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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • We're pulling back the curtain on the behind-the-scenes work of creatives based in Malta. Inspired by the Proust Questionnaire, the Malta Creative Collective asks creatives questions that seek to uncover their true nature, staying well away from the usual 'What is your inspiration' style of cookie-cutter questions.Founded by Rossella Frigerio and Carla Grima, the Malta Creative Collective is an independent, purpose-led movement that brings together like-minded creatives based in or connected to Malta. Our aim? To elevate the local creative community and visual literacy.

  • Whether you want to hear a calm voice to help you relax or sleep, you like asmr, or youโ€™re learning English and you want to listen to an (RP) English accent, these recordings are for you. Random lists of things, and the occasional story, read in a calm, relaxing voice.

    All recordings ยฉ2020-2021 An Englishman Reads

  • Welcome to The Awkward Corner - somewhere every designer will feel at home! Join NDA tutors, Stephen, Amy and SJ each week as they delve into the world of design and discuss why there is an awkward corner in every design project. Featuring special guests, listen to them discuss different design topics, current events, things that catch the eye and hear them air their design grievances in public.

  • The Benefit Broadcast: The Conceal or Reveal Edition, is a new six-part podcast series spotlighting a collective of inspirational brow raisers, sharing their personal stories, brought to you from the UKโ€™s #1 makeup brand*.
    Each week, weโ€™ll be discussing topics that many people choose to conceal about themselves, and in-turn, revealing some hard truths, nuanced opinions and fresh perspectives from our incredible panel of hosts.
    Weโ€™ll be embracing self-expression, acceptance and celebration, whatever that sounds like, and our hope is that you do the same. Please expect adult humour, experience and language throughout this podcast. The views and opinions expressed are those of our guests. They do not reflect all views and beliefs, nor do they necessarily reflect or represent the official policy of Benefit Cosmetics.
    * The NPD Group. Value division sales of Total Prestige Makeup for 2021 Jan - Dec. Please email [email protected] for more details.

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  • I talk to diverse and award-winning artists about the role of curiosity and courage in their lives and work that offer wellbeing benefits for all of us. Season one includes hip-hop poetry, graffiti, Islamic art, tap dance, filmmaking, music, drag, surrealism, photography and performance. The settings for this work includes explosive protests in Istanbul, end of life, the Vatican, boy band tours, the WWII frontline, taking the stage, Egypt, museums, schools and the streets. Being vulnerable is core to expressions of courage that we discuss whilst honesty and openness often drives the artist’s curiosity and purpose. These qualities not only fuel great art but serve our mental and societal health too with important implications for democracy to thrive. Are we sure these qualities of curiosity and courage are flourishing and especially as the digital world drives dis-information and pushed content?

  • Welcome to the beauty download. Bringing you fun, inspiring chats from our friends in the beauty industry and will help you with your daily dilemmas.

  • Join fashion journalist Susie Lau on a journey to explore the history and cultural significance of leather. In this first-ever podcast from Mulberry, the British label known for the beautiful leather pieces it has been creating for the past 50 years, Susie asks: why do we love leather so much? How did it become so highly valued in the fashion industry? And how can it bring about positive change if we support regenerative farming practices? Speaking to everyone from leather lovers to industry professionals, as well as those asking questions about the material driven by environmental concerns, Susie uncovers some difficult truths, fascinating facts, and positive solutions.

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  • Queer Spaces: Behind the Scene is a new photography and podcast series focusing exclusively on contemporary LGBTQ+ spaces. Photographer Tim Boddy (he/him) and journalist and author Alim Kheraj (he/him) will profile a series of collectives in what is a rapidly-changing landscape in London and the UK. Featured are in-depth conversations with a diverse range of voices behind some pivotal LGBTQ+ groups, including Queer House Party, the LGBTQ+ Community Centre, Tonic Housing, and Open Barbers. Each episode will be complemented by original photography and portraiture by Tim Boddy, which captures the spirit of the community. Queer Spaces spotlights those that are treading new ground, celebrating diversity within the community, finding space for traditionally marginalised voices, and those that are queering heteronormative spaces. Queer Spaces: Behind the Scene is supported through a Mead Fellowship awarded by University of the Arts London

  • How did some of the some of the world’s best designers, strategists, and agency leads, get into design? How did they know it was even a thing they could form a career around? I’m Claire Blyth, one of the founders of the Design Community Hub, and also design focussed PR agency Red Setter. I’ll be speaking to some of my favourite people in design to talk about how they got where they are today.

