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  • Xin chào tất cả các bạn đã tới với Podcast Truyền Cảm Hứng.
    Podcast Truyền Cảm Hứng mong muốn thông qua podcast này, thính giả có thể tiếp cận với cuốn sách mà mình yêu thích, đồng thời tìm thấy kiến thức để phát triển bản thân, kỹ năng và tư duy, khuyến khích tinh thần ham học hỏi, hướng tới cuộc sống tích cực, phong phú!

  • Audio formatted version of the New York Times Book Review, weekly. The Audio Information Network of Colorado (AINC) is a media organization that serves individuals with barriers to print. This podcast is produced by AINC under the Chafee Amendment to the Copyright Act which states that authorized nonprofit organizations whose primary mission is to provide copyrighted works in specialized formats to individuals with barriers to print are exempt. By continuing to listen, you verify you have an eligible print-reading impairment.

  • 밥보다 맛있는 책 이야기

    Youtube: http://bit.ly/papervore

  • Poul Mark, founder of Transcend Coffee in Edmonton Alberta Canada discusses all things coffee: brewing tips, tours of coffee farms, coffee equipment, tastings, and issues in the world of coffee.

  • Where you don't need sight to cook dinner tonight

  • Are you an landscape architecture student lacking inspiration and tired of designers block? You’re not alone! The Green Side Podcast is hosted by Graciela Martin and Patricia Fabregas, who interviews Landscape Architecture lovers to bring unique stories for students to learn from and be inspired once again.

  • Welcome to GBF, or Gay Book Friends, the bi-weekly (no pun intended) book review show where two best friends read the Best Seller List, and each other, for filth! Listen as we cover everything from popular LGBTQ+ literature, to cult favorites, iconic sagas, and the biggest novels of the year! Follow us on Instagram, YouTube & Twitter @gaybookfriends!

  • Shelf Life is a podcast from the Newberry Library about the humanities and the humans behind them. Each episode features a new conversation with librarians, curators, and researchers about anything from the history of the Chicago city grid to the secret lives of famous American authors.

  • Интересные книги читает Наталья Волохина
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  • 안녕하세요 Good Luck Asmr 입니다.

    저는 속삭임으로(whispering) 으로 토킹을 합니다.

    항상 편안하게 들으실 수 있도록 노력하겠습니다.

    제 asmr 이 항상 수면에 많이 도움이 되길 바라요^^

    Youtube: http://bit.ly/goodluckasmr

  • Are you stuck in a reading rut? The Book Case makes the case for books outside of your usual genre. Wander the aisles of your local bookstore with Kate and Charlie Gibson and meet fascinating characters who will open your appetite to new categories while deepening your hunger for books. This weekly series will journey cover to cover through the literary world, featuring interviews with best-selling authors, tastemakers, and independent bookstore owners. New episodes post every Thursday.

  • 해와 달이 만나서, 끝없이 이야기를 나누며, 본질에 관한 이야기를 합니다.

  • A cautionary tale about the evils of interference, matchmaking and good intentions turned awry, Emma is the study of a young woman raised without sufficient discipline or occupation. Handsome, clever and rich, Emma is the epitome of what a young woman should be in Regency England, except for the fact that her indulgent father and lack of a mother have left her spoiled and used to getting her own way. Emma's only true critic and voice of reason is Mr. Knightley, a gentleman whose opinion she values greatly. She delights in meddling in the romantic affairs of everyone around her, thinking celibacy is a privilege she alone can enjoy by virtue of her social standing. In the end, Emma is forced to acknowledge both her own lack of insight into the motives of others, and admit her need for a companion who can challenge her to become a better woman.

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    This is a Librivox Recording. All Librivox recordings are in the public domain.

  • Olivia Landau, part of the Forbes Under 30 class of 2020, gets intimate with inspirational women. Through our conversations, we'll discover their spark and what keeps them going after their passions. We want to ignite that same spark within you through a community of empowering women! What sparks you? Sit back, relax, and cozy up with us!

  • Podcast Bé Ngủ Ngoan tập hợp những câu chuyện gối đầu giường đồng hành cùng các bé trước giờ đi ngủ. Các câu chuyện nhẹ nhàng và đầy tính nhân văn trên nền âm thanh của thiên nhiên tạo điều kiện cho các bé phát triển trí tưởng tượng, rút ra những bài học bổ ích cũng như dễ dàng đi vào những giấc mơ đẹp. Biết đâu, khi bố mẹ bé cùng nghe, podcast còn giúp bố mẹ relaxed và dễ ngủ nữa đấy :-) Ủng hộ podcast Bé ngủ ngoan bằng cách subscribe, đánh giá và comment trên Apple Podcast và Spotify nhé.Hãy liên lạc và đóng góp ý kiến cho podcast tại bengungoan.podcast@gmail.com

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