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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • Hi, I’m Mairi, a registered ANutr Nutritionist and CIMSPA qualified personal trainer from Scotland. I want to change the way we view our health and make healthy living easy and accessible for everyone. I want to provide you with awareness and knowledge so that you can implement a healthy lifestyle now! Come along on my journey and let’s talk health.

  • This podcast is here to help if you are having trouble sleeping, stressed or studying, we have got you covered at White Noise Relax Zone. From White noise, Water sounds, Nature sounds, Thunderstorms, or something calming and soothing like Ocean waves, you'll find it here. If you are looking to meditate and want to relax and calm your mind then you’ve come to the right place. Become a Subscriber at https://anchor.fm/whitenoiserelaxzone. Our episodes are intended to assist you to obtain a good night's sleep, soothe baby, meditation, or the ideal background noise while studying.

  • The Strength For Endurance Podcast explores the wins, challenges and lessons experienced in the pursuit of successful endurance performance.

    Each episode your host and well respected strength coach Kriss Hendy will discuss what it takes to truly reach your potential, whether your sights are set on your first 10km or the professional stage.

    Kriss will be regularly joined by inspiring guests, from sport and training to business and academia.

    Ultimately we'll look to answer the question 'Is it possible to achieve long-term successful performance whilst maintaining optimal health and lifestyle-balance?'....

    To find out more about training with Kriss, head over to www.strengthforendurance.com

  • During 4 Thursdays in June 2011, UCL’s free, public, Lunch Hour Lectures will be uprooted from their usual residence at UCL to go on tour to The British Museum. This summer series of bite-sized Lunch Hour Lectures, featuring introductions by British Museum curators, will discuss 4 topics in bite sized chunks: what archaeology can tell us about climate change; where we are with slowing the spread of HIV; how Greek sculpture has shaped the modern male body; and how we detect forgeries in the art world.

  • Join me as I interview Inspirational Women. Deep dive into their stories, the events that shaped them and the hidden resources that revealed themselves when most needed. There are so many fascinating,strong and interesting women out there with so much to share. Come listen, learn and enjoy.

  • Hey! I’m Melissa Indot and I’m here to help you navigate through your emotions for greater self-awareness, heal trauma and cultivate curiosity to help you live with purpose. Every Friday, I’ll share with you my personal stories and reflections plus a selection of interviews with experts and thought leaders in the mental health space, all designed to help you live with fearless authenticity. Please subscribe, rate and review the podcast if you enjoy it.

  • Practical tips and advice for eating disorder recovery. Brought to you by someone recovering from Anorexia, and can understand what you're going through.

  • How can Neuroscience Safety be used to send more people home safely, create significant cost savings, and make you look like an HSE Rockstar? In this podcast leading Neuroscience Safety expert, Bjørn Jepsen, will answer these questions and many more. As a listener, you will throughout the episodes get an opportunity to learn how Neuroscience Safety can be a huge part of creating more significant and great results in your HSE work! Learn more on acceptplanexecute.com

  • Newcross Healthcare presents Voices of Care, a new podcast series hosted by healthcare market expert Suhail Mirza to discuss the issues, challenges and opportunities facing health and social care in the UK today.

    We are delighted to welcome wisdom and insight from leaders in NHS, private healthcare and from across social care: Sir David Nicholson, Dr Jane Townson, Professor Martin Green, Roisin Fallon-Williams and many more.

    Among other things, we’ll be debating how we can enable the workforce of the future through focuses on wellness, inclusion, retention, recruitment, and technology.

    Visit our Twitter and LinkedIn pages to get involved in the conversation.

  • Lobster Brain is all about how lobsters rewire their brains, and how you can too.

    Lisa Morton and Danny Donachie delve into conversations with highly successful people from sport, business and culture, to get insight into how their minds work. Hear how each guest's brain is wired and has rewired with the challenges they’ve overcome; the successes they've experienced, and what advice can they offer.

