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  • Discover the rich tapestry of quilting through the ages in this immersive audio journey. From ancient origins to contemporary masterpieces, explore how this humble craft transcended cultures and borders to become a powerful art form. Uncover the diverse traditions, personal narratives, and boundless creativity woven into every stitch of the world's most iconic quilts. An inspiring celebration of quilting's legacy as a universal language of storytelling and self-expression.

  • Conversations is a photography podcast exploring creativity, process, business, and current events. Presented by The Photographic Journal.

  • Canvas, cuffs and other stuffs

    A podcast about the world of art and all the crime that happens there. Steph and Joel make art history a little less boring a little more pop culture.

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  • Paul Gauguin changed the course of art history, but to many he's a monster. The modern master accused of taking โ€˜child bridesโ€™ in Tahiti is long dead, but his legacy in the Pacific is well and truly alive. Hosted by award-winning Samoan-Australian journalist Sosefina Fuamoli, this four-part series asks... can you love the art but loathe the artist?

    The Gauguin Dilemma has been produced alongside the National Gallery exhibition Gauguinโ€™s World: Tลna Iho, Tลna Ao.

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  • I ART New York podcast is a guide into the NYC Art Apple. Each 60 min episode grapples with the question: How to love art in the big city, why to pay attention to it, and how to relate to it?

    Hosts of the show, Rebecca and Izabela in the first half of the “art hour” offer an alternative review of the large NYC museum retrospectives and selected gallery shows, soaked in candid criticism and diffused by humor. In the 2nd part of the hour, they host noteworthy guests from the art world for interviews asking questions relating to the shows but also the tricky question of a hands-on experience in the arts as a profession in practice.

    I ART New York’s critical insight focus on selected exhibitions, and consider concepts and narratives as told through the various forms within Contemporary art. Rebecca and Izabela take on large museum retrospectives at first and move onto the various exhibitions in different parts of NYC, galleries in Chelsea, LES, Williamsburg and Bushwick.

    Through emotional and considered reactions to artworks, Rebecca and Izabela attempt to unpack the work of iconic, established, and less known artists. They discuss the mediums and concepts and compare and contrast the aspects and characteristics of the art, the practice, and artists’ lives.

    Tune in for the alternative art tour in the Big Apple.

  • Jack Anthony has 4+ decades as an on-air personality, music curator, producer, and interviewer. Heard on wytx.fm, SC Public Radio / ETV, The Community Radio Network (Australia).

  • What The Hype?! is the class you always wanted, but were never offered in school! Each week, a panel of pop culture junkies educate each other on today’s biggest books, shows, movies, and more. No matter your experience, there’s something for everyone. Total Noob? We'll educate you on why the fandom took off and what makes someone a true fan! Already an expert? We’ll just see about that! Our subsequent episodes will take you on a deep dive and really test your stan-hood! And, if you’re somewhere in the middle, teetering on the edge of fandom, we’ll show you What The Hype is all about!

  • The Enoughness with Melanie Rickey is all about finding our just right in life.

    Itโ€™s about the pursuit of pleasure, and where our quest for enjoyment, contentment and satisfaction can take us. 

    Inspired by the story of Goldilocks and the three bears, in each episode our inspiring guests reveal how they navigate their too much and not enough to land in their just right, sharing their hard-won solutions for satisfaction, balance and success and more on the way.

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    The Enoughness podcast is hosted by Melanie Rickey.

    Itโ€™s produced and edited by Steve Hankey.

    Additional production is by Sophie Smith.

    It's recorded at 1 Warwick, home of The Enoughness with Melanie Rickey.

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Join lawyer/wine explorer, Tom Massey, in the Cellar Door to hear the stories of the people and wineries in the wonderful world of wine. Tom is joined by winery owners, wine makers and other wine personalities to hear and share their stories, the stories of the wineries and the stories of the wines. It's a podcast about where it all came from and where it's all going. 

