculum.

    Our weekly lessons are carefully crafted to provide a balance of scholarly insights and relatable anecdotes, ensuring that listeners of all backgrounds can find resonance in the discussions. As we explore the scriptures, we emphasize the importance of personal revelation and encourage our audience to apply the principles discussed in their daily lives.

    The ”If You Could Hie to Kolob” podcast aims to be a valuable resource for Latter-day Saints seeking a deeper understanding of the gospel. We believe that by immersing ourselves in the ”Come, Follow Me” material, we can strengthen our testimonies, build a sense of community, and foster a greater connection to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

    Join us each week as we delve into the heart of the ”Come, Follow Me” program, unpacking its profound lessons and finding new ways to apply its teachings in our journey of discipleship. ”If You Could Hie to Kolob” is more than a podcast; it’s an invitation to come and follow the path of spiritual growth and discovery.

  • Cake is not just a food, it’s an emotion. From the history of cake to the iconic cakes of our childhood, State Library of Queensland’s Cake the podcast takes you on a sweet journey that connects you to memories, community and family. Learn about the people, the places and the recipes that have influenced our insatiable taste for cake.

    Join our award-winning host, Kaitlyn Sawrey of Who is Daniel Johns? podcast fame, and tuck into stories about lamingtons, pineapple cake, CWA scones, moon cake, Greek funeral cake, big cakes, celebration cake, and more … wherever you get your podcasts.

  • On a dreary Tuesday morning in 1939, C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien wandered into the Eagle & Child on St. Giles' Street in Oxford, England. The Eagle & Child was where these 'Inklings' gathered regularly to discuss their latest literary ideas, some of which would impact Christians worldwide for generations to come. The Eagle & Child Podcast is devoted to discussing the history and inspiring stories of influential Christian thinkers & their thoughts. 'A tip of the hat to the Inklings & Christian orthodoxy'. We endeavour to provide an enjoyable historical pilgrimage that guides us home to 'Mere Christianity' by way of the beauty laced along the well-trodden roads of historic Christian orthodoxy.

  • Israel 101 are short videos that explore big questions and untangle complex topics. You’ll get all the information you need to get your head around Israel and Judaism and develop informed opinions on a wide range of issues.

  • Rupert Murdoch is the media’s most powerful man. His newspapers and TV networks can topple leaders, change policies and throw into doubt the outcome of entire elections.
    In this six-part series from Schwartz Media, investigative journalist Paddy Manning charts Rupert Murdoch’s rise from a small newspaper in Adelaide to his reign as the last global media mogul. Find out what drives Rupert Murdoch and what happens now he has handed over the empire.

  • Welcome to Hot History, the podcast where we dive into the things in history that you probably should know, but don't.

  • Each week, Bob Mendelsohn will take us on a journey, 18 minutes of time together, learning and laughing and feeling what's going on in the world around us. It's really a podcast about people and for people. Topics might include sports, books, religion, and words themselves-- people though are our #1 concern. Broadcast each TUESDAY from his home in Sydney, Australia. Photos of the guests are here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bobmendo/albums/72177720296857670. You are invited to share your thoughts via Instagram or FB, even via audio if you'd like.
    Often we get into topics about health and wellness, and we find those fascinating. 

  • Cardigan [Files] is a City of Playford Library series that showcases strange local history and book reviews with special guests.

  • Salty Plums: theyโ€™re a little bit sweet, a little bit sour and a little bit salty. Some say if youโ€™ve never tasted one, youโ€™ve never been to the real Darwin.

    Introduced by Chinese migrants in the 17th Century, theyโ€™ve become a symbol of this cityโ€™s unique multicultural community.

    Darwin or Garramilla, as the Larrakia Traditional Owners call it, is a city plonked right in the middle of the tropical Top End, closer to Asia than any Australian capital city. Famous for crocodiles, sunset markets and a big cyclone called Tracy, yet, thereโ€™s so much more to this place.

    The city has a tumultuous past from a bombing attack in World War 2 to three big cyclones - all of which left it in pieces. Over the decades, people from 100 different nationalities have migrated to this city, to re-build it, as they fell in love, grew families and created a place to call home.

    Hosted by Larrakia woman Nicole Brown, Salty Plum Stories shares the experiences of six people from six different cultures, bringing you into the heart of the real Darwin, Salty Plums and all.

    Salty Plum Stories is a Discover Darwin podcast for the City of Darwin.

    It was produced by Lori Uden and Cinnamon Nippard, with editorial support from Johanna Bell and mixing by Hamish Robertson.

    The incredible soundtrack was composed and mixed by Kuya James and Tutup Mulut.

  • "Horrible History With Asher Brooks" is a gleeful dive into some of the strangest and darkest stories from our past. Join a veteran storyteller and special guests as we dive into things that make you laugh, cry, and shudder. Enjoy the show, and the Nightmares.... Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/asher-brooks7/support