    Why Lobster Brain? Lobsters fight to find out who’s going to be top lobster. Every time a lobster wins or loses a fight, their brain chemistry changes. It's called neuroplasticity – our brain’s ability to change itself throughout our lives.

    If you can rewire your brain - when you lose one fight, it doesn’t have to be that way forever. With the right support, you can still become top lobster, even if you’ve had more knocks than other people.
    Lisa Morton, started PR company Roland Dransfield in 1996, one month after the fateful IRA bomb that tore apart the city centre. From that point, the business, and its team members, have been involved in helping to support the creation of Modern Manchester – across regeneration, business, charity, leisure and hospitality, sport and culture.

    Danny Donachie is Transformational Coach and Founder of Embodyism. Having worked with many high performers and in high stakes sports environments, in his work Danny wants to help every person reach their full potential. Danny inherited an interest in meditation and mindfulness from his father, his interest has seen him study somatic, movement and mindfulness practices which are central to his work.

  • A relaxed podcast where you can find comfort in your embarrassing and funny stories and keep yourself entertained when social interactions are limited. Snippets of personal experiences from host Anna who attempts to be your very own Agony Aunt! It is a place where your frustrations to your wellbeing can be shared or discussed.

  • shelf help. is the world’s first self-help book club and platform and is dedicated to celebrating, inspiring and supporting your self-help journey.

    In this podcast, founder Toni Jones invites authors and experts doing great stuff in the world to share the best of their shelves and discuss the books that have shaped them.

    Along the way, as we get a glimpse into their life stories through their book choices, we'll also hopefully work out how they got so wise, how they design their lives, and how we can apply some of their most important life lessons to our own healing, happiness and growth.

  • At Bradley Hospital, our expert clinicians in children’s mental health work with kids and families every day, providing clinical care at the outpatient, partial hospitalization, and even inpatient and residential levels. We also offer both virtual and in-person group therapy. And we are now sharing some of our expertise in our new podcast, Mindcast: Healthy Mind, Healthy Child. On each episode we’ll interview a different Bradley Hospital clinician on topics ranging from teen depression, to processing grief and loss, to anxiety in kids and all things mental health in between.

  • Thoughts and insights from Janny Juddly, "The Therapist in my Pocket", a psychotherapist with a mind body spirit perspective, a noticer and rememberer, on a spiritual journey.

  • New podcast weblog Health Wealth & Wellbeing. Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), or body dysmorphia, is a mental health condition where a person spends a lot of time worrying about flaws in their appearance. These flaws are often unnoticeable to others. People of any age can have BDD, but it's most common in teenagers and young adults. It affects both men and women.What is there to learn here from Elizabeth, that teaches us how to respond more positively to problems in our lives,

  • Top bunk bottom bunk podcast. Discussing hot topics in urology and surgery, aiming to capture both trainee, consultant, and wider MDT perspectives. Hosted by Mr Marcus Cumberbatch (@marcuskwesi) and Miss Samantha Conroy (@s_conroy91). Supported by Mr Sanad Saad on sound (@ssaad205) and Dr Rachel Hubbard on social media (@drrachelhubbard).


  • ‘First Things Thrst’ is a weekly masterclass that explores the secrets and experiences of entrepreneurs and content creators from across the globe. Each episode is unfiltered and guided by the premise of leaving no stone unturned, which is accountable for the deep discussions into the backgrounds, hardships and confessions of my guests. My goal is simple, to share insights and fresh perspectives on topics like entrepreneurship, success and fitness. Join me on this exciting adventure, and I'm hoping you gain as much from these discussions as I do.

  • aimed at trainees in otolaryngology, particularly those spending a lot of time commuting. We discuss key topics relevant to training and the exams in an informal format that is aimed to be entertaining and easy listening. Please send feedback and suggestions to [email protected] or tweet @BAPOorl

  • askNurse podcast bringing you all things nursing & lifestyle Nursing woes and pros by your favourite nurses askNurse, Ru, Yolls & Jade. For the nurses by the nurses 👩🏾‍⚕️❤️