  • Season one of Dealing in Design centers around decorative arts dealers.
    Each week we sit down with a successful dealer and intimately discuss their journey, their aesthetics, and the art of buying and selling beautiful interiors you see at the top end of the market.
    So, join us each week as we discover who these people are, how they do what they do and most importantly, how they got to be where they are today...

  • Acclaimed garden designer Darren Hawkes meets internationally reknowned landscape designers to uncover what inspires them, the pitfalls they've learned to avoid and how the most beautiful gardens can transform how we feel about ourselves and the world around us.

  • Welcome to the DOMA show, hosted by Australia's leading luxury interior designer, Katarina Barakovska.

    Katarina explores the lifestyles and interiors of some of the world's best known and loved celebrities, entrepreneurs and design experts; diving deep into their wardrobes, interior design choices, homes and lifestyles - so you will be inspired for your own luxury design projects.

    DOMA, means 'home' in Katarina's first language, Macedonian. You can find more inspiration on how to turn your house into a home at katarinabarakovska.com.

    Now, relax, and let's enter DOMA..

  • https://www.solgoodmedia.com Listen to hundreds of audiobooks, thousands of short stories, and ambient sounds all ad free! "The Philosophy Collection" is a comprehensive anthology of philosophical explorations. Delve into our vast collection of episodes covering a wide array of philosophical topics from ethics to metaphysics. Each published episode invites you to explore deeper thoughts and theories, perfect for binge listening freely.

  • https://www.solgoodmedia.com Listen to hundreds of audiobooks, thousands of short stories, and ambient sounds all ad free! "The Philosophy Insights Collection" compiles all published episodes featuring deep dives into various philosophical perspectives. This series provides a comprehensive exploration of critical thought processes and the fundamentals of philosophy. Binge this enriching content to broaden your intellectual landscape.

  • Your go-to podcast for all things beauty, business & hot industry tea ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ๐ŸŒถ๏ธYou've come to the right place if you love beauty and business advice with no filter, inspirational chats with high flyers, and a side of piping hot tea. Iโ€™m Kayla Zigic, and Iโ€™m Jasmine Scarr we are two beauty industry leaders with over 40 years of combined salon experience who decided it was time to lift the lid on not only some of the juiciest topics but real-life salon emergencies, advice and stories to help you get through your lunch break or drive home.

  • Interviews with artists about their careers, how they grew their audiences, and the biggest "uh-oh" decision they've ever made (and how they recovered from it).

  • Award winning crime writer Keith Wright takes you through passages of his books and explains why he wrote it in that way. I mean, it wasn’t by accident, so why like that? Every word counts. Relax and enjoy the passages he reads and listen in; you may just pick up a theme that you want to play with when you write your crime novel. This is your book, nobody is going to write it but you. Nobody else can. You own it. This podcast may just take some of the pain away and give you some confidence at the same time.

  • Starlite Pulp - Publishers, Podcasters, and Purveyors of Pulp Culture.

    The Starlite Pulpcast features Brian interviewing a cast of characters from in and around the pulp community, as well as readings and virtual events by authors published by Starlite Pulp.

  • Human Interface explores the human side of AI. Each episode offers a unique opportunity for designers, makers and creators to learn from how real users are experimenting with AI.

  • Join me while I chat with inspiring middle-aged, menopausal women who share their mid-life achievements and personal behind-closed-door stories - whilst I take a look at how their personal style has evolved along the way.

    I'm Kate Bird and I'm a Personal Colour & Stylist at Colour me Kate, located in the Perth Hills of Western Australia.  And for more than a decade I've helped women to feel good about how they look in the clothes they wear - and then show them now to go forth to reclaim their identity.  

    I am also a menopausal, middle-aged woman, and I reckon that THIS can actually be the best time of our lives!

    The stories on this podcast will inspire other mid-life women who feel they've lost their identity and that they no longer have much to offer the world.

    These stories reveal the exact opposite to be true.  

    It's time to throw off our invisibility cloak and start talking.

    To contact me: [email protected]