  • Out of the Woodwork brings you stories from makers, artisans and craftspeople, sharing with you their passion for woodworking. Join host Sean Evelegh as he talks to influential leaders, creators, educators and philanthropists all striving to create a thriving woodworking community. Out of the Woodwork is brought to you by www.axminstertools.com

  • A series to help you get great photographs (including wildlife) when travelling. The series includes volunteering and why it provides a serious alternative to traditional wildlife photography trips.It looks at some of the techniques photographers use to find subjects and get great results.I also share some of my more unusual trips including visiting the wreck of the RMS Titanic and climbing mount Kilimanjaro.This podcast is for those with an interest in photography, wildlife, conservation and adventure.

  • Against the bright lights of Blackpool, a supernatural killer is at work and a dark and dangerous love affair begins… A sinister, disturbingly romantic seven part podcast drama written by Marty Ross (BBC’s Catch My Breath & Ghost Zone and Audible’s The Darkwater Bride) and starring Con O’Neill (Chernobyl, The Batman) and Rhiannon Clements. A contemporary Gothic horror tale set against a background of life on the narrow edge between Pleasure Beach and wild cold sea, between secret desire and a deadly evil.Also starring, Kyle Rowe, Pamela Mayoss, Steven Gidwaney, Patrick Price & Ryan Clayton.KISSES IN THE DARK was written and recorded against the backdrop of 2020’s Covid-19 pandemic.Theme Tune "Leave the World to Us" by Factory Acts.A Pod Play production from MancMade Productions & Listening Dog Media.

  • Welcome to The Debrief, a new weekly podcast from The Business of Fashion, where we go beyond the glossy veneer and unpack our most popular BoF Professional stories. Hosted by BoF’s chief correspondent Lauren Sherman, who after covering fashion and beauty for nearly two decades, will be your guide into the mega labels, indie upstarts and unforgettable  personalities shaping the $2.5 trillion global fashion industry.

  • Join Richard and Sol on weekly tangents, chatting to authors, artists, musicians and each other about everything from trip-hop albums to street art to ghost stories to the history of pirates to foraging for mildly psychedelic tea.

  • This podcast features a new story on the first of every month, written and read by me, Damian Robb. I mostly write genre stories -- supernatural, magical realism, sci-fi, mystery, and all that good stuff -- so that's what you can expect. There'll also be some chats with my friends about all things writing and story, and I'll likely throw up a few other things on those topics that I'm excited by or think are interesting. Thanks for joining me and happy to have you along

    And if you'd like to throw a few dollars, euros, rands, pounds, francs, or yen at me and allow me to keep writing and releasing Short Tales, and hopefully put out a few bigger projects down the line as well, you can do so by visiting my ko-fi. Many thanks for any and all support given.

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  • Talking about the films, TV shows, books or music which people go to again and again to feel safe, happy and welcome.

    "Brilliant... A lovely listen" - Sunday Times

    "Highly recommended" - The Week

    Presented and produced by Joel Morris.

    Part of the Cheese And Pickle family of podcasts.

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  • Welcome to The Decorating Dissidence Podcast!

    In this series, we speak with artists, curators, writers and many other interesting people about the political, aesthetic and conceptual qualities of craft from modernism to the contemporary. In addition to our online journal, exhibitions and events, we wanted to create a space where we could share stories and invite conversations about crafts directly from practitioners themselves. This season of The Decorating Dissidence Podcast focuses on different ways we practice craft and making.

    For more info, visit www.decoratingdissidence.com

  • Book collectors and literary enthusiasts unite in first-of-it’s-kind podcast. Goldsboro Book’s Managing Director and Co-Founder, David Headley an award-winning bookseller and renowned literary agent, explores all aspects of publishing and book collecting, interviewing bestselling and upcoming authors, whilst sharing his own insights on book investing and the most inspiring reads to add to your collection.